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School of Real Achievements competition

Over 20 IT companies are offering 7th-10th graders a chance to take part in the School of Real Achievements competition of applied research. Nearly 1,500 school students will tackle tasks that professionals grapple with. The students will “try on” careers as engineers, programmers and marketing specialists, among others.

Applications for participation in the competition must be sent in by school teachers on the website of the School of New Technologies project before 1 August. A team can include no more than 50 members.

On 15 October, a project fair will take place at Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Faculty of Economics. Teams will choose the cases they will be working on. They will be assisted by skilled specialists from companies that submitted the assignments for the competition.

During the elimination round, employers will evaluate students’ solutions and select finalists to present their work at the final conference.

Contest participants will be able to go on excursions to the offices of leading Russian and foreign IT companies. This opportunity will also be given to students of any of the 220 schools that were named new technologies schools. In 2014, over 9,000 Moscow school students visited the offices of Yandex, Group, Xerox, Polymedia, CROC, and other companies. In the next school year, nearly 15,000 children will get an inside look at how major market players are operating.

Excursions are organised for 5th-11th graders. The students learn about the company’s work in addition to solving tasks, making a report, or creating a small project by themselves. Teachers can book an excursion for their class on the website of the School of New Technologies project. Each educational institution can submit no more than one application per month.

The School of New Technologies project was established by the Department of Education and the Department of Information Technology to support innovations in education. The project includes competitions and activities to upgrade schools.

Time: 8 july — 14 march
The Geology of the Earth and the Moon exhibition

The Moscow Planetarium will exhibit fragments of lunar landscapes. These unique exhibits can be seen at the Geology of the Earth and the Moon exhibition. Visitors will also see rare samples of rocks and minerals from various regions of the planet, including the Pacific Ocean bed, Kamchatka volcanoes and diamond-bearing provinces of Siberia. One of the rarities is a piece of sky-blue amazonite granite.

One hypothesis states that the Earth and the Moon were simultaneously formed out of the same protoplanetary cloud. According to Igor Maksimov, the head of the Planetarium’s museum complex, the exhibition offers enough terrestrial analogues of moon-rock, allowing the visitor to take an imaginary flight to the surface of this satellite of the Earth.

Time: 23 july — 20 january
Venue: 5/1 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street
Internet skills workshops for the elderly

The Mosvolonter (Moscow Volunteer) Resource Centre has launched the Babushka Blogger internet skills training courses in cooperation with the V.N.U.K. (veterans need care and company) charity foundation.

The workshops will teach elderly people basic internet skills, how to pay utility bills online, how to submit electricity and water meter readings on special websites and how to use Skype and social networks.

The Mosvolonter is looking for volunteer teachers for the programme on its website: The applicants must meet the following requirements: experience in volunteer work; knowledge of the internet and social networks; a willingness to teach the elderly.

Additional information for media can be found at: Tel: 8 (926) 046-51-44 (Maria Safonova); e-mail:

Time: 1 september — 31 december
#MosLiterature photo contest

A creative contest called #MosLiterature will be held on Instagram account @mos_photo dedicated to the Year of Literature. Applicants will upload photo stories on Moscow that are inspired by literature.

According to the contest rules, photos are to be taken in Moscow and be accompanied by a quote from a poem, song or prose that mentions Moscow. Applicants are also welcome to write captions themselves.

Photos must be accompanied by the #MosLiterature tag and sent to @mos_photo.

Contest prizes include 1,000 points in Active Citizen network for the top three places and a special prize from @mos_photo.

Time: 14 september — 15 december
Birds: A Technology of Perfection Exhibition

The Birds: A Technology of Perfection exhibition has opened at the State Darwin Museum. The presentation of the project about the nine super-properties of birds will be held at 5 pm on 8 September.

Each of the exhibition’s 14 weeks will be devoted to a special subject. It will include lectures, discussions and seminars, meetings with young nature lovers, scientists, art experts and veterinaries, workshops by wildlife photographers and artists, films, workshops for children and contests.

The exhibition is located on two floors where visitors will learn how birds fly, dive, find their bearings, breathe at an altitude of 10,000 metres, spot small prey from a great distance, sing in two voices, survive without teeth, develop in a “stone cradle” and drink saline water.

The exhibits include unique manmade items from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and interactive multimedia models.

In 2014, the Birds: A Technology of Perfection project won the 11th grant competition of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s A Changing Museum in a Changing World programme in the Open Collection category. The exhibition was created with the support of experts from the interactive Experimentanium science museum, Interactive Human Museum Living Systems, Borisyak Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Glinka National Museum Consortium of Musical Culture, the Zhukovsky Scientific Memorial Museum of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) and the Central Air Force Museum.

For the media: for more information, please call Yelena Baranova or Tatyana Korovkina at: 8 (499) 132-0202; Or, write:

Time: 1 september — 13 december
Venue: 57 Vavilova Street
City of Winners Exhibition

The City of Winners exhibition, on display at the Museum of Moscow, is dedicated not so much to the Great Patriotic War itself, as to its memory. Its main exhibits include letters, diaries, photographs, documentary footage, official documents, posters and even school textbooks.

The display begins with photographs of Soviet-era and present-day military parades, films, monuments and posters that reflect how representations of war memory changed over the 70 postwar years.

The exhibit will then take visitors to a display showing the wartime city, its streets and squares dotted with anti-tank hedgehogs and piles of sandbags. Visitors can look into flats, the owners of which left for the front, and can see writing desks, at which Muscovites wrote diaries or read letters from the front. The main exhibits here are documents and testimonies left by specific individuals. The last part is dedicated to the final prewar days.

The City of Winners exhibition displays nearly two hundred individual testimonies, including personal letters, diaries, family-cherished official documents that have been donated to the museum by Muscovites. There will be a special space for artifacts and stories that Moscow residents would like to share with the museum, thereby passing on memory of the war from generation to generation.

Time: 9 may — 6 december
Venue: 2 Zubovsky Boulevard
Health industry exhibition in Crimea

An inter-regional exhibition will show the development of the tourism, health and beauty industries in the Crimean Federal District, as well as the opportunities created by the free economic zone in the region.

The event is organised by the Department of Healthcare, the Department of Economics and the Tourism Directorate of Sevastopol.

Participants will enjoy workshops, training sessions, round tables and meetings with the authorities. Manufacturers and suppliers from Russia’s eight federal districts will be able to present their goods, establish direct business contacts with potential partners, expand their markets and take part in developing the free economic zone in the Crimean Federal District.

Time: 20 — 22 november
Venue: 29 Vakulenchuka St, Sevastopol
Royal Bouquet. Art of Zhostovo exhibition

The Royal Bouquet. Art of Zhostovo anniversary exhibition is being held at the Kolomenskoye open-air museum.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the Zhostovo craft. The items on display include over 200 unique works demonstrating the high artistic level of the craft’s development.

Participants in the exhibition are leading museums and workshops in Moscow and the Moscow Region, such as the Zhostovo Decorative Painting Works, Russian Museum of Decorative and Folk Art, Sergiev-Posad Open-Air Museum of History and Art, Moscow Region Arts and Crafts Museum, Fedoskino Branch of the Higher School of Folk Arts and Fedoskino Miniature Painting Works.

Visitors can see works by Affony Vishnyakov, the hieromonk of the Trinity Monastery of St Sergius, displayed for the first time. He is the last direct descendant of Filip Vishnyakov, the founder of the craft. A metal painting masterclass will be held at the opening of the exhibition.

Time: 17 july — 8 november
Venue: 39 Prospekt Andropova
Friendship of Peoples photo exhibition

The Grain Pavilion (No. 59) at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements will host the Friendship of Peoples photo exhibition, which will offer a glimpse into life in the former republics of the USSR as captured by Russian photographers residing in these countries.

Reflecting the region’s photo art advances between 2000 and 2015, the exhibition presents 500 works by professional photographers from 14 countries, including 100 photographs taken by winners of the Russian View open competition.

The project involves 100 photographers from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Estonia.

Time: 1 august — 1 november
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Faces of the Energy Industry exhibition

In October, Tverskoi Boulevard will host the Faces of the Energy Industry photo exhibition. The opening ceremony is scheduled for 2 October at 3 pm. The guests include Deputy Mayor for Housing, Utilities and Amenities Pyotr Biryukov, Head of the Department of Fuel and Energy Pavel Livinsky and Director of the Multimedia Art Museum Olga Sviblova.

Muscovites will get acquainted the people and organisations who help supply their homes with heat, light, gas and water and make Russia’s capital more comfortable and beautiful, brighter and warmer. The photos were made by energy sector employees, staff of leading Moscow fuel and energy companies and organisations of the Moscow Government Housing and Utilities Complex.

The exhibition is organised in the run-up to the International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving ENES 2015. The latter will be held on 19-21 November in Gostiny Dvor.

Media accreditation is held until 5 pm on 1 October via e-mail: For further information, please call Anna Grudinina at: 8 495 699 9816, 8 909 670 7775; Or, Vadim Leonov at: 8 903 792 7982.

Time: 2 — 31 october
Venue: Tverskoi Boulevard
Predatory Sparrow Exhibition

An exhibition at the Darwin Museum showcases a diversity of birds of prey, their habitats and distinctive features.

The order Passeriformes comprises 5,000 species including menacing birds of prey, shrikes. African species are known as fiscals, the origin of which is the Afrikaans word fiskaal, or public official, specifically a hangman, because shrikes hang their prey on thorns and barbed wire for storage. Shrikes hunt frogs, lizards, rodents and birds.Their peculiar habits are depicted in paintings by Vasily Vatagin, the classic Russian painter of animals.Most of the exposition is devoted to a showcase displaying a diversity of shrikes. The Darwin Museum collection includes shrikes from various parts of the world: the bull-headed shrike from East Asia, the tiger shrike from the Far East, the grey-backed fiscal from Central Africa and the masked shrike from Turkey. There are indigenous Moscow residents as well: red-backed shrikes and great grey shrikes. Visitors can compare their food preferences, and uncover the secrets of their breeding behavior and family life.

The Predatory Sparrow Exhibition will also display other perching birds including larks, wagtails, song thrushes, swallows, titmice, goldfinches, bullfinches and reed-birds. Passeriformes, or perching birds, make up over half of known species and they populate all parts the world.

Darwin Museum: 8 (499) 783-22-53 (voicemail), 8 (499) 134-61-24 (tour bureau); for media outlets: 8 (499) 132-02-02 (Elena Baranova,; Tatyana Korovkina,

Time: 29 july — 25 october
Venue: 57 Vavilova St
Exhibition "The Fate of the Poets’ Union"

The exhibition in the State Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum is devoted to several anniversaries simultaneously: 85 years since Vladimir Mayakovsky’s death, the 125th birthday of Boris Pasternak and 55 years since his death.

The exhibition takes its name from the first line of Pasternak’s poem from the cycle “I could forget them” (1921). The three poets in the poem, “from Donetsk, combustible and infernal,” are Boris Pasternak himself, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Nikolai Aseyev. In 1923, when he signed his book “Themes and Variations” for Marina Tsvetayeva, he quoted his poem and included her in the poets’ union.

The exhibition is devoted to the intricate interconnection between the four poets’ lives, how they formed a union and then split up, the path of their lives and the death of each of them. The main unifying subject is each poet’s relationship with Vladimir Mayakovsky, which can be traced through letters, manuscripts and other documents.

The exhibition also covers poetic unions of the 1960s commemorating Mayakovsky and his generation. Andrei Voznesensky describes one of them in his poem — “there are lots of us, there could be four of us” (1964) — paraphrasing Pasternak’s line. Voznesensky included himself with the four poets, along with Bella Akhmadulina, Robert Rozhdestvensky and Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Another theme of the exhibition is illegal literary unions, which mostly gathered at the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky in Triumfalnaya Square. On display are documents from manuscript, art and photography archives, and also from rare books in the State Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum and the State Literary Museum archives, the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art, the museum-house of Marina Tsvetayeva, the Memorial international history and human rights society and the Margarita Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature. During the restoration work, the Vladimir Mayakovsky Museum, which was earlier based in the poet’s flat in Lubyanka, was moved to the Chekhov House, part of the Manezh association.

For more information call 8 (495) 694 2695.

Time: 21 july — 25 october
Venue: 29, building 4 Malaya Dmitrovka
The Battle of Navarino

20 October — memorable date of Russian military history. On 20 October 1827, the Russian and allied navies defeated the Turkish fleet in the Battle of Navarino.

Time: 20 october
Venue: Memorable date
Honey festival at Kolomenskoye

From 7 August through 18 October, the Kolomenskoye open-air museum will host a traditional all-Russian honey fair.

Organised by the National Beekeepers Association, a Rostov-on-Don regional public organisation, in cooperation with the Moscow Government and the Ministry of Agriculture, it promises to be the country’s biggest honey festival yet. Some 350 top beekeepers from 47 Russian regions and their fellow honey-makers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries will bring their products to Kolomenskoye — over 1,000 tonnes of raw honey at producer prices.

Honey lovers will have a unique chance to taste camel thorn, heather, coriander, lavender, blackberry and taiga honey, as well as other rare varieties. Shoppers will be able to choose among more than 50 brands of honey and a wide assortment of by-products such as pollen, beebread, propolis and royal jelly.

All products will undergo phytosanitary and certification checks. A honey inspector will be on standby for additional quality control.

Time: 7 august — 18 october
Venue: 39 Prospekt Andropova
Denkmal — Moscow — 2015 Exhibition

From October 14th through 16th, Denkmal Moscow, the International Trade Fair of Heritage Preservation, Restoration and Museum Technology, will be hosted at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

“We will do our best to host the exhibition at the highest standards and make both Russian and foreign participants benefit from taking part in it,” said Alexander Kibovsky, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage.

According to the Minister, the exhibition will be devoted to the restoration of industrial areas and their transformation into modern complexes. “The ability to integrate modern things into the existing historical environment is a bold challenge that requires finesse and architectural innovations,” he said.

A German partner will assist Moscow in hosting the exhibition. Thus, Managing Director of the Leipziger Messe GmbH Markus Geisenberger and President of the National Guild of Heritage Keepers Alexander Veksler signed an agreement to join forces to organise and host Denkmal 2015.

“Hopefully, the upcoming exhibition will display an outstanding artefact discovered in Moscow, which shows ancient cultural ties between Germany and Russia,” Veksler said.

The Denkmal Trade Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation, a major European forum on protecting architectural heritage, has been held in Leipzig every other year, and is overseen by UNESCO. The exhibition involves major restoration, design, productions and construction organisations. Denkmal also provides an informational platform for presenting new products, technical solutions and development prospects for the industry. In 2013, the exhibition was held at Moscow’s Artplay Gallery and visited by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung.

Time: 14 — 16 october
Venue: 119 Mira Prospekt
Battle of Rushchuk

2 October — memorable date of Russian military history. On 2 October 1811, Russian forces, commanded by General Mikhail Kutuzov, defeated the Turkish Army near Rousse.

Time: 13 october
Divide and Use campaign

The Divide and Use campaign for separate waste collection organised by the Department for Environmental Management and Protection will take place in all city administrative areas on weekends.

Specially marked vans will stop at about 70 spots on a prescheduled route.

The vans will visit the busiest spots near shopping centres and metro stations, nearby schools and universities and in residential neighbourhoods.

Campaign participants can bring paper and cardboard, plastic, metal, glass and batteries.

The addresses where the campaign will be held, as well as the campaign dates, van working hours, and waste delivery rules are available on the department’s website:

A similar campaign was held for the first time over 10 days in 2014, attracting more than 5,000 participants. Over two tonnes of waste were collected.

Time: 29 august — 11 october
Venue: Moscow administrative areas
Concert: Bach and His Instruments

The Gnessin Moscow Secondary Special Music School’s organ hall will host the Sunday concert for students, Bach and His Instruments.

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote music for various instruments. Children will learn about some of them and listen to fragments of sonatas for the flute and harpsichord, and small preludes and plays by Bach’s sons and contemporaries. They will also learn about the precursor of the piano — the harpsichord — by taking part in the disassembly of this instrument and studying its parts.

The concert will be held as part of the series of concerts, Musical Instruments: What Do They have Inside?. The project programme includes music from the Baroque and Classicism epochs.

Time: 11 october 1 pm
Venue: 12 Znamenka St
Monoplay Festival

The 8th International Solo Monoplay Theatre Festival will present 15 productions, which were selected from 200 entries. It will open on 1 October with an exclusive video show of a trendsetting 20th century play, The Dead Class, by Tadeusz Kantor.

The festival programme features three Russian premieres. Director Pavel Safonov and actor Yevgeny Stychkin will put on a play based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s A Gentle Creature. Golden Mask Prize winner Vladimir Klimenko will present “Pushkin: Adult Fairytales,” while playwright, actor and director Yevgeny Girshkovets will perform a play called Heart Whisper.

In addition to Russian participants, actors from Italy, France, Israel and Estonia will present their works. Italian actress and director Elena Bucchi will perform a play called Feel No Pain. The Italian avant-garde trend will be represented by Motus Theatre and Silvia Calderoni. Director Mikhail Kait will perform a play, “That’s it now!” performed by Israeli actor Gera Sandler. Estonian actor Hendrik Toompere will perform his monoplay in Russian especially for Solo. France will present two works with the participation of the well-known young actor Stanislas Roquette.

Time: 1 — 10 october
Venue: 8a Strastnoi Boulevard
Raid on Berlin in 1760

9 October — memorable date of Russian military history. On 9 October 1760, the Russian Army seized Berlin during the Seven Years’ War.

Time: 9 october
Venue: Memorial date
International basketball tournament

The Gomelsky Cup international basketball tournament will take place at the CSKA universal sport complex on 3-4 October.

This is the eighth time it is held in the capital. This year, four clubs will compete: PBK CSKA, Panathinaikos (Greece), Baskonia (Spain) and Uniks (Kazan).

The first cup in 2008 was won by Zalgiris Kaunas; the 2009 cup was won by Panathinaikos; the cup was won from 2010 to 2014 by CSKA.

The event is organised by the Department for Physical Fitness and Sport, Russian Basketball Federation and Alexander Gomelsky International Charity Foundation. The games will be streamed live on Sport TV channel.

The opening ceremony will take place at 7:45 pm and the awards ceremony will take place after the final match on 4 October.

Media accreditation is available by application. Please submit on your publication’s letterhead with an official stamp and chief editor’s signature by e-mail to:; Or, fax it to: 8 (495) 695-88-64.

Time: 3 — 4 october
Venue: 39/3 Leningradsky Prospekt
Weekend in the parks

Moscow parks will host numerous events this weekend, including a festival dedicated to Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, a guided tour of Russian poet Sergei Yesenin-related places in Moscow, a dog show, an anglers tournament, and other events.

Muzeon Art Park

A Game Day for children aged 1 to 12 will be held near Maxim Gorky monument on October 3 at 11 am The programme includes active, communicative, story-based, and board games, as well as experiments with water and sand, and drawing and sculpture classes. Specialists will answer questions about children’s upbringing.

A free guided tour dedicated to Sergei Yesenin’s birthday will start at 2:30 pm. The guides will talk about the poet’s parents, friends, children, and the likely cause of his death. A show about Yesenin’s life and work, Sergei, will start at the School pavilion at 3 pm. To register online for the tour and the show go to

Spin fishing aficionados from Moscow and other cities will gather in the park on Sunday at 8 am to take part in a catch-and-release tournament.

Hermitage Garden

A Tbilisoba fest or a Tbilisi Day will be held in the Hermitage Garden on October 4 at noon. The chefs will offer traditional Georgian dishes, and teach attendees how to make ethnic desserts, such as churchkhela and pelamushi. Wine connoisseurs will learn proper grape crushing techniques.

There will be workshops on Georgian dancing, clay sculpture, wool felting, and on making national woollen clothing and dolls. A photo exhibition, Objective Charity, covering the activities of charitable foundations and socially-oriented companies will be on display as well.

Krasnaya Presnya Park

The park will host ‘Older Generation Day’ events on October 3 at 1 pm. A musical and literary venue will offer poetry readings, a lecture on history and a dance programme. There will be a poetry open mic for young poets and park visitors.

Lianozovo Park

Animal lovers are welcome to attend a homeless dog show put on by the Oak Grove animal shelter on October 4 at noon. All 10 participating dogs are available for adoption free of charge. A passport will be required to sign an adoption agreement. All dogs are in good health and have been vaccinated. There will also be dog contests, a raffle, and a drive to collect canned food, veterinary drugs, collars, leashes, blankets and mattresses for the shelter.

Izmailovsky Park

A healthy lifestyle festival, UgloFFest, will be held at Izmailovsky Park on October 3 at noon. There will be a workshop in mehndi (henna painting), rock climbing, yoga, the Hustle, and oriental dances. The visitors will have a chance to take part in a group fistfight aka in Russia as wall-on-wall fighting, circle dancing and singing four-line folk chastuska songs. The programme also includes a fire show and a folk concert.

Kuzminki Park

A charity festival, Heart to Heart, will open on October 4 at 11 pm. It will include a fire show, workshops on origami and ceramic floral design, a marketplace, and a book-share event. Children will enjoy a bubble show and have fun with face painting.

Fund raising for children with cancer will take place during the festival.

Sadovniki Park

Active sports enthusiasts are welcome to join a cross-country race in Sadovniki. Registration starts at 12:30 pm.; 500-metre races for different ages will begin at 1:50 pm. Group races — 2.5 and 5 kilometres — will start at 2:25 pm.

For online registration go to

Time: 3 — 4 october
Venue: Moscow parks
Tbilisi Day

On 4 October, the Hermitage Garden in Moscow will for a day turn into Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, to mark its city day.

At the summer stage, Georgian chefs will teach visitors how to make traditional Georgian dishes such as khinkali, khachapuri, churchkhela and pelamushi, while wine lovers can learn the right way to press grapes. Professional choreographers will give national dance classes.

Film-goers can enjoy screenings of classic Georgian films. Workshops will be offered on clay modelling, felting and making traditional felt dresses and dolls. Specialists from the Masterslavl children’s skills training centre will hold classes for kids.

An exhibition, Legends of Borjomi, will open at the Heart monument along with the exhibition Georgia, My Love. There will be a display of paintings by Georgian artists and a fair selling souvenirs, homemade items, dishware, house and apartment decorations, clothing and jewellery.

Georgian and Russian singers, children’s folklore groups and dance teams will perform on the main stage.

Tbilisi Day is held by the Union of Georgians in Russia public organisation, with support from the Moscow Department of Ethnic Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.

Admission is free.

For media accreditation, please call Andro Ivanov at 8 985 649 7147, Anna Yurova at 8 926 186 3137 or Ripsime Simonyan at 8 963 964 9252.

Time: 4 october
Venue: 3 Karetny Ryad Street
“Goal! A History of World Football” exhibition

Visitors to the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) will be able to see an exhibition called “Goal! A History of World Football.” The exhibition, at the “Space” Pavilion No 32, is about the most popular sport in history.

The 1,500 square metre exhibition will feature a unique collection, one of the central pieces of which is the World Cup. Apart from the contemporary trophy, the exhibition will feature a replica of the Jules Rimet Trophy, which was awarded to World Cup winners from 1930 until 1970. Visitors will be able to pose as members of the Real or Barcelona football clubs and take a photo together with an exact replica of the UEFA Champions League Cup. The Intercontinental Cup will also be displayed at VDNKh.

Sport fans will be able to trace the evolution of sport equipment, including original boots and jerseys worn by the greatest players of the 20th century, such as Pele, Manuel “Garrincha” Francisco dos Santos, Diego Maradona, Franz Beckenbauer, as well as such contemporary celebrities as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon. Visitors can also see football’s transformation, from the first self-made objects used by the first players in the United Kingdom, where the game originated, to the high-tech balls of today.

Football fans will also be able to measure the strength of their kicks and form their own dream teams from among the great players at special interactive zones. They will receive tablet computers providing an insight into the history of football, various stages of the game’s development, unique newsreels, a collection of the best and most beautiful goals and the funniest moments in the sport’s history.

Time: 26 june — 4 october
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
National Walking Day

On 3 October, Moscow will serve as the central venue of National Walking Day. The holiday will unite sports fans from all Russia’s timezones. A teleconference will be held with Izhevsk, which will pass the symbolic baton of the festival’s relay race to Moscow.

President of the National Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov and Olympic champions will hope the holiday in Moscow.

Participants will gather at University Square near Moscow State University, main entrance. They will receive souvenir step counters, whose readings will be registered at the finish. The route stretches two kilometres. Everyone can take part regardless of their age and condition.

The National Walking Day is held under the auspices of the Russian Olympic Committee and is aimed at promoting walking as the simplest way to maintain one’s health

The following 11 cities from each of Russia’s timezones will pass the baton: Petropalovsk-Kamchatsky, Srednekolymsk, Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Moscow and Kaliningrad.

Over 200,000 people are expected to take part. Participants will register from 9 am to 11 am and start walking at 11:15 am.

Time: 3 october
Venue: Main building of Lomonosov Moscow State University
The Defenсe of Smolensk

1 October — memorable date of Russian military history. On 1 October 1609, the garrison of Smolensk began resisting Polish-Lithuanian forces. The heroic defence of the city lasted until 1611.

Time: 1 october
Vintage Car Exhibition

An exhibition of Russian and foreign cars as reflecting the history of the 20th century car industry opened at VDNKh. Pavilion 32 (Cosmos) hosts 105 vintage cars from all over the world.

Visitors will see pre-war vehicles of the following brands: Mercedes, Opel, DKW with wooden bodies, the first GAZ-AA mass-assemblage Soviet cars, and the well-known Pobeda — the pride of the Soviet car industry of the 1940s. The Volga GAZ 21, Moskvich 408 and Zaporozhets 965 will be showcased as exemplary models of the Soviet car industry in the 1950s and 60s.

The exhibition includes post-war foreign cars, US Detroit baroque cars and designer European Porsche and Alfa-Romeo sports cabriolets.

Time: 1 june — 1 october
Venue: Estate 119, Prospekt Mira
6th Moscow Biennale

Over 70 Russian and foreign artists, critics and art researchers are taking part in the 6th Moscow Modern Art Biennale. They will present unique pieces of art and interactive performances and conduct public discussions.

The major Biennale project will take place in the historical Pavilion No. 1 “Central” where participants will create works of art online and speak about the future. A huge installation in the shape of the infinity sign will appear at the entrance to the pavilion.

Special projects will be located in the colonnade of Pavilion No. 71, Pavilion No.13 and the Circorama.

The section called Mediamachine will open in Pavilion No. 1 “Central.” Editors, photographers and videographers will record all of the artists’ activities to preserve for posterity the process of creating artifacts, discussions and artistic expression.

Based on the major project results, an exhibition of documents will run from 3 October until 1 November where the organisers will present the pieces of art and the photo and video records of the discussions and performances that will have taken place.

Time: 22 september — 1 october
Venue: VDNKh, Pavilion No.1, “Central”
Night tours of VDNKh

Night tours are organised on the grounds of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh). Visitors to the country’s main exhibition can see 46 historical and cultural monuments of national standing, as well as unique fountains.

The schedule includes viewing the highlights of the VDNKh, such as the arches of the main entrance, pavilions along the central alley, the Industry Square and the famous grocery store.

Visitors will hear facts and legends about the live-stock ground, the Zolotoy Kolos (Golden Ear) restaurant and the Marriage Registration Palace.

The guides will pay special attention to the unique fountain complex which is much more spacious and elaborate than the fountains in Versailles or Barcelona. As for the amount of water, the exhibition’s operating fountains measure up to 10 percent of all Moscow fountains. Apart from the universally famous the Friendship of Nations, the Stone Flower and the Golden Ear fountains, night visitors will see the less-known Boy with a Fish and the water cascades near Pavilion No 66. At the end of the tour, the guides will take the visitors to an observation platform, which commands a gorgeous view of the central alley.

Tours will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8 pm and last for 2.5 hours.

Tickets are available at the ticket office of the VDNKh’s excursion bureau (to the left of the main entrance arch) and cost 300 roubles.

Discounts are provided for travel agencies (30 percent) and senior citizens and disabled persons (10 percent). Tours can be booked by calling: 8 (495) 544-34-96 and 8 (495)544-34-73.


Time: 10 august — 30 september
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Golden Apple Award presentation

The ceremony to present the prestigious international Golden Apple Award established by the European Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers (FIJET) will take place on 29 September. Moscow will receive the award for work performed to preserve cultural and historical heritage and provide for the tourism sector’s dynamic development.

An official FIJET delegation will arrive in Moscow headed by its President Tijani Haddad. It will include journalists and writers from France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Egypt, Tunisia and Panama.

The presentation of the award will raise Moscow’s prestige abroad as a popular and attractive tourist destination acknowledged by experts.

The Golden Apple Award was established by FIJET in 1970. It unites 800 journalists and writers from 30 countries writing about tourism. It is conferred annually to a country, city or individual for special achievements in developing and promoting tourism.

Time: 29 september
Sambo-70 anniversary
The legendary Sambo (Unarmed Combat)-70 school is 45 years old. In 1970, the club hosted its first training session, conducted by David Rudman, the first Sambo world champion in history. Since its inception, the school has evolved from an ordinary sport club into a major city-level school for athletes. Its students have repeatedly become champions and medalists of Olympic Games. Graduates of the school have received a total of 42 gold and 19 silver medals for their academic achievements, and they successfully enroll and study at leading Russian universities. On 28 September, new school students, including students of six fifth grade classes, will take an oath at a new sport complex. The event will involve school students, teachers, instructors, coaches, parents, champions and medalists of major international competitions. Invited distinguished guests include Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko; Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov; Head of the City Department of Physical Fitness and Sport Alexei Vorobyov; Prefect of Moscow’s Southwestern Administrative Area Oleg Volkov; State Duma Deputy Oleg Lebedev; President of the International Sambo Federation Vasily Shestakov; Moscow City Duma Speaker Alexei Shaposhnikov, and his deputies Andrei Metelsky and Nikolai Gubenko. The ceremony starts at 11 am, followed by the traditional championship of the Sambo-70 club involving veterans and school students at 6 pm. Journalists should gather at 10.30 am. All media outlets should receive accreditation by noon on 25 September. For accreditation, contact Lyudmila Dedkova at: 8 (926) 579 1844 or send an e-mails to:
Time: 28 september
Venue: 4B Akademika Vinogradova Street
Cross-Country Festival in Izmailovsky Park

A cross-country race for people with disabilities will take place in Izmailovsky Park at 11.30 on 27 September.

The race is part of the Moscow cross-country festival-2015.

At least 400 people with muscular-skeletal/mobility and mental disabilities, impaired hearing or other general health issues will take part in the race.

They will be running a distance of 500 metres, and for the best trained runners, 1,000 metres.

Awards will be conferred in four age groups. The winners will receive diplomas, medals and prizes.

The race is designed to help participants in their social adaptation and rehabilitation, and to promote a healthy way of life for people with disabilities.

The race is open to athletes aged 14 and older. All the runners must bring a copy of their passports, a document confirming their disability (the original) and doctors’ permission to run in the race. Registration for the event will be open on the day of the race from 9–10.30 am. The results will be announced and the closing and the awards ceremonies will be held from 4.30 to 5.30 pm.

Journalists can receive accreditation by phone: 8 (905) 576-42-43 (Yana Bastanova) or by email:

Time: 27 september
Venue: Plot 7, Alleya Bolshogo Kruga
Project Animatus

The Polytechnic Museum will present Project Animatus by South Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee, featuring the skeletons of 16 famous animated cartoon heroes at Gorky Park.

How would the skeletons of the mouse Jerry and Bugs Bunny look if they really existed? What is the anatomy of the bills of ducklings Billy, Willy and Dilly? Why does Tom the cat walk on his hind legs, just like a human? The artist has conducted an in-depth study of various animal skeletons to create a number of art objects closely resembling famous pop culture heroes.

During his work, Mr Lee used the paleontological reconstruction method for recreating the image of an animal. The artist believes that the main goal of his project is to substantiate the possibility of animated cartoon heroes existing in the real world.

Animatus links reality and the imaginary world, science and fiction. The recreated workshop of Mr Lee is an important element of this exhibition. The workshop is a brightly lit hall filled with drawings, sketches, anatomy atlases and tools. Mr Lee has assembled one of the skeletons especially for the Moscow event. The skeleton’s identity is being kept secret and will only be revealed during the exhibition. But its name is Anas Df Animatus.

In 2006, Mr Lee created a series of Animatus objects that were shown at the 2007 Venice biennale. In the summer of 2008, they were displayed at the Natural History Museum of Basel. Later, the artist used the same method to implement several inter-disciplinary projects, including Face Trace, for researching the mechanism of facial expressions.

The exhibition runs from Tuesday through Thursday (11 am — 8 pm) and from Friday through Sunday (11 am — 9 pm). Tickets are sold at the entrance.

For accreditation, please e-mail a list of film crew members to:

For more information, call Natalia Aredova at: 8 (916) 008 1272 or 8 (915) 108 3031.

Time: 21 may — 27 september
Venue: Gorky Park
Moscow Cross-Country Festival

Track-and-field competitions will be held during the 2015 Moscow Cross-Country Festival, scheduled for 27 September (National Running Day), as part of the annual Cross-Country Race of the Nation. Athletes will run distances ranging from 500 to 5,000 m on six courses.

The top six runners in each race will be awarded prizes and certificates. Special sports grounds will be set up near the course for all who wish to take the GTO (RLD — Ready for Labour and Defence) cross-country test in their age groups.

Russian Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko, First Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Fitness and Sport Nikolai Gulyayev and Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Fitness and Sport Alexei Pyzhov are expected to attend the Moscow Cross-Country Festival.

Every year the festival draws in more and more athletes of various ages and fitness levels.

To sign up for the competitions, athletes must go to the Moscow Trade Union Federation’s Physical Fitness and Sport Centre (15 Myasnitskaya Street, bldg 1) between 10 am and 6 pm on 24 and 25 September or between 10 am and 1 pm on 26 September. Those who are physically fit and have doctor’s permission are eligible to participate.

Free buses routes will run from the Planernaya metro station to the races’ starting point and back.

For accreditation, please call 8 (905) 576-42-43 or send an email to (Yana Bastanova).

Time: 27 september 10.00
Venue: Planernaya Sports and Training Centre
Moscow to host 8th convention of young builders

The 8th convention of young experts from Moscow’s construction sector is aimed at creating a managerial reserve and stipulates team-building events, as well as events promoting a corporate spirit among young people and seeking to unlock their potential.

There are also plans to hold seminars on the sector’s HR policy, state regulatory measures to develop HR potential and tenders held during the awarding of state construction contracts.

The event is sponsored by the City Department of Urban Development Policy together with the construction sector’s council of young experts.

Companies operating in the sector are forming teams for the upcoming convention. Applications are accepted until 31 August 2015.

For additional information, please call Yekaterina Ilchuk: 8 (916) 507 0450.

Please send e-mails to:

Time: 25 — 27 september
Venue: Yuny Stroitel (Young Builder) camp
Battle of Galicia

26 September — memorable date of Russian military history. On 26 September 1914, Russian forces, commanded by General Nikolai Ivanov, defeated Austro-Hungarian forces in the Battle of Galicia.

Time: 26 september
Venue: Memorable date
The Chekhov Lives project

Moscow libraries will take part in the project to popularise works by Russian writer and playwright Anton Chekhov. A 24 hour online reading will take place, during which people from all over the world will read over 50 of the Russian classic’s works. The readings will be broadcast live on YouTube.

The project will be supported by over 100 Moscow libraries, where showcases featuring Anton Chekhov’s books will be installed. Visitors will also be able to obtain information about the project there and take a book home to read in the qualifying round. The list of libraries involved in the project is available on the website of the Moscow City Library Centre

The Chekhov Lives project will be conducted in three stages. The first, a qualifying round, will be held through 10 August. Participants can register on the website and take the test, You Are a Character from Chekhov! Find Out Which One. The system will yield an excerpt from one of the author’s works featuring the user’s psychological type according to his or her test results. Users can then upload a video of themselves reading the excerpt. A professional team of directors will select competitors for the second round.

The second stage, consisting of online readings, will take place on 25 September. In October, a website will be launched featuring recordings of readings and the writer’s legacy.

The Chekhov Lives project marks a new stage in the process of popularisation of Russian classics via online readings. The first such project was called Karenina. Living Edition, which involved 723 readers from Russia and abroad in 2014. It was viewed over three million times and received much positive feedback. The organisers decided to continue with the projects.

Time: 26 june — 25 september
Crossing the Saint Gotthard Pass

24 September — memorable date of Russian military history. On 24 September 1799, the Russian Army, commanded by Alexander Suvorov, heroically crossed the St Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.

Time: 24 september
Venue: Memorable date
Job fair in the Northwestern Administrative Area

On 24 September, the government-funded Employment Centre for the Northwestern Administrative Area will hold a local job fair.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with employers, select suitable options and learn about the range of services provided by the recruitment service.

They will also be able to consult with lawyers, psychologists and other experts on issues such as professional education, community service, business startups and job-seeking techniques, and take vocational guidance tests.

The job fair will be held from 11 am until 3 pm at 69 Volokolamskoye Motorway (Otkrytiye Arena stadium, central entrance, second floor, food court zone).

For more information, call 8 (499) 192 9474.

Time: 24 september с 11.00 до 15.00
Venue: 69 Volokolamskoye Motorway
Days of Hanoi in Moscow

On 19-23 September, Moscow will host the Days of Hanoi, with most events taking place at the Hanoi-Moscow Vietnamese cultural and business centre. On 21 September, the centre will hold a roundtable discussion with Moscow and Vietnamese acupuncture and reflexotherapy specialists. On the same day, the Centre of Vietnamese Acupuncture will be unveiled. A workshop will be conducted there.

On 22 September, a conference will take place where speakers will discuss prospects for bilateral cooperation; investment opportunities for Moscow entrepreneurs in the Vietnamese economy; transport and social infrastructure development; industrial zone reorganisation; and city improvements. Other issues on the agenda include promoting Moscow’s latest technologies, services and goods on the Vietnamese market.

Muscovites and guests will enjoy a cultural programme featuring a performance by a water puppet theatre, a photo exhibition on Hanoi, and an overview of Vietnamese traditions.

The events are aimed at boosting friendly relations between the two countries. The city’s Department for Foreign Economic Activity and International Relations is holding the Days of Hanoi in Moscow to expand business contacts, establish trade and industrial relations, and share technologies and experience between the two capitals’ organisations.

Time: 19 — 23 september
Venue: 146 Yaroslavskoye Motorway, blds 1, 2
Job fairs in the Eastern and Southeastern administrative areas

On 23 September, the employment centres of the Eastern and Southeastern administrative areas will hold local job fairs. The events will run simultaneously from 11 am until 3 pm.

The job fair in the Eastern Administrative Area will be held at 71, Izmailovskoye Shosse (the Ismailovo Hotel Complex, Alpha building). For more information, call: 8 (499) 785-62-47.

The job fair in the Southeastern Administrative Area will take place at 100, Lyublinskaya Street (“Fantasy” Entertainment Planet). For more information, call: 8 (499) 178-30-43.

Visitors will be able to meet with employers and choose suitable job options or explore the city job database, consult with lawyers, psychologists and other experts, take vocational guidance tests, or find out the reception hours of the job recruitment service and the range of services it provides.

Time: 23 september
Venue: Eastern Administrative Area, Southeastern Administrative Area
Battle of Kulikovo Field

21 September  — Day of Russian Military Glory. On 21 September 1380, Russian regiments, commanded by Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoi, defeated the forces of the Golden Horde in the Battle of Kulikovo Field.

Time: 21 september
Crimea, South of Russia exhibition

Workshops, roundtable discussions, meetings with the representatives of officials will take place at an inter-regional exhibition on construction, architecture and design in Sevastopol.

Manufacturers and suppliers from eight federal districts in Russia will have a chance to present their products and establish direct business contacts with potential partners, expand markets and participate in the development of a free economic zone in the Crimean Federal District.

The exhibition’s objective is to help with the improvement of the construction industry in the Crimean Federal District, advise participants of the opportunities in the free economic zone in Crimea, and to promote networking between producers, suppliers, designers and architects. The exhibition and fair were organized by the Sevastopol Department of Architecture and Urban Construction and the Department of Economy, the Directorate for State Supervision of Construction Industry and the Directorate for Major Construction in Sevastopol.

Time: 19 — 20 september
Venue: 29 Vakulenchuk Street, Sevastopol
Moscow Marathon 2015

The Moscow Marathon will kick off at Luzhniki for the third time. The route will remain the same as last year. It will run 42,195 metres through central streets and embankments nearby Moscow City, the Garden Ring, Krymsky Bridge, the Boulevard Ring, Tverskaya Street, the Bolshoi Theatre and the Kremlin walls.

For the first time ever, disabled people on handcycles will participate in the event. A handcycle is powered by hand cranks.

Those who are not yet ready to take part in the marathon will be able to run a 10-km race. Both races will start and finish at the entrance to the Rossiya State Central Concert Hall.

In all, 8,500 participants in the marathon, 11,500 competitors in the 10-km relay and 50 handcyclers have been registered.

The start and finish venue will open at 7 am. The handbikers’ event will begin at 8:50 am. The two races will kick off at 9:10 am. The awards ceremonies for winners and runners-up will be held at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm involving Deputy Moscow Mayor for Regional Security and Information Policy Alexander Gorbenko and Head of the Moscow Department of Physical Fitness and Sport Alexei Vorobyov.

The event is held by the Moscow Department of Physical Fitness and Sport, Luzhniki Olympic complex and Moscow Marathon Centre for Holding Sports Events autonomous non-profit organisation.

For media accreditation, please call: 8 495 620 3606, 8 925 158 8958; Or e-mail Anastasia Borodina at:

Time: 20 september
Venue: 24/2 Luzhniki Street
Ready for Labour and Defence autumn festival

On 19 September, Moskvich Sports Centre of the Olympic Reserve Sports School will host the Moscow autumn festival Ready for Labour and Defence (GTO), the national physical education and sport programme.

The event programme includes a physical fitness parade, GTO tests in eleven age groups, a ceremony to award the winners of the Moscow Workers’ Spartakiad and a series of running races under the motto, For Honest Competition.

The festival was organised by the Moscow Government Department of Physical Fitness and Sport in cooperation with the departments of education, urban development policy and construction, the Moscow Trade-Union Federation and the Prefecture of the Southeastern Administrative Area.

The opening parade will begin at 11 am followed by the Spartakiad medal ceremony at 11:30 am and the For Honest Competition races at 11:40 am.

For media accreditation, please call: 8 (905) 576-42-43 or, e-mail: (Yana Bastanova).

Time: 19 september
Venue: 46/15 Volgogradsky Prospekt
Exhibition “Here is how we used to live at the dacha…”

An exhibition "Here is How We Used to Live at the Dacha..." opened on 16 May at the Museum of Russian estate culture, The Manor of Princes Golitsyn Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki. The exhibition describes the dacha lifestyle in Moscow and its environs from the late 19th century to the present day.

The exhibition will present the traditions of life at the dacha dating back almost 150 years.

The exhibition consists of two sections. The section in the manege of the stable yard describes dacha life in Moscow as it evolved over the years. The second section, called The Dacha it’s not just a trifling business, in the east wing of the main house tells the story of literary and artistic activities associated with life in the countryside before the 1917 revolution, relying on photographs, drawings, caricatures, anecdotes and jokes of the period.

The exhibition features an interactive programme for children and adults to help them truly experience the summer lifestyle of the capital, including traditional tea parties, photo album making workshops, family puppet theatre and other activities.

For additional information, call: +7 (495) 739-0008, (495) 372-6066 or (495) 657-65-82, or send an email request to

Time: 16 may — 15 september
Urban development guided tours for children

The city is holding a series of guided tours on urban development prior to the new academic year. Children from centres providing social assistance to families can see an interactive map of Moscow at Mosstroiinform , the information and exhibition centre of the city’s Urban Development and Construction Complex (Stroicomplex).

The thematic guided tour provides insight into the main urban development aspects, including the incorporation of the new territories in 2012, the construction of metro stations, roads, schools and kindergartens, main architectural landmarks and the improvement of Moskva River embankments.

Children will also learn about the chief urban development professions, such as designers, architects, builders and model-makers. The latter profession will be presented at Mosstroiinform’s model-making workshop that has assembled an interactive layout of Moscow.

The Children Learn Urban Development cultural and educational programme is sponsored by Moscow’s Department for Social Protection.

To sign up for guided tours, please call: 8 (499) 250 3582 (Ext: 258).

Time: 19 august — 15 september
Venue: 6 2nd Brestskaya St
Academic project competition

The Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation (RHSF) has opened the “Central Russia: the Past, the Present and the Future” regional competition. Individual scholars and academic teams permanently residing in Moscow and working at institutions within the jurisdiction of the city Department of Education can participate.

The following project types are supported by regional competitions:

“a®” —scientific research projects carried out by academic teams or individual scholars;

“g®” —event organisation projects, including conferences and discussion groups in research areas supported by the foundation;

“e®” — projects related to expeditions, field studies and social research, as well as restoration works required for revealing new information in the field of humanities;

Application deadlines, general rules for the competitions and the summarizing of results, the rules for examining applications, the criteria for determining grant sums, and the conditions for implementing the supported projects are explained on the RHSF web site.

The fellows of the Russian Federation can introduce additional requirements related to what has been recommend for applicants to directly consult a representative of the regional expert council on, prior to drawing-up an application. Printed copies of applications should be addressed to the expert council of the region where the applicant lives and works, and also to the RHSF.

More information concerning the competition can be found by clicking the following link:

Time: 1 june — 15 september
Exhibition of Planet Moscow finalists

An exhibition of entries from the finalists of the Planet Moscow photo contest has opened at VDNKh. As many as 350 photographers submitted their entries this year — in all, over 4,000 works, two times more than in 2014.

The Planet Moscow annual contest mirrors the milestone changes taking place in the city, its most remarkable events and landmark sites. Prizes will be awarded in four categories: Moscow and Muscovites: A Comfortable City; Moscow in New Perspective; Megalopolis Dynamics; and The City of History and Culture.

Online voting to select the best works was held on the Department of Urban Development’s official website on 5 to 24 August. Voters were asked to choose from among 200 entries. The top 100 that made it into the final are exhibited at VDNKh. The winners will receive Public Recognition awards.

Time: 29 august — 14 september
Venue: VDNKh, Northern Rosary
Macrophoto Exhibition

The Macrophoto Exhibition titled, From Camomile’s Foot to Dandelion’s Head, is dedicated to insects. Darwin Museum visitors will be lectured on the hearing of grasshoppers, on how bugs catapult when they are threatened and on how some aging wasps become vegetarians.

For more information, please call: 8 (499) 783-22-53 (answering machine), 8 (499) 134-61-24 (sightseeing tour agency), for media outlets — 8 (499) 132-02-02 (Yelena Baranova, Tatyana Korovkina, e-mail:

Time: 28 july — 13 september
Venue: 57 Vavilova St
Moscow the Cossack Village Festival

The Kolomenskoye open-air museum in Moscow will host the Moscow the Cossack Village festival that is expected to gather at least 1,500 participants from all over Russia. Performers from the Krasnodar, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Vologda, Irkutsk, Kirov, Rosto- on-Don, Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimir and Oryol regions will teach visitors about the Cossacks’ customs and traditions.

The festival will begin with a mobile church consecration at 11:30 am followed by a gala opening ceremony at 2 pm. The programme will also include the lining up of military Cossack and cadet subunits, horseback stunts, a riders’ saber-hacking competition, a martial arts show and art clubs’ performance. The ninth open championship in saber-hacking, Kazarla, will be held during the festival.

Twelve sections will be available to visitors between 11 am and 8 pm. They are the Main Stage, Mobile Church, Cossack History: Traditions and Customs, Exposition, Little Cossacks Playground, Stables, Cossack Courtyard, Cossack Games, Cossacks’ Saviour, Crafts Town, Village Fair and Cossack Cuisine Alley. A real village with Cossack units will also open in Kolomenskoye. The Cossack Courtyard will host an enactment of a Cossack wedding, a first-time horse-rider ritual and a farewell ceremony for those going to war. Visitors will be able to try on costumes and take their pictures.

A Cossack village fair will offer visitors Cossack hats, clothes, horsewhips, hunting whips, lashes, bags and other trinkets. Visitors to the Crafts Town will be able to learn how to make horsewhips, weave fabric and mint coins at a blacksmith’s. Children will be able to ride ponies and learn to make wreaths, do clay modelling and decorate gingerbread.

More information on the festival is available on its official website: http://казачьястаница.рф.

The festival is organised by the Moscow Department of Ethnic Policy, Inter-Regional Ties and Tourism, Russian Presidential Cossack Council and Central Cossack Military Unit Military Cossack Community.

Journalists can receive accreditation until 3 pm on 11 September by phone at: 8 (968) 596-93-91 (Valentina Gavrilova); Or by e-mail at:

Time: 12 september
Venue: 39 Prospekt Andropova
Battle of Cape Tendra

11 September — Day of Russian Military Glory. On 11 September 1790, a Russian naval squadron, commanded by Admiral Fyodor Ushakov, defeated a Turkish squadron in the Battle of Cape Tendra.

Time: 11 september
Venue: Memorial date
Besedka environmental lecture course

The Besedka (Summer-house) environmental lecture course opened at the Kuskovo environmental school on 26 July. It will offer 12 lectures, including discussions on environmental protection and green lifestyle trends.

The event is organised by the Mospriroda division of the Department for Environmental Management and Protection in partnership with the Ecocup green film festival.

The lecture course programme includes excursions, meetings with young scientists, lectures by environmental experts and masterclasses demonstrating how to prepare natural personal care and cleaning products. All of the events will commence at 4 pm.

Accreditation is available by calling: 8 (495) 691-2890 and 8 (495) 691-8826.


  • 26 July — lecture by the Draw Your City project and Kuskovo environmental school. The subject is, My Personal Herbarium (the history of Moscow plants);

  • 1 August — green storytelling with Olga Shaldova (Ecocup Film Festival);

  • 2 August — lecture by green copywriter Maria Bystrova, What Is Green Brainwashing or How to Escape Falling into the Trap;

  • 8 August — Draw Your City project. Participants will draw plants at the environmental centre and on the park grounds. The subject is, Landscape in a Notebook (the history of Moscow trees);

  • 9 August — masterclass by a green homemaker and the Lookbio magazine — FAQs on green cosmetics and household cleaning products (products that can be prepared at home);

  • 15 August — Promenade with Oleg Vasilik — Kuskovo’s green history (200 years of humans and nature living together);

  • 16 August — exotic animals in a Moscow flat — who can and who certainly should not be kept at home, in partnership with the International Foundation of Animal Welfare (IFAW);

  • 29 August — Guttenberg’s Reading-Room — how the Darwin theory changed over 100 years;

  • 30 August — Guttenberg Reading-Room — the impact of climate on Russia;

  • 3 September — Svetlana Bychenko’s lecture, Crows in the City. What Do They Do and How to Take Their Photographs;

  • 8 September — jogging rules — how to start jogging for the sake of one’s body and the environment;

  • 11 September — the white whale is the symbol of Russia, in partnership with IFAW.

Time: 26 july — 11 september
Venue: 40/1 Third Muzeinaya St
‘Get Ready for School’ project

From 25 August through 9 September 2015, the city will host the ‘Families Help Families: Get Ready for School’ charity project, sponsored by the Department for Social Protection with the support of the Moscow Government.

In all, 184 centres, including 36 mobile and 148 stationary units will receive humanitarian relief aid from city residents and sponsors, such as clothing, footwear, stationery, pens and notebooks for school students from families with many children and underprivileged families, as well as for children with disabilities.

The locations and working hours of these centres are posted on the department’s website.

In 2014, a similar project involved over 9,000 people. Children from underprivileged families received over eight tonnes of clothing, over 3,000 pairs of shoes, over 28,000 backpacks, 253 pieces of sports equipment, 416 household appliances, almost 8,000 books and 496,000 pieces of stationery.

The project involved 645 companies, retail outlets, public organisations, charity funds and self-employed business persons.

First-grade students received gifts for the upcoming academic year. Children with impaired health were patronised by families whose children face similar problems.

In the run-up to 1 September 2014, the city helped 8,018 underprivileged families, including 4,088 families with many children, 912 families with disabled children and 740 incomplete families. Other needy families received over 225,000 pieces of stationery, 2,829 backpacks, 2,095 toys, 21 computers, 155 pieces of sports equipment, clothing and footwear. A city trade union for the social security agencies provided material assistance to 420 families with first-grade students, and over 10,000 local families obtained additional targeted support.

Time: 25 august — 9 september
Space Discovery exhibition

The joint Federal Space Agency and Moscow Metro exhibition will display mockup engines, carriers, and spacecrafts. The exhibition is dedicated to Cosmonautics Day.

Deputy Moscow Metro Head for Communications Vladimir Pogonin and Federal Space Agency head Igor Komarov will open the Space Discovery exposition.

The opening ceremony will be held on 9 April at 1 pm. A gathering will take place between 12.30 pm and 12.50 pm in the foyer of the southern vestibule of the Vorobyovy Gory metro station (exit to Vorobyovskaya Embankment and Andreyevskaya Embankment and to Vorobyovy Gory).

Nearest parking: On the side of Vorobyovy Gory — 20 and 20a Kosygina St; on the side of the Luzhnetskaya Embankment — 24 Luzhniki St, Bldg 4.

For media accreditation before 11 am on 9 April, please call: 8 (499) 321-60-29,8 (499) 321-61-99, or 8 (926) 971-03-66 or e-mail: Please provide the name of the media outlet being represented, the first name and surname of the correspondent, their date of birth and a contact phone number.

For additional information, please call Moscow Metro press service: 8 (495) 684-97-39 or е-mail:

Time: 9 april — 9 september
Venue: Vorobyovy Gory metro station
The Battle of Borodino

8 September — Day of Russian Military Glory. On 8 September 1812, the Russian Army, commanded by Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, heroically resisted the French Army in the Battle of Borodino, and escaped annihilation.

Time: 8 september
Venue: Memorial date
Revived Chambers Exhibition

An exhibition of Russian arts and crafts as well as 17th-century cultural and historical artefacts from private collections has opened at the State Pushkin Museum’s White Stone Chambers.

The organisers decided to recreate the atmosphere of living space prevalent during the period of the Godunovs, the first czars of the Romanov dynasty, the Time of Troubles, the schism in the Russian Church and the first stone houses in Moscow, which thankfully saved artwork and historical artefacts from fire.

Two floors of the Revived Chambers, boasting a vaulted roof, accommodate private collections.

When selecting the exhibits, special attention was paid to historical authenticity and having a wide variety of cultural artefacts.

Visitors can see old maps and documents, such as the rare signatures of Vladislav IV Vasa, Czar Mikhail Romanov’s patent, as well as old furniture, wrought light fixtures, candleholders, silverware, jewellery, icons and icon-cases typical of the 17th century.

Accreditation for the opening and additional information are available from the State Pushkin Museum’s press service at: 8(495) 637-73-39 and 8(916) 189-77-58 (Svetlana Kalinina).

Time: 19 may — 7 september
Venue: 12 Prechistenka St
In the Park photo project

Sokolniki Park together with the joint directorate of Mosgorpark, and the INDARNB online portal has announced the beginning of the most ambitious photo project in the history of Moscow parks. All amateur photographers and professionals 16 and older are invited to take part.

All you have to do is submit an application, register online, make at least three photo reports on events in the park, load the photos on an INDARNB portal page and wait for the results.

Crowd favourites will receive various prizes each month. Among the gifts are holiday vouchers, fitness club memberships and personal photo exhibitions in Moscow parks. The best entries will be displayed at an exhibition open to a wide range of visitors of Moscow parks and clubs, and the best photographers will be hired at the INDARNB online portal.

The rules and other details can be found on the contest’s official website.

Time: 16 may — 7 september
Moscow Bike Parade

Muscovites and visitors of all ages and in any physical shape will have an opportunity to take part in a traditional bike race, devoted this time to the 868th anniversary of Moscow. Over 20,000 people are expected to take part in the Moscow Bike Parade.

The route is about 30 km long. Cyclists will start on Zvezdny Boulevard and ride along streets and embankments closed to traffic to Krasnaya Presnya Park. On the way they will see a high rise on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, the Kremlin, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, the Luzhniki Sports Complex and other Moscow sights. The bike parade will be crowned with a large picnic at a site with a view of the Moscow City Business Centre.

Participants are invited to meet on Zvezdny Boulevard at 11 am. The parade will start at 1 pm.

For all details and participation rules, go to

The parade will take place under the “Let’s bike it!” project, in cooperation with the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

Time: 6 september
The Wild Underwater World festival

The State Darwin Museum invites Muscovites to the Wild Underwater World photo festival, which is being held in Russia for the first time. Visitors can look at the amazing world of nature through the eyes of the best photographers.

A hundred large-format pictures were created by photographers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Indonesia, Finland, Thailand and Singapore, in many parts of the world, such as the North Pole, the Antarctic, under the ice of Lake Baikal, in the White, Red and Black seas and the Sea of Japan, as well as freshwater basins of Central Russia. Some of the 70 participants in the festival are award-winners of top international competitions.

Time: 4 august — 6 september
Venue: 57 Vavilov Street
Kind Moscow Festival

On 6 September, the Dobraya Moskva (Kind Moscow) charity feastival, in conjunction with the Mosvolontyor HR centre and Moscow‘s Department of Culture, is organising the Kind Moscow charity festival to mark the city’s 868th anniversary. The goal of the festival is to raise awareness of Moscow’s social issues and the activities of charity foundations, and to show that everyone can help others and perform kind deeds.

The organisers will appoint festival ambassadors from among prominent figures in art and literature, show business, sports and other important public figures who are committed to contributing to the development and popularisation of Moscow’s social sphere.

The festival will feature a charity fair on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, which will bring together 45 public organisation and foundations, and will feature children playgrounds, sports grounds and creative areas. Employees of large companies will join other concerned citizens in a charity run from 2 to 4 pm.

At a social entrepreneurship venue, companies will organise markets selling clothing, accessories and home goods, with parts of all proceeds going to charities.

Guests are also invited to take part in the I See A Kind Moscow quest game, which will familiarise its participants with charity activities in the city. After the game, participants will receive a souvenir, and can also compete for the main prize, a bicycle.

The concert stage will welcome young performers of the Moscow Producer Centre. Other activities include workshops, photo sessions and autograph sessions, and much more.

For media information, contact Maria Safonova by phone at +7 926 046 5144 or by email at

Time: 6 september 12.00 – 20.00
Venue: Tsvetnoy Boulevard
Abyss under Feet Exhibition

An exhibition timed to the 50th anniversary since the day when cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made a step into open space will open at the Cosmonautics Museum on 19 March.

The historic first step into open space was made by Soviet astronaut Leonov on 18 March 1965. His free floatation continued for 12 minutes and 9 seconds. During the flight, the spacecraft lost automatic orientation and the astronauts had to land at a distance of 2,000 kilometres away from the planned point.

Visitors will see a miniature of the installation for cosmonaut maneuvering in open space and the Orlan spacesuit for training operations in open space, as well as a technological miniature of the URI welding unit (general purpose tool). The unit is good for metal welding, cutting, soldering and coating in open space.

The organisers will display unique archival documents highlighting the process of Soviet cosmonaut training in order to prepare for the first steps into open space from the board of the Voskhod-2 spacecraft.

Visitors will be able to see various modifications of the Yakor unit for foot fixation in a support-free environment and Orlan-MK spacesuit gloves for outer space activity that were used twice by cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev.

Time: 19 march — 6 september
Venue: 111 Prospekt Mira
Theatre March Festival

The Theatre March, Russia’s largest theatrical festival under the open sky, will take place in the Hermitage Garden as part of the City Day celebrations. Twelve Moscow theatres will participate in the 12-hour marathon: Taganka Theatre, Praktika, the Meyerhold Centre and the Obraztsov Puppet Theatre, to name a few.

Two plays will premiere during the festival. The Liquid Theatre will put on the play “2189,” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, in the site-specific genre. The second premiere is a joint project of the Taganka Theatre and Praktika. In addition, seven plays will be staged for families with children.

“Theatres are becoming increasingly open for Moscow residents and guests. Theatre Night has already become a tradition. It allows spectators to go backstage and see what is usually hidden from the public eye. Although theatres are a classic Russian tradition, nowadays there are many theatre experiments, new, interesting and bold ideas. The Theatre March is an art shop, a venue for performing theatre art under the open sky,” Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky said.

He said the city will develop public spaces to enable theatres to step outside their buildings. This will make theatre culture more accessible and allow people to see Moscow’s theatre diversity.

The first festival took place in Sokolniki Park in 2013. Plays by over 15 theatres were seen by more than 45,000 people.

Time: 5 — 6 september
Venue: The Hermitage Garden
Museum and the City Festival

On 4-6 September, the Moscow Museum will host the Museum and the City Festival timed to coincide with City Day celebrations. Visitors are in for a journey in time with new exhibitions, films, lectures, concerts, guided tours and theatre performances for children devoted to Moscow.

The festivities will start at 6 pm on 4 September with the opening of two exhibitions: Moscow. Let’s Build Happiness and Sergei Chelnokov. The Opening of a Collection.

Visitors will see photos of Moscow in the 19th and 20th centuries. A concert under the open sky will be held in the evening. On Saturday, theatre and musical performances and poetic readings will take place on a small stage in the museum’s courtyard.

More activities for children will be held on 6 September. Young Muscovites will have an opportunity to build their own museum, take part in archaeological excavations and a chocolate-making workshop, develop a font, and see performances by a number of Moscow children’s theatres as well as a soap bubble show.

In addition, in cooperation with the Documentary Film Centre, the Moscow Museum will hold a second film festival about mega cities titled, The Centre. The festival will be crowned with the screening of Dziga Vertov’s film, Man with a Movie Camera (1925), in the museum courtyard to the accompaniment of live music.

For more information call +7 (495) 739-00-08; Or, e-mail:

Time: 4 — 6 september
Venue: 2 Zubovsky Blvd
Moscow International Book Fair

The 28th Moscow International Book Fair is being held at Pavilion 75 at VDNKh on 2-6 September. The book fair presents books from at least 400 Russian and foreign publishers from 30 countries.

The book fair programme involves more than 500 events, including meetings with popular writers, authors of new books, actors, directors, politicians and athletes.

This year the organisers decided not to invite a guest of honour but instead chose to present three countries at the same time: Armenia, Iran and Serbia.

The Main Microphone will be the primary platform for discussion and awards. Here the participants will talk about Nabokov and Tarantino, and meet for an hour of poetry reading. The main events will be devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory in WWII. The Russian Statistics Agency, for example, will present the official version of the book “The Great Patriotic War. The Anniversary Statistics Edition.” A roundtable discussion and presentation will be organised for Olga Berggoltz’s book “Siege Diary.”

The main creative energy will be concentrated at the playground called Hobbyteka at the very heart of the Town of Childhood.

Children’s books will also be presented at the fair, including the latest early development games, education methods and technologies, ways of encouraging children’s creativity and spiritual development, and various educational institutions of Moscow. A special school fair From A to Z will also be offered on the sidelines of the book fair.

Additionally, the book fair will offer a media exposition called Moscow in Books with books about the city’s history, its sights, travel maps, album books, encyclopedic books and memoirs.

An annual national competition Book of the Year will also be held as part of the book fair along with a conference Russia’s Book Market — 2015. Full information on the book fair is available on its official website

Time: 2 — 6 september
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Metro vintage railcar show

Those interested in the metro will be able to see a vintage metro railcar show at Partizanskaya metro station. Visitors will see the D and E cars used until 1995 and 2008 respectively, as well as the G cars and the UM5 test models. The exhibit is timed to coincide with the 868th anniversary of Moscow.

The first such exhibit, marking the 80th anniversary of the Moscow metro, created much interest among Moscow residents and guests: over 50,000 visitors attended the event in the course of two days. After it was closed, the public requested similar events more often. On City Day, vintage railcars will be back at Partizanskaya metro station where they will be on display for the entire weekend.

The development of the G model carriages started in 1936, while their name correlated with the name of the Gorkovskaya line (currently Zamoskvoretskaya) where they were initially intended for use. Experimental metro trains started running in 1941. The M5 cars were never produced or used. First they were upgraded to the UM5 cars and later they became the D cars.

“The history of the metro is a part of the history of Moscow,” Head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Pegov said. “We are happy to present it to our passengers on City Day and we are sure that Muscovites and visitors will make our show part of their festive route.”

Time: 5 — 6 september
Venue: Partizanskaya metro station
Children’s City at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements

On Moscow City Day, the entire National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh), including Ostankino Park, will host festive events as part of the Children’s City programme. At the weekend, interactive, game, music, sport, amusement and educational venues will be open.

The central alley of VDNKh will serve as the venue for the City of Inventors, where little dreamers will become big inventors. Passing through the main entrance’s arch, guests will find themselves at the Alley of Scientists and Pioneers.

Here one can pose for a photo with stand-in cutouts of scientists, inventors, travellers, creative personalities (Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Dmitry Mendeleyev, Leonardo da Vinci, Igor Stravinsky and Ivan Kulibin) and the most creative fairytale characters (Munchhausen, Bendum and Twistum, Screwbolt, Gromozeka and Know-Nothing).

The Origin of Thoughts zone, with its brain-shaped labyrinth, will be located on the square in front of the central pavilion.

Children’s City visitors will meet “crazy” professors who will entertain them with unusual experiments. Several venues — Sound, Scientific and Research Institute, The Park of Inventions, Childhood, and Swing — will be set up near the Fountain of People’s Friendship.

The Sound venue will give people a chance to play one-of-a-kind experimental musical instruments, such as a voice-conductor, which uses dozens of metres of water pipes to conduct children’s voices instead of water. Each of the hundred buttons on its special panel will switch on a unique short sound.

Professionals who will supervise instrument playing will tell children about the origin, existence and nature of sounds. Music workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday at the Sound venue. Visitors will be able to play non-conventional classical musical instruments, including the HungDrum, tank drum, or thereminvox. The Sound venue will also host concerts with non-musical instruments, such as household items, plastic bags, vegetables and fruit.

At the Scientific and Research Institute venue, young scientists will create incredible items, take part in workshops and watch invention shows. The pavilion will be broken down into three areas — a design centre, a laboratory, and a lecture hall. Around the Scientific and Research Institute venue, along two sloping alleys, is the Park of Inventions, which features an exhibition of interactive kinetic items with different operating mechanisms —pedals, levers and valves. They all show the secrets and subtleties of mechanics. An art installation that symbolises inspiration, Swing, will be set up between Central Pavilion No 1 and the Fountain of People’s Friendship.

Opposite Pavilion No 71, there will be an unusual pavilion, Childhood, to be built by famous French architect Olivier Grossetête together with the guests of the main exhibition. Cardboard boxes will serve as bricks for the unique building. In all, 3,000 cardboard boxes and 1,000 tape rolls will be used.

The snow-white Culture Pavilion (No 66) will be turned into a stage where theatre performances on the history of discoveries and inventions, shows by music bands and experimental theatre productions will run.

For the dreamers, there is the Incubator of Ideas venue near Pavilion No 64. This vast territory of dreams includes a children’s playground and a relaxation zone. Everything there facilitates invention and experimentation — the huge molecule-shaped hammocks, Archimedes’ baths, and gigantic construction kits. A site where smaller children can play with lots of interactive games and a sandbox will also be available.

A huge puzzle, Ocean, will be put together between the Stone Flower Fountain and the flower garden. The Space venue near Pavilion No 58 will feature a long wall with space scenery, flying saucers and a satellite. Guests will be able to have their picture taken in an improvised spacesuit and even “fly” a rocket. Food and gifts will be on sale at the Market venue opposite pavilions No 14 and 15.

A market will be open at VDNKh where visitors can buy educational toys and creativity and handicraft kits. The Wheel venue will be set up in the adjacent area. Here one will be able to race on balance bikes (small bicycles without pedals), hand-pulled trolleys and improvised race cars. The site includes a zone for doing experiments and having fun by using car tyres as an independent transport means.

On 5-6 September, VDNKh’s Oktyabrskaya Square will be turned into Book Square of the City of Inventors. It will host Readers Platform, where famous actors and young amateur readers will perform excerpts of prose and poetry. At the Letter Studio, the year’s top designers will teach visitors to feel letters and fonts and to invent their own writing typefaces. They will also speak about the art of calligraphy. Characters from popular books will come alive at the Booktheatre. Word Game will teach the skills of writing and of attentive and thoughtful reading. Interactive performances dealing with word games will be put on by the city’s different creative teams. On 5 September at 12 pm — 6 pm, the Green Theatre will show animated films. In the evening, the celebration will culminate with the Festival of Wind Orchestras, which brought the exhibition’s visitors joy throughout the summer. The wind orchestras that will perform on stage include Moskovskiye Fanfary, Modern, and the State Wind Orchestra of Russia. On 6 September at 3 pm, the Green Theatre will host a concert by top performers of the Republic of Abkhazia for young music and dance lovers.

Time: 5 — 6 september
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Our Victory Holiday exhibition

On 5 September, the Ilya Glazunov Picture Gallery will host the Our Victory Holiday interactive programme, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

From 2 pm to 6 pm, the gallery will offer Dances of the 1940s and Letters from the Front workshops and an exhibition of period weapons displaying famous pistols and machineguns, as well as revolvers, mines and helmets.

Visitors will be able to participate in assembling certain weapon models and pose for a photograph with an original M-72 motorbike (1943) in the background.

Admittance is free. For more information, please call 8 (495) 691 8454.

Time: 5 september
Venue: 13 Volkhonka Street
Extra-Curricular Art Class project

The MosART cultural centre in Novogireyevo has launched a creative project, Extra-Curricular Art Class, as part of which well-known Moscow artists and designers will give a number of master classes.

Residents of Novogireyevo will be able to take part in transforming the centre’s building by applying various art techniques. Also planned are activities during which everyone will learn about graffiti, parametric structures, inverted space, pixel art, free-style drawing and many other things.

Free master classes will be held at MosART on 23 July, 5 and 20 August, and 5 September from 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

According to the cultural centre’s director, Darya Vedishcheva, the project aims to involve district residents in the creative process of changing the urban environment. “The workshops will be interesting to different age groups, such as families with children, adults and young people,” she said.

Time: 9 july — 5 september
Venue: 19 Svobodny Prospekt
Moscow City Day at the Moscow International House of Music

The Moscow Virtuosos, the Oleg Lundstrem Jazz Orchestra, a Dancing Fountains show and many more performers and entertainment await visitors on an open-air stage outside the Moscow International House of Music on Moscow City Day.

For the first time, concerts will be accompanied by a huge dancing fountain show. The programme includes popular classical music, jazz hits and beloved songs about Moscow.

For children, there will be educational shows, prize drawings and surprises. Characters from the Fiksiki and Pirates of the Caribbean cartoons will welcome kids to Music Town. Children will be able to attend workshops in dance, painting and decorating ginger cakes, and can get a funny portrait done of them by a caricature artist or a new look from face painting artists.

Time: 5 september 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Venue: Moscow City Day at the Moscow International House of Music
Sevastopol Days in Moscow

Sevastopol Days in Moscow will begin with an official flower laying ceremony in the Hall of Glory at the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 on Poklonnaya Gora. It will be attended by war veterans who took part in the defence of Sevastopol. Muscovites decorated with the medal “For the Defence of Sevastopol” will be presented with gift certificates and flowers on behalf of Sevastopol Governor Sergei Meniaylo.

The official opening of Sevastopol Days and a gala concert will take place in the Grand Conference Hall of the Moscow Government building on New Arbat in the evening of 3 September.

The programme of events also includes a basketball game between Moscow and Sevastopol teams at the Academy of the State Fire Service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. On 5 September, a delegation from Crimea will take part in the official opening ceremony of Moscow’s City Day 2015.

“The Moscow Department for the National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism and the Sevastopol City Government enjoy stable cultural links,” Head of the Department for the National Policy, Interregional Relations and Tourism Vladimir Chernikov said. "During the last week of August, the ’Football Brotherhood’ beach football tournament, organised by the Department, was held in Sevastopol. Our plans for 2015 include a military-patriotic campaign for young people, ’Muscovites Guarding Russia’s Southern Borders.’ The ’Circle of Light’ multi-media light show will be brought to Sevastopol for the campaign. According to Mr Chernikov, Moscow prepares a cultural programme for the ‘Moscow New Year Tree in Sevastopol’ festival. Children from Sevastopol have also been invited to visit Moscow during the New Year holiday.

For media accreditation, please call 8 (903) 217 3262 (Maria).

Time: 3 — 5 september
City Day in Luzhniki

On 5 September, the Luzhniki Sports Complex will play host to the traditional sports event, City Day in Luzhniki.

Moscow residents will have an opportunity to take part in an intensive sports and entertainment programme at about 50 venues and concert stages: the Moscow Mayor Workout Cup, outdoor playgrounds and family events; exhibition performances and acrobatic rock-n-roll workshops; the Sword of Russia Tournament (medieval fight with swords); and the GTO (Ready for Labour and Defence) Sports test.

In addition, at 11 am, the Luzhniki North Sports Arena (24 Luzhnetskaya Embankment) will host a mini-football tournament for hearing-impaired athletes. Competition winners will receive diplomas, medals and other awards.

All competitions will be accompanied by celebrity performances. The complex has been outfitted with four stages for live performances.

At 3 pm a show of figure-skating champions “Hurrah Russia!” will take place at Luzhniki’s Small Sports Arena (24 Luzhniki Street, building 3). The participants in the show will include the winners and participants of the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi, international championships and competitions and the best figure skaters of Moscow and Russia.

The Active Citizen venue with a comfortable lounge area and fast Wi-Fi will open in Luzhniki. Visitors will have an opportunity to relax on multi-colour pouffes, have a glass of free lemonade and learn about the options offered by the Active Citizen mobile application.

Time: 5 september
Venue: Luzhniki Sports Complex
Rostov Theatre on tour in Moscow

The Gorky Rostov Academic Drama Theatre will present “Quiet Flows the Don”, based on Mikhail Sholokhov’s novel at the State Academic Maly Theatre in Moscow.

The play is directed by Gennady Shaposhnikov and dramatised by playwright Vladimir Malyagin. The music is written by composer Alexei Shelygin, a four-time TEFI and Nika award winner.

In honour of Moscow City Day, the Rostov Theatre presented some tickets to Moscow’s World War II veterans and social services workers.

The play premiered in Rostov-on-Don on 24 April 2015, becoming a key event of the celebrations of the 110th birth anniversary of writer Mikhail Sholokhov and the Year of Literature in Russia. On 16 May, over 3 million people watched the play at the theatre, on TV and on the Web.

Over 30 actors and extras took to the stage, each representing a bright and inimitable Sholokhov-style character. One of the play’s most interesting features is the natural speech of Don Cossacks. Actors artfully imitate the Cossack dialect with its special volume, vivid vocabulary, passion and freedom.

“Quiet Flows the Don” is an incredibly rich epic, describing one of the most tragic periods of Russia’s history, with its social upheavals and searches for ideological and moral guides. The play reveals a whole spectrum of human emotions — love, forbidden and unrequited, family dramas, rivalry, breakups, parting and pain — all compressed into three hours.

The Gorky Rostov Drama Theatre was established in 1863. At some time famous actors Mikhail Shchepkin and Ira Aldridge played on its stage. The modern building was constructed in 1935. The design of the theatre, developed by Soviet architects Vladimir Shchuko and Vladimir Gelfreikh, represents Russia at the London Museum of Architectural History alongside a model of St Basil’s Cathedral.

The theatre’s history is rich, with renowned actors playing on its stage, among them Yury Zavadsky, Vera Maretskaya, Rostislav Plyatt, Nikolai Mordvinov, Sergei Bondarchuk, Veronika Polonskaya, Zinaida Zorich, Grigory Leondor, Yury Koltsov, Yury Yeryomin, Aristarkh and Igor Livanovs, Mikhail Bushnov, Gennady Trostyanetsky, Georgy Kavtaradze, Kirill Serebrennikov, Nikolai Sorokin, Vladislav Vetrov, Irina Bezrukova, and Sergei Galkin.

Time: 2 — 3 september 19.00
Venue: 69 Bolshaya Ordynka Street
Mercy Marathon

A culture and art centre event will be held on 3 September near the Krylatskoye Culture and Art Centre to commemorate the Beslan school hostage crisis and the Remembering Beslan Day of Solidarity in Anti-Terrorism Struggle.

The event programme includes academic, chamber and variety performances by Russian and foreign composers in memory of terrorism victims around the world.

Time: 3 september 15.00
Venue: 51 Krylatskiye Kholmy Street
Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism

Ceremonies will be held in Moscow on 3 September to mark the Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism. Public figures and activists of children’s organisations will pay homage to the victims of terrorist attacks and will issue an official address against terrorism on behalf of Moscow’s civic society.

At 12.30 pm, a remembrance rally will begin near the monument to Belsan victims opposite the Church of the Holy Mother of God on Kulishki (5/2, Solyanka Street). On 1 September 2004, terrorists seized School No. 1 in Beslan, North Ossetia, taking pupils and teachers hostage in what became one of the most sorrowful chapters in modern Russian history.

Moscow has suffered several terrorist attacks. At 3 pm, rallies and solemn assemblies will be held at the sites of all of those attacks:

— on the square in front of the Dubrovka Theare, 7 Melnikova Street (23-26 October 2002);

— on Guryanova Street, near the mmemorial sign at the site of former block of flats No. 19, destroyed by a bomb attack (8 September 1999);

— on Kashirskoye Motorway at the site of a bomb attack on block of flats No 6/3 (13 September 1999);

— near the Avtozavodskaya metro station (6 February 2004);

— on Prospekt Mira, at the site of a blast near the Rizhskaya metro station (31 August 2004);

— in the underpass of the Pushkinskaya metro station (8 August 2000);

— in the vestibule of the Park Kultury metro station (29 March 2010);

— in the vestibule of the Lubyanka metro station (29 March 2010);

— at the Domodedovo airport terminal (24 January 2011);

— near the National Hotel (9 December 2003).

The ceremonies have been organised by the Moscow Public Relations Committee in cooperation with the Moscow House of Public Organisations, prefectures, the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise and the administration of Domodedovo airport.

Media accreditation can be obtained by phone: 8 (495) 657-65-42 (extension 124), 8 (926) 392-21-54 (Anastasia).

Time: 3 september
Moscow Remembers Its Heroes exhibition

The State Museum of the Defence of Moscow is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This will be the first showing of a series of portrait paintings by young Moscow artist Yulia Rybkina. On the recommendation of the Moscow Council of Veterans, she was introduced to the war veterans to paint their portraits.

The portraits feature Moscow veterans Ivan Slukhai, Maria Faustova, Nikolai Orlov, Grigory Nisenbayev and Viktor Filatov. They have all kept active, and some of them continue to work.

Time: 6 august — 3 september
Venue: 3 Michurinsky Prospekt
Awards ceremony of the Moscow Masters contest

Winners of the Moscow Masters city occupational skills contest will be awarded on 2 September. The official ceremony will be held at the Rossiya State Central Concert Hall in Luzhniki.

This year, awards will be given to 135 winners, six companies that performed the best in terms of organising the final stage of the contest, four branch organising committees and the youngest participant.

All in all, over 65,000 participants representing about 1,500 companies took part in Moscow Masters in 85 occupations.

The first competition took place in 1998.

Over 18 years, over 1 million Muscovites took part, about 2,000 became winners and the number of occupations grew by 3.5 times.

The contest was held among students of trade educational institutions for the 15th time. This year, the competition was held in 15 occupations. Physically-challenged youngsters were encouraged to participate in four — house painter, joiner, cook and gardener.

Moscow Masters is held based on the Moscow Tripartite Agreement between the Moscow Government, trade unions and employers association.

This year’s winners will receive Organising Committee certificates, cash bonuses and lapel badges. First prize will include the Hand with Crystal figurine. A special award will be the winners’ participation in the City Day opening ceremony in Red Square on 5 September.

Eye-catching posters with the winners’ photographs have been placed in Moscow streets.


Media accreditation is available by calling: 8 (495) 657 6542 (Ext: 124). Additional information can be received by calling: 8 (495) 200 8761 (Olga).

Time: 2 september 18:00
Venue: 24 Luzhniki St, Bldg 2
The end of World War II

2 September — memorable date of Russian military history. World War II officially ended on 2 September 1945.

Time: 2 september
Venue: Memorable date
Planetarium to open at Kuzminki-Lyublino Park

Starting 1 May until 1 September, a planetarium will be open at the Kuzminki-Lyublino Nature Park where visitors can observe distant constellations and planets.

The planetarium is located on Kuzminskaya Street near the park’s dam and the Bath House. On the facility’s dome-shaped projection screen, the images of stars, planets and other celestial objects will be projected, with the latest technology and computer graphics making the viewing experience realistic and multidimensional.

In May, the planetarium will also be open on weekends and holidays (1-4 May and 9-11 May), as well as on Saturdays 16 May, 23 May and 30 May from 10 am till 8 pm.

Time: 1 may — 1 september
Venue: 10 Kuzminskaya St
Organ recital at Znamenka House

The inaugural recital of a new pipe organ will take place on 31 August at the House on Znamenka in the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music.

It is timed to the Mikael Tariverdiyev Ninth International Contest of Organ Players, the only contest for organists in Russia. The first round of the contest, which started in Kansas (USA) and Hamburg (Germany), will end in Moscow.

“Symbolically, the final recital of the Moscow stage of the contest will be held in the Gnessin Special School of Music that is part of the Gnessin musical complex. Mikael Tariverdiyev was a graduate of the school,” noted school Headmaster Mikhail Khokhlov.

Renowned Russian and international organ players will take part in the inaugural recital, including Ivan Rozanov (Russia), Lyubov Shishkhanova (Russia), James David Christie (USA), Talivaldis Deksnis (Latvia), Toomas Trass (Estonia) and students of the Gnessin School. The recital will be broadcast online on the Gnessin Special School of Music website:

Time: 31 august 17.00
Venue: 12 Znamenka Street
Young Investor’s School opens at VDNKh

The Young Investor’s School, which opened on August 6, will work every Thursday and Friday from noon to 5 pm until 31 August at the All-Russian Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh), Pavilion No 14. The Information City exhibition has ceded part of its area to the school to create a mock business district.

Children aged 8 to 14 and their parents can learn what capital investment is all about, how it boosts the municipal economy, and how fair competition works. They will also learn trading rules and take part in business quests.

The curriculum was compiled with the assistance of the Masterslavl children’s educational project and the Moscow Department for Competition Policy.

The school is in fact an extension of the Trading Exchange project, department head Gennady Dyogtev said.

“The school is a long-term investment in city development as it gives financial knowledge to young persons who are just beginning to think about what profession they would like to take up, and wonder about the city’s economic workings. We make it a point to explain how Moscow businesses are arranged to teenagers — people brimming with energy and new ideas.”

Mr Dyogtev added that the school — thanks to its simple presentation of the intricacies of urban property investment — will also benefit adults interested in property sold by the city.

The Information City exhibition also acquaints the public with the city’s online services and high-tech innovations.

Time: 6 — 31 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Stars to the Veterans photo project

The Northern Rosary at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements will run the Stars to the Veterans charity photo project from 3 June through 31 August. The event is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Under the project, 70 photographs of World War II veterans and Russian celebrities will be installed at flower beds in a bid to demonstrate the ties that bind the generations together and alert the public to lonely elderly people’s problems that the country needs to address.

The project also aims to raise the funds needed to repair the Vyazma Home for Senior and Disabled People and provide it with furniture and all other necessary items. For donation details, please, visit the project’s website.

The exhibition will be unveiled at 3 pm. World War II veterans and famous media personalities are expected to attend the opening ceremony.

For required event accreditation, please call: Tel.: 8 495 748 3400; or, E-mail:

Time: 3 june — 31 august
Venue: 119, Prospekt Mira
Maps of Moscow exhibition

The new display at the Moscow Urban Development and Construction Complex’s information centre features unique exhibits, including Moscow maps of various periods and copies of important archival documents, such as the first foreign edition of Sigismund von Herberstein’s Notes on Muscovite Affairs, images from a chronicle from the reign of Ivan the Terrible, and Moscow’s first urban plans — Peter the Great’s Plan, Fyodor Godunov’s Plan and the Plan of the Kremlin.

The exhibition will host an array of Moscow-related imagery, such as pictures from historical chronicles, plans, topographic and illustrated maps, schemes drafted as standalone editions and those featured in books, encyclopaedias, reference books, atlases, magazines and newspapers.

Visitors can follow at the exhibition Moscow’s urban development stages, the development of city planning in Moscow, the construction of the city’s most important buildings, the upgrading of its transport infrastructure, the changing of administrative district planning, and much more.

Major urban development plans are a special feature. Visitors can also see the 1775 plan drafted by engineer-major Gorikhvostov, the 1923 plan by Alexei Shchyusev and Ivan Zhovtovsky, the 1935 plan by a team led by Vladimir Semyonov, the 1971 urban development plan by a team led by Mikhail Posokhin, and the new territories incorporation plan of 2012, or Big Moscow.

Video clips showcasing different stages of Moscow’s development complement the exhibition.

Admission is free. For more information, please call: +7 (495) 650 1451.

Time: 19 june — 31 august
Venue: 6 2nd Brestskaya Street
Russian Cinema Day

The Moscow Cinema network has prepared special screenings and events for the filmmakers’ professional holiday, which is marked on 27 August.

Domestic film buffs will have an opportunity to watch Russian cinema classics and new releases.

On 27 August, the animated film, Serafima’s Amazing Journey, about the life of Sima Voskresenskaya, who lost her parents at the beginning of the war, will premiere at the Cosmos cinema. Admission is by invitation only.

On that day, Saturn will show Nikita Mikhalkov’s early feature, A Slave of Love, based on the life of actress Vera Kholodnaya.

Zvezda will also screen Alexander Sokurov’s documentary, Reading the Book of Siege, based on Ales Adamovich and Daniil Granin’s documentary The Book of Siege.

Cinerama will screen Igor Bessarabov’s Take Us with You, Tourists. Viewers will be taken on a tour of the Soviet Union and see mountains, rivers, fields, narrow paths and broad roads on 11 screens.

There will also be a lecture about Cinerama, a historical landmark, cinema house and museum, and how it operates.

On 27-29 August, Fakel will present Soviet film director Grigory Kozintsev’s Hamlet, King Lear and Don Quixote.

On 25-27 August, Sputnik will screen Mosfilm masterpieces: Seryozha (directors, Georgy Danelia and Igor Talankin), Walking Down the Main Street with the Band (Pyotr Todorovsky) and Cinderella (Nadezhda Kosheverova and Mikhail Shapiro). Sputnik’s programme also includes a number of documentaries selected by the Message to Humans international festival jury: Forgiveness Day (Dina Barinova), Mama (Lidia Sheinina), Northern Wind and Uzbek Pilaf (Ilya Zheltyakov).

Cosmos and Zvezda will also feature artistic workshops timed to coincide with Russian Cinema Day. On 31 August, modern and classical Russian films will be discussed at Zvezda with Kirill Razlogov, a film and art critic and president of the Russian Guild of Film Critics. Zvezda will also show Abram Room’s 3rd Meshchanskaya, one of the most risqué Soviet melodramas.

Another love story — Between the Notes, or Tantric Symphony, directed by Boris Grachevsky — will play on Cosmos’s big screen on 25 August.

Admission to all shows and events is free (except for the meeting with Kirill Razlogov and 3rd Meshchanskaya at Zvezda on 31 August).

Time: 25 — 31 august
Venue: Moscow Cinema network
Photo exhibition: Kyzyl-Kuragino expedition

On 24 June, an exhibition highlighting the large-scale archaeological and geographical expedition “Kyzyl-Kuragino: The Mysteries and Treasures of the Scythians” will be unveiled at the Vystavochnaya metro station. The exhibition is a joint project by the Moscow Metro and the Russian Geographical Society.

The opening ceremony will be attended by Head of the Moscow Metro Dmitry Pegov and First Vice President of the Russian Geographical Society Artur Chilingarov.

Visitors will be given an opportunity to see this major youth expedition through the eyes of its participants. The exhibition features photographs of ancient Scythian settlements and burial sites, as well as decorations, weapons, mirrors and Middle Age armour.

For accreditation, please call 8 499 321 6029, 8 499 321 6199, or send an email to before 6 pm on 23 June.

Journalists are invited to meet opposite the turnstile entrance at the Delovoi Tsentr metro station from 9.30 am until 9.50 am on 24 June.

Time: 24 june — 31 august
Venue: 2 Vystavochny Pereulok
Artistic Communities of Moscow exhibition

A new exhibition at the Museum of Moscow features modern Moscow painters who are members of different art groups. It will be a continuation of The Oven and the Imperishable, a project which reveals the inner workings of Soviet unofficial painting of the 1960—1970s.

Participants in the Artistic Communities of Moscow exhibition are united by common creative interests and views of art and the city. At the Museum of Moscow, visitors will be able to view event documents, works and performances of over 10 different associations of painters. These include the projects Ongoing Medical Checkup and Laboratory I!I!I!; Now&Then international video art festival; Going! Going Where? youth independent art festival; Seekers and Women’s Exhibition Committee groups; and King of the Hill crew.

The project’s curator, Darya Chapkovskaya, said that the museum will bring together creative communities that are free from traditional institutional rules and seek new art forms. Under the project, they can share ideas and have an enriching experience.

For additional information, please contact Anastasia Fyodorova at 8 495 739 0008 or

Time: 1 — 31 august
Venue: 2 Zubovsky Boulevard
Public Art at VDNKh

This summer the country’s main exhibition centre, the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh), will become an open-air gallery. The first nine pieces of public art to be featured at VDNKh as part of the annual Night at the Museum event will include pixel-size people, an equestrian statue and a balancing column.

The artists include Rostan Tavasiyev and Andrei Lyublinsky from Russia, Derek Bruno from the United States, and Plushedelica artists. In May, the exhibition centre will unveil its international public art programme that will run though September.

Public art is about incorporating distinctive works of art into the urban environment, sometimes in the most unexpected of places. It can play a significant role in shaping urban space in a megalopolis, and gives artists with different ideas and techniques the opportunity to collaborate. Well-known foreign and Russian artists and art collectives will display their public art at the VDNKh in the first ever event of this scale in Russia.

The public competition aspect of the programme is what sets it apart. Everyone was invited to submit a sketch of their idea for a public art installation. On 21 May a jury of professionals will evaluate the submissions and on 22 May three winners will be announced. The winning entries will be built and installed at the VDNKh.

In all, over 30 works of public art by three Russian and five international art groups and foreign artists will be on display at the exhibition as part of this programme for professional artists.

The Milan-based environmental artists of Cracking Art will bring to Moscow their trademark snails and tortoises made of recycled plastic, which they later recycle again. All their work has strong social and environmental themes. The image of the snail engages the viewer — its spiral shell evoking, alternately, the human ear, home which is never far from our thoughts, and the quintessential symbol of modern technology, the e-mail sign @, which is called a “snail” in Italian.

To mark the Year of Literature in 2015, the VDNKh will feature a Russian version of the “poetry machine” by Czech artist Ondrej Kobza, which will recite the greatest works by modern Russian poets. The area around the machine will be designated a listening zone. Back in the Czech Republic, Kobza is hailed for his magical ability to enliven the urban landscape. He designed the original poetry machine, or “poeziomat” in Czech, in Prague, with local poets and actors providing the voices. It is extremely popular with locals.

A wood installation, Timendi causa est nescire (Ignorance breeds fear), by American Christopher Derek Bruno, will be on display at the exhibition during the International Public Art Festival. The artist started out as a product designer and sculptor but gradually switched to geometric objects and 3D installations.

Time: 16 may — 31 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Young Naturalist

The Russian Geographical Society and Mosgortur are launching a joint themed programme called Young Naturalist.

The project will kick off during the 2015 spring holidays at Raduga, one of the top children’s recreation camps in the Moscow Region. It is also one of the seven themed programmes in the 2015 summer health improvement campaign.

The objective is to explain how the Earth provides life and the relationship between natural phenomena and people and humanity’s place in the global ecosystem. Youth leaders will take training courses on the programme.

The project, Young Naturalist, will give youth a glimpse of environmental problems and highlight the importance of environmental care. As part of the programme, children will learn to orient themselves without a compass or a map, and to make a site plan, and they will be able to talk with professional geographers.

The revival of the Young Naturalists movement was suggested by Russian Defence Minister and President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu. “An important part of this education is to recreate a youth phenological network in the Russian Geographical Society. In the Soviet Union, the network was comprised of thousands of schools whose students took pains to collect information about natural phenomena,” Mr Shoigu said at the 15th Congress of the Russian Geographical Society.

For more information, media representatives can contact Maria Muravyova, chief PR specialist at Mosgortur at 8 926 879 8372 or email:

Time: 6 march — 31 august
Become a Doctor Together With the UMIAS Exhibition

Young Muscovites will be given the opportunity to try being a doctor as part of the Become a Doctor Together With the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System (UMIAS) project. Pavilion No 14, which houses the Information City exhibition at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNH), will host the events.

Participants will begin their introduction into medicine at the Doctor’s Office section. There, children will be told how medical appointments are conducted and how to schedule one, as well as be given recommendations on daily regimens and personal hygiene.

Then the guests will be invited into the Laboratory where workers of the Living Systems bio experimentanium will give the guests the opportunity to measure their lung capacity and grow their own collection of mould. Four times a day centre specialists will put on a food show entitled ABOUTfood, which will include ‘protein races’ and picture making on milk.

In the Exhibits of the Human Body exposition, children will be allowed to touch everything and will learn about the specifics of the human body.

The exhibition is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 pm to 8 pm. Admission for children and parents is free. To register for an excursion, call 8 963 682 4732 or log into the Department of Information Technology website.

The project was initiated by the Moscow Department of Information Technology in association with the Moscow Department of Healthcare under the auspices of the UMIAS.

Time: 11 july — 31 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Open-air movie screenings

Open-air cinemas will continue operating in Moscow parks in August, offering free screenings on Fridays and weekends. Russian and foreign cinema classics, environmental documentaries and ecological lectures are available at four protected natural areas: the Tyoply Stan Landscape Reserve, the Serebryany Bor Nature Monument, the Kuskovo forest park, and Kuzminki-Lyublino Park.

The schedule of screenings for the first two weeks of August, Kusminki-Lyublino Park is as follows:

— 31 July: Love and Pigeons, 1984, a comedic melodrama, USSR (starring Alexander Mikhailov, Nina Doroshina, Lyudmila Gurchenko and others);

— 1 August: Afonya, 1975, a comedic melodrama, USSR (starring Leonid Kuravlyov, Yevgeniya Simonova, Yevgeny Leonov and others);

— 2 August: His Butler’s Sister, 1943, a comedic melodrama, USA (starring Deanna Durbin, Franchot Tone, Pat O’Brien and others);

— 7 August: War and Peace: Natasha Rostova, 1966, a drama, USSR (starring Lyudmila Savelyeva, Sergei Bondarchuk, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and others);

— 8 August: Balzaminov’s Marriage, 1964, a comedy, USSR (starring Georgy Vitsyn, Lyudmila Shagalova, Lidiya Smirnova and others);

— 9 August: The Great Waltz, 1938, a musical melodrama, USA (starring Luise Rainer, Fernand Gravey, Miliza Korjus and others);

— 14 August: War and Peace: 1812, 1967, a drama, USSR (starring Lyudmila Savelyeva, Sergei Bondarchuk, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and others);

— 15 August: Mimino, 1977, a comedy, USSR (starring Vakhtang Kikabidze, Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Yelena Proklova and others);

— 16 August: Come Tomorrow, 1962, a comedic melodrama, USSR (starring Yekaterina Savinova, Anatoly Papanov, Boris Bibikov and others).

All screenings begin at 9 pm near the Kuzminki Environmental Educational Centre at 10 Kuzminskaya Street.

Time: 1 — 31 august
Venue: Moscow parks
Summer programmes for children in the parks

Summer programmes for children, such as thematic sessions in children’s clubhouses, classes in creative studios, sport sections, master-classes, foreign language lessons and many others, start in Moscow parks on International Children’s Day.

Eight parks provide full day programmes where children can stay in the club for five to ten hours. The sessions will be dedicated to various topics ranging from architecture to the theatre and ballet. During the classes, the little visitors will be able to learn how to tend to a garden, take photographs, dance, draw and mould clay. The centres have been designed for different ages, from educational games for nine-month-olds to a photography course for teenagers.

Gorky Park

Gorky Park hosts the Green School, a young naturalists’ club with classes in natural science, gardening and creativity. At the school the visitors make statues out of batteries and plastic bottles, make objects out of pressed cardboard, paint with natural colours and learn how to look after pets. The classes can be attended for a fee, daily from noon until 8.00 pm.

The park also hosts a photography club for teenagers (Saturdays, 3.00-4.30 pm from 30 May to 26 July, requires payment) and children’s plain-airs on Vorobyevy Gory (July, for a fee). Children can attend the “We Draw with Our Parents” course (every Sunday between 1.00 and 2.30 pm), tours of the park observatory (July, from 2.00 until 3.00 pm) and English lessons (noon-1.30 pm from June until September) free of charge.

Muzeon Park of Arts

At the end of June, Muzeon will open an integrated children’s centre with master-classes, performances and concerts and a café with a special menu.

On Saturdays from June until August, for a fee children can attend interactive tours of the big sculptural collection of the park.

Every Tuesday in June and August, for a fee, children can attend a story-telling club, “Intelligent Moscow” lectures, and an interactive music club. Additionally, tours with biologists are available every Saturday. Children can also take part in the complimentary “Professional Environment” project.

Sokolniki Park

An excursion club will open in Sokolniki on the grounds of the Students’ Activity Centre and will operate 9.30 am — 6.30 pm on weekdays from 8 June until 21 August (for a fee). In the club, children aged seven to 13 can spend time in a clean nature zone without leaving the city. The programme is comprised of field-sports and outdoor games, amusement rides, excursions, creative master-classes, a forest tourism school, country walks, the basics of photography, acting skills and dances.

In addition, the InnoCamp centre will provide a weekly topic-based schedule with themes from astronomy, mathematics, robotics technology, computer animation and many others.

The early development centre invites children aged nine months and older to lessons in rhythmoplastics, football and dancing. The chess and checkers school, as well as dance classes, are free of charge.

A creative children’s centre will open at the Pioneer cinema on 16 June. It will provide classes in yoga, dancing, design, photography, sculpture and painting.

Krasnaya Presnya Park

A summer language camp for children between the ages of three and 14 has opened at Krasnaya Presnya Park. The camp offers classes in English and Spanish. For immersion in the language with native-speakers, the park organises theatre performances, music and dancing classes, lessons in painting, and science and etiquette, as well as various tours, creative workshops, exhibitions and master-classes. All activities take place five days a week from 8.30 am until 6.30 pm (for a fee). Individual master-class attendance is also available daily at 11.00 am and 3.00 pm.

Every Thursday from 7.00 pm until 8.00 pm, the park offers free classes in dance and on Saturdays fitness training is available from noon until 1.00 pm.

Bauman Garden

From 1 June until 28 August, the children’s centre in the Bauman Garden is organising summer programmes “Around the World in One Summer” for children aged one and a half to seven (9.00 am to 7.00 pm on weekdays, for a fee). The programme of summer performances at a drama group starts on 6 June (Saturdays and Sundays, for a fee). In June, the first shifts start at the ‘Cut!’ children’s cinematographic summer camp (weekdays from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, for a fee) and a children’s architecture studio (three times a week from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm, for a fee).

Tagansky Park

Sports-loving kids can have an active summer at the TagSport centre of Tagansky Park. Football and capoeira training sessions are planned for June through August for a fee. In addition, a big trampoline centre has recently opened in the park.

Hermitage Garden

The children’s city studio at the Hermitage Garden has planned four topic-based sessions — in architecture, journalism, art and drama, and ballet and acrobatics — for the summer from 1 June until 28 August. Classes in the architecture session start first and will run from 1 to 12 June excluding weekends. Classes will take place from 9.30 am until 7.00 pm. Three meals a day are provided for the children in a café on the park grounds.

Starting from 1 June, the children’s club invites little visitors to classes in the development of language skills and ballet, an outdoor sports and entertainment programme, classes in a creative workshop and drama group, as well as chess and board games. The children’s camp is open weekdays from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Kuzminki Park

The summer centre at Kuzminki Park will be open from June until August (9.00 am — 7.00 pm, for a fee). Visitors can attend creative workshops in architecture, sand drawing, painting and modeling, as well as dance and drama studios and an English-language club.

Children and their parents will be able to study English from June until August (on Thursdays and Saturdays, for a fee). In addition, a city dacha will open in the park where children will be shown how to plant and tend to flowers and vegetables. The little visitors will also be able to learn dance, horse riding, orienteering and many other things.

Severnoye Tushino Park

A children’s centre is open in Severnoye Tushino from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm offering classes in origami, applique’ work, painting on stone and pottery, cooking and other things. A paid camp for children aged three years and older will open on 1 June on weekdays from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm and over weekends from 11.00 am until 7.00 pm. Parents will be able to choose how many hours their children spend at the centre and what classes they attend. The programme includes master-classes, training with a speech therapist and an early development course.

Sadovniki Park

A day camp in Sadovniki opens for the first time and will operate from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (for a fee). Several topic-based sessions are planned for 1 June until 29 August, including “The World Travels” geographical camp, the “Following da Vinci” scientific and educational camp and, for travel lovers, the “Around the World” camp.

The Moscow Zoo

The city zoo invites children and teenagers aged six to 15 to the young animalist centre to attend classes in architectural drawing, painting, sculpture and the photo- and video recording of wildlife and animals.

Programmes and classes for children for the summer period have also been prepared at Tagansky, Lianozovsky, Perovsky, Vorontsovsky, Babushkinsky, Bratislavsky parks, as well as Victory (Pobedy) Park on Poklonnaya Gora and Artyom Borovik Park.

Time: 1 june — 31 august
Venue: Moscow parks
East-West exhibition

The Na Kashirke Gallery will host the East-West exhibition from 6 to 30 August. The event is sponsored by the Moscow Department of Culture.

The display will feature more than 100 works by 70 artists from the West (France, Germany, the US, Italy, Latvia, Poland) and the East (Japan, the Republic of Korea, China), who live in Russia or have relatives in Russia, as well as artists from various Russian regions.

The paintings reflect the meeting of Western and Eastern world views, traditions and symbols. Russia is represented as a territory of creativity, where the West and the East converge.

For more information, call 8 (926) 484 6677 (Lyubov Kuzmina).

Time: 6 — 30 august
Venue: 35/5 Akademika Millionshchikova Street
Film festival in the Bauman Garden

From 26 through 30 August, Moscow’s Bauman Garden will host the 4th KONIK Short Film Festival.

The event aims to attract intellectual and thinking viewers to short films, and promote short films among audiences of different ages regardless their interests and views.

Viewers will see over 50 films of various genres shot by young and talented directors.

The festival programme will also feature workshops and lectures by computer graphic artists. In addition, a children’s film school will be open at the festival venue to give young movie-lovers the opportunity to shoot their own films.

Time: 26 — 30 august
Venue: 15 Staraya Basmannaya Street
The Battle of Gross-Jägersdorf

30 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On 30 August 1757, the Russian Army, commanded by Field Marshal Stepan Apraksin, defeated the Prussian Army in the Battle of Gross-Jägersdorf.

Time: 30 august
Venue: Memorable date
Russia in the Saddle festival

The Sokolniki Park with host the Russia in the Saddle festival to commemorate two landmark events in Russian military history — the victory in the Kursk Battle in 1943 and the Battle of Borodino in 1812.

The festival venue is designed as a war-time quarters with a mobile kitchen, an equestrian museum, a display of historical paintings and a host of other activities.

The programme includes a costume performance by a cavalry school, featuring a hussar-battalion equestrian parade and a number of equestrian activities, such as the cotillion, equestrian-vaulting, trick-riding, cavalry competitions in arms-handling and performances with side-arms.

Apart from equestrian activities, visitors will be offered the opportunity to attend forging and drawing workshops, and a special facility will be set up for pony-riding in addition to special zones for taking photographs with horses.

Time: 29 — 30 august
Venue: Sokolniki Park
The Battle of Kulm

29 August is a memorable date in Russia’s military history. On this day in 1813, the Russian Guard succeeded in the battle against the French army near the town of Kulm, northern Bohemia.

Time: 29 august
Venue: Memorable date
Planet Moscow photo contest

The Department of Urban Development has announced the launch of the third Planet Moscow city photo contest, which is aimed at attracting attention to unique historical and cultural sites and forming a new approach to creating a comfortable urban environment.

The contest will include four categories: Moscow and Muscovites: A Comfortable City; Moscow in New Perspective; Metropolis Dynamics; and the City of History and Culture. Applications will be accepted until 30 July.

Moscow city officials will name the winners, taking into consideration the results of voting for the best works on the department’s official website and on Facebook, as well as polls of Instagram users at

For more information on the rules of participation, visit:

Time: 15 january — 29 august
Flowers-2015 international exhibition

Pavilion No 75 at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) will host the Flowers-2015 22nd international flower and exotic plant exhibition involving participants from 20 countries.

The exhibition occupies an area of 11,000 square metres, featuring new items in the floral industry. These are cut flowers, decorative trees and shrubs, accessories for floristics, goods for garden construction and landscape designing, greenhouse equipment, planting materials, seeds, and fertilisers for flowers and plants. Over one-fourth of the display features collections contributed by Russian nursery-gardens. Seventeen regions of Russia will display the best of Russian planting materials for urban landscaping that meet modern requirements and are adapted to local climate.

The exhibition’s highlights are cut flowers from all over the world, including Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, and the Netherlands. For the first time this year, over 100 exotic orchid species from Thailand, and new anthurium species cultivated by Polish plant breeders will be on display.

A section of the display will be dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. It includes an Order of the Great Patriotic War consisting of 5,000 varicoloured chrysanthemums. The composition also comprises pillow-shaped spruces symbolising the hero-city memorials adjoining the Eternal Flame in the Alexander Garden.

About 40 events will be held as part of a business programme, including floristic shows, roundtables, lectures, workshops, and presentations of selection novelties by leading world producers.

The brilliant floristic displays and flower defiles will kick off on 26 August. The show will present a vision of floristic designs for interiors that apply the most up-to-date materials. Fashionable accessories made of natural flowers and plants will also be showcased on the same day. The best works will receive exhibition certificates.

On 27 August, the floristic segment of the business programme will be dedicated to a wedding theme. It will be held through 28 August and end with a show reflecting the unique nature and ethnic flavour of Russia’s regions. The Contemporary Floristic Collage workshop will be conducted on the same day.

Flower arrangers will be invited to landscaping guided tours on 26-28 August.

The exhibition is open for specialists on 26-28 August. On 28-29 August, it will be open to the general public.

Admission is free. Visitors are expected to register at:

For media accreditation, please call: 8 495 748 3420; or e-mail:

Time: 26 — 29 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Birthday of writer Yury Trifonov

The Museum of Moscow will host cultural events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of writer Yury Trifonov on 30 July — 29 August. Trifonov’s works focused on the life of Muscovites and Moscow. One of his most famous novels, The House on the Embankment, describes the life of the residents of the Government House on Bolotny Island.

The event programme will feature an exhibition, entitled The Drawings of Yura Trifonov, where the writer’s childhood drawings, and paintings from the collection of his widow, Olga, will be displayed. The exhibition will open on 30 July with a gala evening.

On 4 and 11 August, the museum will host literary events featuring readings of Trifomov’s works and Olga’s memoirs.

Every Thursday (6, 13, 20 and 27 August) the museum will hold tours, entitled “Yury Trifonov’s Moscow,” visiting places associated with the writer and the heroes of his books, including a visit to the museum House on the Embankment. On 28 August, Trifonov’s birthday, the museum will host a gala evening to present a new book about the writer, A Reflection of Personality, featuring a collection of memoirs and articles.

On 29 August, the Yury Trifonov Library will host an evening in memory of the writer.

For more information, call Anastasia Fyodorova at: 8 (495) 739-00-08 or email

Time: 30 july — 29 august
The Battle of Stavuchany

Memorable date of Russian military history. On 28 August 1739, the Russian Army, commanded by Field Marshal Burkhard Christoph von Münnich,defeated the Turkish Army near Stavuchany.

Time: 28 august
Venue: Memorable date
Metro Poetry exposition

The Moscow Metro together with the Sergei Yesenin Museum has launched a metro train devoted to the 120th anniversary of the birth of this great Russian poet.

The new exposition in the Metro Poetry train will acquaint passengers of the Filyovskaya Line with Yesenin’s poetry. It consists of extracts from his poems, illustrations and unique manuscripts. In addition, information will be offered about the museum’s plans and development prospects.

“Moscow was always the poet’s favourite city, so the Moscow Metro joins the celebrations of Yesenin’s anniversary with great pleasure,” Moscow Metro Deputy Head for Communications Vladimir Pogonin said. Every day, the Filyovskaya Line is used by about 120,000 passengers, and we’re pleased to give them the opportunity to enjoy Yesenin’s poetry."

As part of launching the train with the new exposition, recording of Yesenin’s poems read by leading theatrical actors Vladimir Zaviktorin and Sergei Batayev were played at the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station. A band presented jazz compositions based on the poems.

In addition, a two-trip ticket with a unique design was released for the anniversary.

The new exposition is the seventh in the Metro Poetry train, which has been operating on the Filyovskaya Line since 2010. Previously, passengers could become acquainted with the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky, Mikhail Lermontov, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Octavio Paz and poets from Chile and Italy.

Time: 27 august
Venue: Filyovskaya metro line
Online teacher-parent meeting

A Moscow-wide online teacher-parent meeting will be held to discuss installing vending machines at Moscow schools. Chairwoman of the Parent Expert and Consulting Council of Moscow’s Department of Education Lyudmila Myasnikova will take part in the meeting.

Any Moscow parent can join the online event by clicking Parents can use the council’s website to ask questions in real-time, submit them to inter-district councils or send them to:

During the meeting, participants will also discuss issues related to responsibility and punishment for violating traffic regulations, as well as the city-day preparations.

Sign-language interpretation will be offered during the online meeting.

Time: 26 august 19.00
Days of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan in Moscow

Programme of the Days of Tatarstan’s Culture in Moscow

On 24 August, a literary tribute to Tufan Minnullin involving actors of the Kamal Tatar State Academic Theatre will take place at 6 pm. The event is devoted to the 80th birth anniversary of the great Tatar playwright. The Kamal Theatre staged over 20 Minnullin’s plays, including The Old Man from the Village of Aldermysh, Mulla and Gargari’s Sons-in-Law.

On 25 August, a literary and musical night will be held at 6 pm devoted to the 50th anniversary of the publication of Abdurakhman Absalyamov’s novel White Flowers, involving his family, and writers and artists of Tatarstan. The writer was a war participant and visitors will enjoy an exhibition devoted to his life and work.

Both events will be held at 8 Maly Tatarsky Pereulok (Tatar Culture Centre of Moscow).

On 26 August at 4 pm, Acting President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov will lay flowers at the monument to hero poet Musa Jalil. The ceremony will be attended by representatives of the Moscow Government, members of Officers Club established in Moscow at the plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, and public figures.

On 26 August at 7 pm, the Moscow International House of Music (52/8 Kosmodamianskaya Embankment) will host a gala concert of Tatarstan’s masters of arts, which will serve as the chief event of the Days of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. The event will be attended by Acting President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

The event will include art and photo exhibitions and a book fair.

The event aims to emphasize the relations of friendship, harmony and mutual respect between the peoples of Russia and the close socioeconomic and cultural ties between the regions.

Media accreditation will be available until 24 August by calling: 8 (495) 915-5324, 8 (916) 315-4575 (Dina Alyautdinova).

Time: 24 — 26 august
Rowing and Canoeing Presidential Cup

The International Presidential Cup Rowing and Canoeing Competitions will take place on 25 and 26 August on the Rowing Canal in Moscow’s Krylatskoye neighbourhood.

The Department of Physical Fitness and Sport is organising the event in cooperation with the Russian Rowing and Canoeing Federation.

About 250 athletes from eight countries are expected to take part in the competitions, which are being held the second time. Russian athletes, winners of the 2015 national championship, will compete against their strongest rivals from Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Portugal, Lithuania, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Apart from 12 obligatory Olympic events, the programme includes exhibition performances of Paralympic athletes, Dragon boat racing, canoe polo and freestyle canoeing. There will also be music and dance tunes.

Time: 25 — 26 august
Venue: 2 Krylatskaya Street, building 1
Soviet Fantasy Classics project

Soviet fantasy classics will be screened at five Moscow Exhibition Halls association galleries, including the Izmailovo, Bogorodskoye, and Pechatniki galleries, Solntsevo art centre, and Vykhino gallery and studio. These venues will host children’s film screenings as part of the Leto VZale summer film programme.

The programme features much-loved fantasy films by famous Soviet directors.

Two screenings will be held every Wednesday at 11.30 am and 4.30 pm. The programme also includes workshops and children’s drawing contests dedicated to feature films. The winners will be announced at children’s art exhibitions in autumn. The project events are open for the general public free of charge.

“Today’s children love Star Wars, but the creator of the epic movie George Lucas loved the work of Soviet fantasy filmmakers Alexander Rou and Alexander Ptushko. Unfortunately, today their films are rarely screened. We decided to rectify this and show these iconic fantasy films on our screens. I have no doubt that this summer Soviet fantasy films will gain new fans among the new generation of movie lovers. I also hope that after watching these films, our children will better understand us — their parents — whose childhoods were different, but also exciting,” Milena Musina, the project’s producer, a film critic and screenwriter, said.

The Moscow Exhibition Hall press service: Tel.: +7 (968) 339-7128, E-mail: (Alexandra Shchyotkina).

Time: 22 july — 26 august
Venue: Moscow Galleries
Lectures on Project-based Thinking

The Zelenograd Centre of Culture will host a series of consultations and workshops entitled Project-based Thinking every Tuesday at 7.30 pm on the summer veranda. This will take place as part of the preparations for a social and cultural projects competition.

Muscovites will be able to take part in the discussions on the development of the largest cultural establishment of the northern cluster, obtain assistance in making a presentation of their own project and learn about the specifics of placing ads in the Zelenograd Administrative Area.

The competition’s objective is to update the activities of the Zelenograd Centre of Culture and to involve new partners in the organisation of social and cultural projects. It will enroll individuals, noncommercial cultural organisations and artistic associations.

Applications can be submitted from 1 August through 15 September. On 1 October, a jury will select winners in the following categories: Theatre; Music; Dance; Visual Art; Literature; Interdisciplinary Social Projects and Scientific and Technical Creation; and Popularisation of Science, Enlightenment Programmes.

The winners will be offered a chance to implement their projects at the Zelenograd Centre of Culture, including at the Siluet and Raduga clubs.

Time: 4 — 25 august
Venue: 1 Tsentralnaya Square, Zelenograd
The Liberation of Kishinev

24 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On 24 August 1944, the Red Army liberated Kishinev, now Chisinau, from Nazi forces.

Time: 24 august
Venue: Memorable date
LeTatlin IV Kite Festival

The annual summer kite festival will take place on the territory of the Setun River nature reserve. This big family holiday is being held for the fourth time.

Any kites — whether bought or self-made — can take part in the festival. Experienced kite fliers will teach all comers to make their own kites at workshops in the Gallery of the 21st Century.

There will be several contests during the festival: for the longest flight, the most picturesque self-made kite, and the best LeTatlin IV drawing. Winners will receive awards and merit recognition certificates.

To attend free workshops on making and painting kites, register from 3 pm to 6 pm on 19 and 20 August at 22 Kremenchugskaya Street. Phone number: 7 (499) 445 1650.

Time: 23 august
Venue: 36 Kremenchugskaya Street
Robotic Station exhibition

The interactive exhibit, Robots and People: Time to Get Closer will open at Pavilion No 2 (People’s Education Pavilion) at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh). Nearly 30 robots will be on display. These will include a machine that can gauge the intensity of the feelings from a couple in love, and a robotic bartender that the happy couple may or may not need the services of.

Robotic Station is a unique engineering and entertainment project designed to promote technical creativity. The goal of the exposition is to increase interest in engineering in Russia, and in scientific creativity among Muscovites, teach children robotic sciences and create a new family format of ‘engineering’ as a kind of leisure activity.

The exhibit will include the 2nd International Robotics Forum, Robots and People; a robotics school and a summer robotics camp; a lecture at Azimov lecture hall; a display and show of robots from all over the world; a photo project, Me and My Robot; a street city festival, Robots and People; and the Garage installation of the engineer’s space.

Time: 29 april — 23 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
The Moscow Jam Festival

Moscow will host the Moscow Jam Festival for the second time. The festivities will take place at 22 venues, 13 of which are located in the Central Administrative Area.

Manezhnaya Square will host the Central Fruit Square, where cacti, rose petal, olive, walnut and lemon jam will be sold. The site between Manezhnaya Square and Revolyutsii Square will feature the Fruit Vernissage. On display will be figurines and still life paintings made out of fruit. Revolyutsii Square will unveil the Juicy Embankment exhibition. Teatralnaya Square will be the venue of the Fruit Theatre.

Nine more themed venues will open in other administrative areas. The city will be the site of 173 chalets where jam, fruits, souvenirs and other goods will be sold. The festival will be attended by representatives of over 40 Russian regions and 15 countries.

The Moscow Department of Culture has prepared a special programme involving performing groups from Moscow cultural centres. The festival’s opening and the first concerts are scheduled for 13 August.

The schedule of events in each of Moscow’s administrative areas will be posted on the website ялюблюмоскву.рф.

Time: 13 — 23 august
The Battle of the Kursk Bulge

23 August — Day of Russian Military Glory. On 23 August 1943, the Red Army defeated German forces in the Battle of the Kursk Bulge.

Time: 22 — 23 august
Venue: Memorable date
International fireworks festival

Moscow residents and guests are invited to attend the International Fireworks Festival, to be held 21 and 22 August. Participants of the pyromusical show will include pyrotechnists from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Russia.

The attendees will enjoy an impressive show, as well as a competition between pyrotechnists. Most teams have received awards at various major international fireworks festivals. They participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships in Minsk, the fireworks show at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and the 2014 APEC summit in China.

On 22 August, the festival’s closing day, a fireworks gala will be staged by Russian teams.

The festival’s daily programme will start at 9 pm.

Time: 21 — 22 august
Venue: Vorobyovy Gory
The Battle of Gumbinnen

20 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On 20 August 1914, the Russian forces defeated the German Army in the Battle of Gumbinnen.

Time: 20 august
Venue: Memorable date
The Battle of Khalkhin Gol

20 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On 20 August 1939, Soviet forces, commanded by Georgy Zhukov, defeated Japanese units on the Khalkha (Khalkhin Gol) River in Mongolia.

Time: 20 august
Venue: Memorable date
Moscow Mayor’s Cup ice hockey tournament

The VTB Ice Palace will host the Moscow Mayor’s Cup ice hockey tournament. Participating in the tournament will be the CSKA, Spartak and Vityaz (Moscow Region) clubs and the Dynamo consolidated sport club.

On 14 August, the tournament will feature matches of the Moscow Student Ice Hockey League, as well as a game between the Moscow Ice Hockey Federation’s select team and the United Energy Company team.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for 13 August at 6.40 pm, and the awards ceremony is scheduled to take place 16 August, after the final match.

The tournament schedule is posted on the website of the Moscow Department of Physical Fitness and Sport .

Time: 13 — 16 august
Venue: 23 Avtozavodskaya Street
Musical Half Marathon 2015

Luzhniki will host the final stage of the preparations for the 2015 Moscow Marathon, the Musical Half Marathon, with its 6,000 participants to run 21.1 kilometres to live music.

The unique route lies along the city centre’s Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya and Kremlyovskaya embankments, Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge, Raushskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments up to Novospassky Bridge, and back.

The Music Half Marathon will also feature a handcycle competition. As a handcycle is set in motion by the arms, it is extremely useful for people with disabilities. Four sets of awards will be presented: two for winners in men’s and two for winners in women’s categories. Any person with any experience riding a hand bike is welcome to take part in the competition.

The event’s schedule is available on the website of the Moscow Sport Committee.

Time: 16 august
Venue: 24 Luzhnetskaya Embankment
Honey Festival of the Saviour

The Honey Festival of the Saviour will take place on 15 August in the Kuzminki-Lyublino natural territory.

The Kuzminskaya Apiary will open for visitors at Noon. Park guests will be offered the opportunity to learn more about bees and beekeeping traditions during their free excursion and to watch bees in a glass beehive.

Experts from the Mospriroda state nature conservation agency have prepared a quiz for guests. Souvenirs will be given to participants who answer the questions correctly. Guests will also have a chance to make souvenirs and decorative candles at the Bee Workshop.

Time: 15 august
Venue: 10 Kuzminskaya St
The Battle of Novi

15 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On 15 August 1799, the Russian Army, commanded by Alexander Suvorov, defeated French forces in the Battle of Novi.

Time: 15 august
Buran interactive museum to open at VDNKh

The Buran interactive museum will open at VDNKh. The museum is located inside the mock-up model of a Buran BTC-001 reusable spacecraft stationed near Pavilion No 20. Visitors will be able to simulate the Buran’s landing at Baikonur Cosmodrome in real-time mode.

Excursions will begin at a movie theatre with a film about Russia’s first space shuttle in a special pavilion built in front of the spacecraft.

Afterwards, visitors will be able to tour the spacecraft, walking through corridors resembling spaceport passages. They will study the Buran’s design and engineering solutions and can compare the US Space Shuttle with its Soviet analogues — projects 305-2, OS-120, OK-92, and Buran.

The history of Buran’s creation will be displayed on special touchscreens.

The 45-minute excursion will continue in the spacecraft’s nose cone. In its upper section, the crew module has been reproduced, including control panels and a pilot’s chair. A dummy wearing a Strizh spacesuit stands in for the pilot.

In the lower section, visitors can be virtual test pilots and land the Buran at Baikonur from an altitude of 80 km. The landing software simulates the Buran’s landing on 15 November 1988.

From the nose cone, visitors will return through a glass corridor to the pavilion where the excursion began.

Only group excursions are available. Groups of up to 16 people are formed every 20 minutes at the museum’s pavilion. The museum is open from 11 am until 8 pm every day except Mondays. Tickets prices are 500 roubles for adults and 250 roubles for children aged from 6 to 12, students and pensioners. Free admission is offered to children under six, orphans without parental care, disabled people, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and members of families with many children, the youngest of whom is under 16.

Time: 15 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Chinese porcelain at New Manezh

An exhibition showcasing masterpieces of the contemporary Chinese art of making porcelain will be held at the New Manezh from 17 July to 15 August. The exhibits were brought in from the city of Jingdezhen.

The exhibition displays over 80 items arranged in three parts: chinaware with a blue underglaze pattern, an overglaze pattern, and a combination of both techniques. The items were made both by experienced and young craftsmen.

Jingdezhen is considered to be the world’s porcelain capital. Items show the long history of China, as well as the continuous development of its ancient culture. In the past 600 years, local chinaware has often decorated palace interiors in Asia, Africa and Europe.

For more information, please call: 8(495) 645 9276.

Time: 17 july — 15 august
Venue: 3/3 Georgiyevsky Pereulok
Battle of Kunersdorf

12 August is a memorable date in Russia’s military history. On that day in 1759, Russian troops and their allies defeated Prussian forces at Kunersdorf.

Time: 12 august
Tour of Luzhniki Stadium

Locals and tourists will be able to tour the new Luzhniki Stadium, which is currently being upgraded for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The event has been timed to Builder’s Day. According to Deputy Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin, anyone will be able to visit the site and see the scale of the future facility.

“On Builder’s Day, we invite everyone to tour the construction site of Moscow’s main stadium, Luzhniki. This project is proceeding ahead of schedule. Visitors will be able to see how the stadium is changing, what construction technologies are being applied, and learn about the stadium’s features,” the Deputy Mayor said.

When the project is over, the stadium’s capacity will be 81,000 seats, including those accessible for people with limited mobility. A ceiling mounted media display will show the score, the flags of the participants, replays, and other information. In addition, the issue is being debated on a possibility of mounting an information system on the grandstand to transmit various data about the current match on a smart phone. “I’m sure that when completed Luzhniki Stadium will be one of the best stadiums in the world,” said Mr Khusnullin.

More information about the tour will be posted on the Moscow construction complex’s website

Time: 9 august
Venue: 24 Luzhnetskaya Emb
The Battle of Gangut

9 August — Day of Russian Military Glory. In 1714, the Russian fleet, commanded by Peter the Great, scored the first naval victory in Russian history by defeating the Swedes near Cape Gangut.

Time: 9 august
Venue: Memorial date
Far Eastern leopard exhibition

An exhibition devoted to the rarest wild cat in the world — the Far Eastern leopard — has opened at the Moscow Zoo, in the new area near the monkey pavilion.

The exhibition will display the best pictures taken by Russian and foreign wildlife photographers, as well as videos about the life of leopards in the wild. Visitors will also be able to put together a 3D puzzle and participate in quizzes and competitions.

The Moscow Zoo is one of the leading centres that studies Far Eastern leopards, but now these animals live only at zoo nurseries, which are not open to visitors. The Return of the Leopard project will introduce children and adults to the animal, which is a symbol of the Far East’s nature.

The Far Eastern leopard is the most northern and the rarest subspecies of the leopard. By the early 2000s, there were only 35 such animals in the wild, but in recent years, thanks to work done to preserve the species, the number of leopards has doubled to 70.

Time: 28 july — 9 august
Venue: 1 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street
Retro bus parade

Muscovites and city guests will have the opportunity to see buses that were in service in Moscow in the middle of the last century. Featured models will include ZIS-154, ZIS-155, ZIL-158, Ikarus 55, Ikarus 180, LiAZ 677 and GZA-651, among others. Visitors will be able to explore the interiors and exteriors of vintage vehicles. Visitors with children will be able to enjoy various entertainment programmes. The event will also feature a city orchestra performance.

Time: 8 august
Venue: Akademika Sakharova Prospekt
School of Young Investors opens in Moscow

The Moscow Department for Competition Policy and Russia’s largest learning project, Masterslavl, have joined forces to open the School of Young Investors at the Information City exhibition in Pavilion No. 14 of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh).

Schoolchildren and parents will learn about investments and why the city needs them in the form of a quest. Children will be able to test their business and leadership talents and skills and learn the basics of honest competition and trading. The goal of the quest is to create an effective team and demonstrate strategic thinking. The quest is designed for children between the ages of eight and 14.

Part of Information City will be turned into a business district for the duration of the quest. The instructors, who were specially trained for this project, will give real business tasks to the participants. The graduates of the School of Young Investors will thus gain initial experience in taking strategic, marketing and financial decisions in conditions of a highly competitive market.

After completing the quest, children and their parents will be free to roam the Information City exhibition, leaning about Moscow’s online services, which are designed to make life in the city simpler and more comfortable, and novel technical devices such as the Leap Motion gesture controller. They can try on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, test various play stations and see 3D printers in action.

The School of Young Investors is the logical continuation of the Tender Exchange project, said Gennady Dyogtev, Head of the Department for Competition Policy. “In fact, this project is our long-term investment in Moscow’s development. It is designed to enhance the financial literacy of those who haven’t yet started thinking about a future profession and who are eager to understand the economic workings of the city. We must start nurturing children’s views on doing business in Moscow at a time when they are full of energy and ideas, because they will soon take over responsibility for modernising the country and developing a competitive economy,” Dyogtev said.

He added that simple and clear information about ways to invest in municipal property and the algorithm of trading would be also useful to parents, who may be interested in the sites the city has for sale.

The School of Yong Investors will open on Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 5 pm.

Admission is free, by appointment. To make an appointment, call: 8 (495) 957-7500 (ext. 57-068 or 57-130).

Time: 6 august
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Generation at the ZIL Cultural Centre

Between 23 July and 6 August, the ZIL Cultural Centre’s adult library will host a series of events, called “Generation at the ZIL Cultural Centre. Moving together towards the Golden Age.” The project aims to help senior citizens enjoy life through creative development and music, and to open a new world through works of art and photos.

In addition, the project includes workshops on financial, legal and information literacy for senior citizens to help them better orient themselves in modern life.

Time: 23 july — 6 august
Venue: 4/1 Vostochnaya St.
Gorky Park to host Airborne Force Day celebrations

On 2 August, the Russian Airborne Force will celebrate its 85th anniversary. Gorky Park management is preparing decorations at the main entrance, a gala concert and themed venues for the festivities, that are scheduled to be held that same day.

The park started celebrating Airborne Force Day in the 1990s, with paratroopers landing from the sky. In 1997, all flights were banned over the capital, but the tradition to celebrate the holiday here continues.

From 2011, the main entrance has been decorated with blue berets and artistic installations, with paratroopers eating, courtesy of the park, and enjoying a special festive programme.

This year, the main entrance’s columns will be decorated with stripes, and music bands will perform on Pushkinskaya Embankment. The park will also sell souvenir sailor’s blue-and-white striped shirts with watermelon pieces in front.

An exhibition of TASS photos dedicated to this branch of the service will run from 10 am until 10 pm. on Fontannaya Square near a narrow blue carpet, to be used during the official ceremony.

A concert is to begin at 11 am, featuring performances by members of the paratroopers’ club.

A mobile field kitchen will be open from 11 am until 4 pm.

From 10 am until 3 pm, children will be able to take part in workshops on the Grand Mass Events Field, make striped sailor’s shirts with their names on them and commemorative postcards saying “Father, I’m Proud of You.” Families will have their photos taken at a special facility and compete at sport ground called “Together we are Strong.” An improvised medical unit will be on hand, with experts teaching everyone how to administer first aid.

Visitors should keep in mind that admission to the park will be restricted on 2 August. Equipment rental centres, some cafes, the Gorky Park History Museum, the souvenir shop and the ‘Garage’ Museum of Modern Art will be closed.

Time: 2 august
Venue: 9 Krymsky Val Street
The Battle of Molodi

2 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On this day in 1572, the Russian army, commanded by Mikhail Vorotynsky and Dmitry Khvorostinin, defeated the Tatar army in the Battle of Molodi.

Time: 2 august
Venue: Memorial date
VDNKh: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

VDNKh: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow, an exhibition of historical photos from the archives of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) and TASS Information Agency, will open at the Cyclorama Cinema at VDNKh.

“The display features 40 archival photos, many of which have never been published,” a message from Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to visitors reads, “but what makes it even more interesting is seeing the history of Russia’s main exhibition, from its opening to the present day, unfold on film.”

VDNKh: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow covers almost all the stages of VDNKh’s history and its key events, from its first years on to the “commercial 90s” to the recent years of renovation, showing also its prominent Russian and international visitors. Black-and-white and colour images depict the bright, multifaceted and eventful life of the exhibition, its landmark events, the change of epochs, famous people and ordinary visitors.

The photo display’s opening ceremony will take place on 24 April at noon. Visitors are asked to gather at 11:30 am.

The ceremony will be attended by representatives of VDNKh’s management, TASS Information Agency and the Cyclorama Cinema. For media accreditation, call 8 (495) 748-34-00 or email

Time: 24 april — 1 august 10.00 — 19.00
Venue: 119 Mira Prospekt
Lady on a Bicycle parade

Festivalnaya Square in Sokolniki Park will host the 3rd Lady on a Bicycle parade. This time the parade will be dedicated to notable 20th century movie actresses: Lyubov Orlova, Valentina Serova, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Rita Hayworth and others. The participants in the parade will create costumes in their image.

Special thematic sites — outdoor film studios, the Alley of Fame and the Hollywood Hills — have been prepared. In addition, there will be photo opportunities, contests, a music programme and awards ceremonies. All are welcome to participate in the parade, wearing dresses and shoes and resembling the actresses of their choice as closely as possible. Those who wish to participate must register on the event’s website:

The parade will start at noon.

Time: 1 august
Venue: Sokolniki Park
Warming up with Olympic champions

Five parks in Moscow on 1 August will host warm-up sessions open to the public, to be overseen by a number of Russian Olympic champions, including two-time Paralympic swimming champion Olesya Vladykina, three-time Olympic synchronised swimming champion Maria Gromova, Sochi Olympics bronze medalist in skeleton Yelena Nikitina, Olympic silver medalist in fencing Sofya Velikaya and three-time Olympic medalist in track-and-field Natalya Nazarova.

Schedule and locations:

— Sokolniki Park (1/1Sokolnichesky Val Street) — 11.30 am;

— Gorky Park (9 Krymsky Val Street) — 12.00 noon;

— Park Pobedy (Poklonnaya Gora) — 12.00 noon;

— Izmailovo Park (7 Big Ring Alley) — 12.00 noon;

— Severnoye Tushino Park (56 Svobody Street) — 12.00 noon.

Time: 1 august
Venue: Moscow parks
Inspiration art festival

VDNKh will host the first Inspiration Arts Festival. Visitors will be treated to 3D shows, choreographic compositions on water, laser shows and fireworks.

Dancers, musicians, installation artists and other creative professionals will team up to showcase new trends in ballet, music, theatre and architecture.

On 25 July, leading soloists of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre will perform Verdi’s Traviata at the Green Theatre.

The following day, a dance show near Culture Pavilion No 66 will depict the history of Russia’s main exhibition centre.

Twelve dancers — laureates of Russian and international contests — will travel through time from VDNKh’s past to its nearest future.

The pavilion, which was built for the 1954 National Agricultural Exhibition, itself will be part of the show.

On 27-30 July, any visitor can partake in the We Create Art Together installation project and be a co-author of an installation, designing a colour pattern or choosing lighting for the fountains. Interactive venues will be organised near the People’s Friendship and Stone Flower fountains and outside Central Pavilion No 1. In the evening, a light show will be projected onto the night sky.

On 31 July, the Theatre without Borders street art festival will kick off at VDNKh and the neighbouring Ostankino Park. From 5 pm to 8 pm, over 150 street performers from Russia and other countries will perform their best tricks and breathtaking stilt stunts. The fantastic programme, Three Dimensions of VDNKh, featuring not just artists but also spectators and even sets and architectural masterpieces among its characters, will unfold on the main alley. Giant figures will hover over the alley during a show created by the famous French theatre company Les Plasticiens Volants expressly for the Inspiration festival.

1 August will see more stilt shows. From 11 am until 8 pm, stilt walkers will amuse visitors with giant balls and hand out balloons on the main alley. At 12:15 pm, they will parade from the main entrance to Culture Pavilion No 66.

Acrobats and a circus orchestra will perform on Industry Square, while animators will cheer up crowds with funny games, fiery dances and merry jokes.

The Theatre without Borders festival will bring together the best street performers of all genres, including the Jump Performance acrobatic troupe, Long Vehicle Circus stilt walkers and other troupes. The Pavana street theatre from Amsterdam, which is known for its Venetian carnival masks and commedia dell’arte style, will premiere its new work, Ballerinas, inspired by Russian ballet.

The Ostankino Pond will host the Ballet. Evolution project devoted to the history of dance — from classic to modern.

The festival will culminate in the open-air concert, At One Breath, on the main alley, featuring leading domestic and foreign opera singers.

A 10-minute-long fireworks display will be held at the end of the festival.

Time: 25 july — 1 august
Venue: Prospekt Mira, Plot 119
Entering WWI

1 August — Day of Remembrance of the Victims of World War I. On 1 August 1914, Germany declared war on Russia.

Time: 1 august
Venue: Memorial date
The Battle of Kagul

1 August — memorable date of Russian military history. On 1 August 1770, the Russian Army defeated the Turkish Army in the Battle of Kagul.

Time: 1 august
Venue: Памятная дата
City Food Truck Festival

To mark the birthday of Russia’s main exhibition venue, over 20 trucks equipped with everything needed to cook a variety of dishes will come to VDNKh. Visitors will have a chance to taste pizza, original burgers, barbecue, soft drinks, molecular ice cream and coffee.

A venue for innovative cuisine, restaurants and mobile cafes are very popular with gourmets. Also, these catering outlets offer vast opportunities for private restaurants. At the Food Truck Festival, those planning to start their own business will be able to discuss their experience with others. Food enthusiasts will enjoy a lot of delicious dishes there.

The city’s Food Truck Festival is being held for the second time. The April festival was a great success, and popular with Muscovites and entrepreneurs. Admission is free.

Time: 1 august с 10.00 до 22.00
Venue: Oktyabrskaya Square, National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh)
My Graduation Prom photo contest

Moscow school students are invited to capture the highlights of their 2015 graduation prom and participate in creating an online photo album. The Moscow Centre for Technological Modernisation of Education and the Department of Education have launched a special photo contest, My Graduation Prom.

The contest will start on 19 June, on Moscow’s graduation prom day, which will be held in Gorky Park.

Graduates, parents, teachers and head teachers can send their favourite prom photos via e-mail to as well as through the contest pages on social networks with the hashtag #мойвыпускной (mygraduationprom).

The top photos will be selected through open voting, which will last until 31 July inclusive. Entries of the finalists will be assessed by representatives of the education sector and celebrities. The winners will be awarded gadgets in the beginning of the new school year.

Time: 19 june — 31 july
Moscow Football Day tournament

The Luzhniki Olympic Complex will host the Moscow Football Day city tournament with as many as 500 teams ready to challenge each other in three age groups. The matches will be played at pitches No 6, 7 and 9, at the Northern Sports Arena, and in parking area No 4.

A parallel programme includes a series of workshops by coaches from Germany. A freestyle street football team will show off its skills and run a special training session for children. In addition, there will be a separate competition in which anyone can take part, as well as an autograph session by Russian football players.

The tournament will kick off at 9 am, and other event venues will open at 10 am, followed by the opening of Moscow Football Day at 11:10 am.

A prize-giving ceremony for the tournament’s winners will start at 6 pm.

Admission to all events is free.

Time: 31 july
Venue: Luzhniki Olympic Complex
Professors’ Mondays

Each Monday in July, professors from the therapy, clinical pharmacology and paramedics departments at the Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry will provide consultations to individuals visiting the Consultation and Diagnostics Centre of Moscow Clinical Hospital No 50, which operates under the Moscow Health Department.

The consultations will be free for patients who bring their passports and medical insurance, and will run from midday to 3 pm. Professional advice on treatment and lifestyle changes will be provided to those who have problems with their cardiovascular, endocrine and urinary systems, as well as those who suffer from indigestion, blood, liver, joints and bones, and connective tissue disorders.

According to the hospital’s chief doctor, Sergei Torubarov, this and similar events are aimed at making high-quality medical assistance more available to the people.

If they want to make the most of the consultation, patients should prepare for their visit, including by making a list of questions for the doctors, writing down the medication they have been taking, how often and for how long, and compiling previous test results and examinations.

At the end of the consultation, each patient will receive a letter with his diagnosis and medical recommendations on how to prevent complications, what extra tests are required and whether they need hospital treatment. All the prescriptions and letters will be available at the centre and the hospital’s in-patient department.

Time: 1 — 31 july
Venue: Moscow Clinical Hospital No 50
Asphalt Jungle Dwellers project

A travelling exhibition will be on display at four sites in the Southwestern and Southern administrative areas as part of a joint project run by the Darwin Museum and Moscow Exhibition Halls Association. The project made it to the top of the list at the city museum competition and received a grant from the Department of Culture.

The idea behind the project is to initiate a discussion highlighting the problem of the comfortable cohabitation of people and animals in megalopolises and encourage the search for possible solutions. Everyone is invited to take part in the dialogue, including city residents, housing and utilities management companies and representatives of the authorities and the business community. Numerous items from the Darwin Museum’s main collection — live science exhibits and works of art — as well as photographs will tell the story of the cohabitation of living organisms in the asphalt jungle. Part of the exhibition space will be used for a library, which will offer books on how to look after pets. People are encouraged to donate books on this subject to the library. Given that one in three families in Russia have pets, the country ranks among the countries with the highest number of pets per capita. At the same time the number of stray animals in Russia is one of the highest in the world. Thirteen Moscow city animal shelters alone have over 16,300 dogs and 1,100 cats. Although the situation has significantly improved since 2007, as the number of stray dogs has decreased by almost 15 times, thousands of strays can still be seen in the streets.

The exhibition also aims to encourage the residents of the two administrative areas to look for a solution to the problem of stray animals. The events include the Find Me initiative to find homes for these animals, which will be run jointly with animal shelters, a children’s drawing competition, an interactive area for visitors, quizzes and lectures by specialists.

The exhibition will run:

— from 28 March until 24 April at the Nagornaya Gallery;

— from 29 April until 24 May at the Na Shabolovke Gallery;

— from 29 May until 28 June at the Na Kashirke Gallery; and

— from 3 July until 29 July at the Belyayevo Gallery.

The project will be presented at the government-funded Nagornaya Gallery at 10 Remizova St on 27 March at 6 pm.

For media accreditation call the Darwin Museum: 8 499 132 0202 or email (Yelena Baranova) or (Tatyana Korovkina); or call the Nagornaya Gallery: 8 909 627 5346 (Anna Chepurnaya).

Time: 28 march — 29 july
Venue: Moscow galleries
Unique Script of the Epoch exhibition

As part of the Year of Literature, the Russian State Archive of Literature and Arts together with the Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve will unveil an exhibition of unique manuscripts. The exposition, Unique Script of the Epoch, will be displayed at the Small Exhibition Hall of the Palace of Tsar Alexis of Russia.

Over 150 unique handwritten books and items from the collections of the Russian State Archive of Literature and Arts and the Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve will be on display. This will be the first exhibition that will showcase so many valuable handwritten books of the 17th −20th centuries and autographs of renowned Russian writers such as Vasily Zhukovsky, Mikhail Lermontov, Sergei Aksakov, Nikolai Nekrasov, Anton Chekhov, Sergei Yesenin, Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetayeva, Boris Pasternak, Varlam Shalamov, Konstantin Simonov, Vasily Grossman, Ilya Erenburg and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Many of the objects have never before left special storage.

Among the rarest items of the exhibition are Fyodor Dostoevsky’s notes for his novel Demons. Noble families’ albums of the mid-19th century in morocco and leather bindings are a special highlight of the exposition. On display will be the Aksakovs’ family album and an album of Yelizaveta Döhler (born Sheremetyeva) featuring an autographed piece of sheet music by Frédéric Chopin and drawings by Ivan Aivazovsky, Friedrich von Amerling and Thomas Wright.

The Silver Age is represented by rare autographed books published by the Central Book Store of Writers in Moscow. These include handwritten books by Fyodor Sologub, Alexei Remizov, Vladimir Gilyarovsky and Marina Tsvetayeva. Visitors will see Ariadna Efron’s famous final drafts and items passed on to herby Marina Tsvetayeva: a personalised fountain pen, amber beads and a signet ring engraved with a monogram.

The poster holds a special place among unique publications of the first half of the 20th century. The famous Okna ROSTA Bolshevik posters by Vladimir Mayakovsky, Ivan Malyutin Vladimir Lebedev and Mikhail Cheremnykh will be showcased, along with an album of Alexei Kruchyonykh.

The last section of the exhibition shows manuscripts made in the second half of the 20th century. Typed and handwritten pieces produced during that time had the characteristic features of self-published books: pages bound using whatever items were at hand or banned lines by disgraced authors copied into school exercise books. The authors include Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Varlam Shalamov, Ilya Erenburg, Anatoly Pristavkin and Vasily Grossman.

To mark Konstantin Simonov’s 100th birth anniversary, a section of the exposition will be dedicated to the writer’s novel The Living and the Dead. Visitors will see the writer’s everyday items, including writing materials from his study and his favourite collection of smoking pipes.

Time: 29 april — 26 july
Venue: 39/69 Prospekt Andropova
Russkoye Pole festival

The Russkoye Pole (Russian Field) festival is an annual gathering of top folk groups, craft masters and manufacturers that preserve Russia’s traditions for the younger generations. This year the festival will be attended by over 1,600 people from 38 regions.

The Firebird Feather festival prizes will be awarded to winners in the Best Regional Delegation, Best Folk Group, Best Folk Master and Best Dance Group categories. Visitors can also vote for the best group on the event’s official website, http://рполе.рф/. The winner will receive the People’s Choice Award.

Over 250 craft makers and manufacturers will display traditional craft items at the Russkoye Pole festival. Guests will see crafts that Russian masters are known for, including Gzhel pottery, Tula handmade weapons, Vologda lace, Oryol spis embroidery on damask cotton, toys of Petrovskoye and Romanovo villages, northern bead-woven articles, and many others.

Visitors will be offered a taste of okroshka iced soup, a popular dish in Russian cuisine. Throughout the day cooks will be making okroshka following traditional recipes from central Russian regions, and also botvinya sorrel soup, and a fish okroshka popular in Russia’s northern and northwestern areas. The soup can be made with kvas, ayran, kefir or broth depending on one’s preferences.

Festival organisers think the tea drinking tradition will enhance the event. Thus, specialists from the company Tea Guild will speak on Russian herbal teas. “Tea drinking is a common tradition that unites and warms everyone at the table. At such a tea party a samovar is the centrepiece and people are united by emotional bonds, the feeling of sharing the same taste, the same spirit and everything at the table equally. This is what they call the Russian soul,” collector and Tea Guild organiser David Sahn noted.

The Russkoye Pole festival will not only include stalls with samovars, but also pancake booths. Pancakes (crêpes) by chef Charlie Wister will be a favourite. They will be made with a special recipe.

The Alley of Regions will feature a display of unique goods from Russia’s regions. Visitors will be able to see, taste and buy delicious Slavic food, including Belyovo pastilles, honey, imprinted Tula gingerbreads, and Tver lollipops all through the day.

The festival was organised by the Moscow Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.

Media representatives may call Yulia Ivus at 8 495 967 9974, 8 916 692 0379.

Time: 26 july
Venue: Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve
European Tennis Championships

From 20 to 26 July Moscow’s Saramanch National Tennis Centre will host the European Tennis Junior Championships, bringing together 300 athletes from 45 European countries. The players will compete in individual, team and pair tournaments, and a repechage contest.

For more information, call +7 495 921 2961.

Time: 20 — 26 july
Venue: Samaranch National Tennis Centre
A Night of Poetry in the Hermitage Garden

A Night of Poetry in the Hermitage Garden is a tribute to the well-known actor, poet and singer-songwriter Vladimir Vysotsky. Actors from the Taganka Theatre and the Commonwealth of Actors of Taganka will recite his poems and play excerpts from the play, “Vladimir Vysotsky”, the original version of which, staged in 1982, will be screened at an open-air theatre. Visitors will be invited to recite Vysotsky’s poems and share their reminiscences of him.

The event will run from 11 pm on 24 July until 8 am on the 25th.

Admission is free.

Time: 24 — 25 july
Venue: 3 Karetny Ryad Street
Moscow Sport in Luzhniki

The top riders, dancers, fitness specialists, and professional athletes will perform demonstrations and interactive shows at over 50 venues as part of the Luzhniki Moscow Sport holiday event.

The event will also feature a sports ground for children and people with disabilities, as well as the Moscow Open 3×3 International Basketball Cup and the Workout World Championships.

Admission is free.

Time: 25 july
Venue: Luzhniki
Roller skiing competition

On 25 July, Moscow’s Northwestern Administrative Area will host roller ski, roller skate and wheelchair races.

Since roller ski races were first held in 2008, they have become a local tradition. Wheelchair competitions are a recent development. Wheelchair users who love sport enjoy taking part and try never to miss a sprint.

The event is sponsored by the Moscow Sport Committee’s Northwestern Administrative Area Centre for Physical Fitness and Sport. Participation is open to the public.

— 10.00 — 10.45 — Arrival of participants, registration;

— 11.00 — 11.25 — Official opening, issuing of race numbers;

— 11.30 — 100-metre wheelchair race;

— 12.00 — Wheelchair race award ceremony;

— 12.15 — 300-metre roller skiing race, qualifying round with separate starts every 15 seconds;

— 12.30 — 13.45 — Finals in the 300-metre roller skiing race;

— 14.00 — Award ceremony.

Time: 25 july 11.00
Venue: Moskvoretsky Park
Kremlin Equestrian School performs at Moscow parks

The Kremlin Equestrian School will entertain visitors of Moscow parks with fragments of performances from the Russian Traditions series. Students from the school will demonstrate military and applied aspects of equestrian sport and the skillful handling of Cossack combat weapons while marching in the dismounted formation.

Three-time absolute Russian trick riding champion Pavel Polyakov will conduct a workshop for spectators where he will speak about the history of the Cossacks and the distinctive features of domestic horse breeding and the Russian cavalry.

Young visitors will be invited to a special pavilion designed as a children’s stable with Shetland ponies, riding equipment, and mock-ups to hold horse cleaning and saddling workshops.

For the schedule of equestrian shows in the city’s administrative areas, please, visit the Moscow Culture Department’s website.

Time: 27 june — 25 july
Night Owls, a cycle of night-time excursions

The Young Muscovite School offers a new, instructive way to spend the night by learning more about Moscow’s history. The project, Night Owls: The Night of Excursions, invites guests to see city sights and unique cultural monuments, and hear mystical and love stories.

Eight night excursions will kick off at 9 pm on 25 July. They are titled, The Mysteries of the Patriarch’s Ponds, The Moscow in Love, Silver Age Poets’ Evenings, Moscow — The Third Rome, The Evening Boulevard Stroll, Moscow — The Area of Ghosts, Russian Hollywood, and Following the Steps of Master and Margarita.

The organisers decided to hold the excursions at night as many Muscovites fail to find time for them during the day. The city is also different after the sunset — ready to uncover all its secrets and mysteries.

The excursions are free. However, visitors can only register for a single excursion.

Time: 25 july
Venue: Hermitage Garden
World Workout Championships

The Luzhniki Olympic Complex is set to host the World Workout Championships held as part of the Moscow City Games.

In a historical debut for women in such competitions, 15 female athletes will join 47 male athletes in the qualifying round on 24 July. The 62 athletes from 46 countries will compete in the freestyle category on bars, chin-up bars and wall bars. The 15 top athletes will have three minutes each to demonstrate their skills in the finals on the following day in front of a panel of six judges evaluating their static posture, dynamic performance and combination of movements.

The Moscow Sport Committee has sponsored other events as part of the Moscow City Games. These include the Moscow BMX Games with a pump-track, big ramp and dirt competitions at a 6,000-square-metre street park, and Russia’s first endurance cross on a specially constructed artificial track.

At the Moscow City Games, Muscovites can watch over 2,000 athletes at 50 venues. Admission is free to all events.

Time: 25 july 12.00
Venue: Luzhniki Olympic Complex
Gerber Udmurt national holiday

The Muzeon Arts Park will for the first time hold the Gerber National Holiday, offering a glimpse into the culture and traditions of the Udmurts. The event will be held as part of the Year of Udmurtia in Moscow, which is devoted to the 95th anniversary of Udmurtia’s statehood, and the 175th anniversary of Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s birth.

Guests can attend a concert by Udmurt and Finno-Ugric folk groups, or taste national dishes such as perepecha (pastry), tabani (round cakes) and traditional porridge.

Workshops dedicated to ethnic dances, games, cooking traditional dishes, and a fair displaying works by modern Udmurt designers and ethnic artisans are also on the agenda.

Guests can also play a match with World Checkers Champion Alexei Chizhov.

The event is aimed at preserving Udmurt traditions, familiarising Muscovites with the cultural diversity of a multi-ethnic Russia, and strengthening the friendship and interethnic accord between different diasporas and communities in Moscow.

The event is sponsored by the Moscow Department of Interethnic Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism, the Government of the Republic of Udmurtia, the Permanent Representative Office of Udmurtia under the President of Russia, and the Moscow Udmurt Community.

Time: 25 july с 14.00 до 20.00
Venue: 2 Krymsky Val St
The Battle of the Neva River

23 July — memorable date of Russian military history. On 23 July 1240, Russian forces, commanded by Prince Alexander Yaroslavich, later known as Prince Alexander Nevsky, defeated the Swedes in the Battle of the Neva River.

Time: 23 july
Beach Tennis World Championship

On 15-19 July, Moscow’s Samaranch National Tennis Centre will host the Beach Tennis World Team Championship involving athletes from over 30 countries.

This year’s event will offer junior league competitions for players under 15 for the first time.

Tickets are required. For additional information, call: 8 (495) 921 2961.

Time: 15 — 19 july
Venue: Samaranch National Tennis Centre
World Fencing Championships

More than 1,000 athletes from over 100 countries will arrive in Moscow for the World Fencing Championships. The championships will serve as the qualifying event for the Olympic Games in 2016 which will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Russia’s national team will be made up of the best athletes, Olympic champions and winners of world and European championships. The team will include Nikolai Kovalyov, Alexei Yakimenko, Sofia Velikaya, Inna Deriglazova, Aida Shanayeva, Pavel Sukhov and Alexei Cheremisinov.

Time: 13 — 19 july
Venue: Olimpiisky Sports Complex
Sabantuy folk festival at Kolomenskoye

The Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve will host Sabantuy, a citywide Tatar and Bashkir folk festival. Visitors are invited to take part in outdoor games and other public events. There are plans to breathe new life into The City of Craftsmen, a decorative and applied arts exhibition and sale, while one of the most spectacular events will be a competition in the old national sport of kuryash, a form of wrestling using girdles.

“Sabantuy is a citywide holiday in multiethnic Moscow and its spirit is shared by people of all nationalities and faiths alike,” said Vladimir Chernikov, Head of the Department of Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.

Visitors will be treated to concerts on two stages, featuring leading artists from Tatarstan, soloists with the Khusain Akhmetov State Philharmonic and the Faizi Gaskarov State Folk Dance Group, as well as representatives from the ethnic communities of Moscow and other territories. An outdoor ethnographic exhibition will allow visitors to gain insight into the Tatars and Bashkirs’ history and daily life as they walk around a Tatar village, peep into Bashkir yurts, and sample national cuisine.

The event has been organised by the Representative Office of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation, the Representative Office of the Republic of Bashkortostan under the Russian President, and two regional non-governmental organisations — The Tatar National and Cultural Autonomy in Moscow and The Bashkir Community — with support from the Department of Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.

For media accreditation, please call 963 614 4195 or send an e-mail to (Elvira Yusipova).

Time: 18 july с 11.00 до 21.00
Venue: 39 Prospekt Andropova
Victory in the Battle of Larga

18 July — memorable date of Russian military history. On 18 July 1770, the Russian Army, commanded by Field Marshal Pyotr Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky, defeated the Turkish Army in the Battle of Larga.

Time: 18 july
Venue: Memorial date
National physical fitness requirements event at VDNKh

The National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) will host the game, Everyone is Summoned to Pass the National Physical Fitness (GTO) Requirements.

Music from the 1950-1960s will be played at VDNKh, the country’s main exhibition venue.

Fashionable clothes dating back to that era will also be worn.

Visitors will be able to live one day in Soviet sporting fashion

That is, they will be asked to run a short distance, take part in a cycle race, do pull ups, jumping jacks and pushups, play football, volleyball and ping pong and pitch a tent.

Interested individuals can take part in a sports game. They will receive a map marked with sites where they can take GTO physical fitness tests. Stamps will be placed on the map for every test passed. Certificates, pennants and badges will be provided to successful participants.

The event will include a fashion show and a poetry recitation on stage. Guests will be able to perform the swing on the dance floor. The dance was prohibited during Soviet times. Visitors will also be offered to take a photo in a retro photo studio and visit a vintage clothing parlour.

Time: 18 july C 12.00 до 20.00
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Moscow to host Night Run athletics event

On 18 July, runners will take their mark for Night Run, a race leading up to the 20 September Moscow Marathon. At 10.30 pm, 4,000 competitors aged 16 and over will set off on a 10-km run and light up Luzhniki. Each of them will receive a headlamp that glows in the dark.

To register, participants must fill out a questionnaire and pay a registration fee. After completing their registration, runners will receive a written confirmation, and the banner “I’m in” will appear on the website.

Time: 18 july
Venue: Luzhniki Olympic Complex
Anton Chekhov Theatre Festival

This year, the festival’s programme features almost two dozen plays by directors from France, Argentina, Spain, China, Great Britain, Taiwan and other countries.

Five Moscow theatres will host the festival: the Mossovet Theatre, the Meyerhold Centre, the Mayakovsky Theatre, the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre and the Pushkin Theatre. This year’s highlights include The War, a joint Russian-British production based on the works of Richard Aldington, Homer and Nikolai Gumilev, two modern ballet productions from Argentina, The False Confessions by legendary Swiss director Luc Bondy starring Isabelle Huppert and The Bourgeois Gentleman by the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord.

The Anton Chekhov Theatre Festival has been held at the initiative of the International Confederation of Theatre Associations since 1992.

Time: 13 may — 17 july
Venue: Moscow theatres
Women’s and Men’s Health Days

As part of Russia’s Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, the Department of Healthcare’s City Hospital No. 17 is holding Women’s and Men’s Health Days.

Residents of the Solntsevo and Novo-Peredelkino districts as well as the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas will be able to see gynaecologists, urologists and teachers from Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Pirogov National Medical Research University.

Patients can make a doctor’s appointment by calling: 8 (495) 435 8816.

For more information on the event, please call Tatyana Illarionova: 8 (495) 439 2529.

Time: 9 — 15 july
The Battle of Grunwald

15 July — On this day in 1410 Russian troops and their allies defeated the German knights in the Battle of Grunwald.

Time: 15 july
Venue: Memorable date
Sukharev Tower. Reference Point project

“The Sukharev Tower. Reference Point” is a multimedia project that five libraries in the Southern Administrative Area will carry out on the initiative of the Sadovoye Koltso (the Garden Ring) Museum.

Lectures at the libraries will highlight interesting facts about the construction of the Sukharev Tower and its distinctive architecture, giving visitors the chance to gain an insight into the history of the tower as Russia’s first state observatory and first secular educational institution.

Modern technologies will allow visitors to travel back in time, as well as travel in space. The programme also includes showing excerpts from the 3-D film The Mystery of the Sukharev Tower. Wizards of the Balance.

The Sukharev Tower is an outstanding piece of Russian architecture. It stood in Moscow at the intersection of the Garden Ring, Sretenskaya Street and First Meshchanskaya Street (now renamed Prospekt Mira) from 1695 until 1934. Mention of the tower can be found in many works of literature. For example, in Ilf and Petrov’s novel The Golden Calf, the children of Lieutenant Schmidt sign a convention in a Moscow tavern by the Sukharev Tower, and the main characters of Nina Sorotokina’s novel Three Men from a Marine School go to a marine school housed in this tower.

Participation in the event requires preliminary registration on

Time: 1 — 14 july
Venue: Libraries in the Southern Administrative Area
The Liberation of Vilnius

13 July — memorable date of Russian military history. On 13 July 1944, the Red Army liberated Vilnius from German forces.

Time: 13 july
Venue: Memorial date
Weekend in parks

Over the weekend, an electronic music festival, a music and poetry performance, Photographers’ Day, dance workshops, and more will take place at Moscow parks.

Muzeon Art Park

The park will hold a two-day electronic music festival, Fruit Vibrations. It will include a picnic and games zone, summer cafes and food courts.

From 12 pm to 6 pm on Photographers’ Day on12 July, the park will host lectures and classes on extreme filming and air surveying from a quadrocopter, travel photography and photo reports made during concerts.

Hermitage Garden

On 12 July, Hermitage Garden will host the traditional Camomile Ball. Visitors will learn the basic skills of ballroom dancing, summer table setting, carving, wedding dances, T-shirt painting, floristics, handicrafts and archery. A charity fair will also take place.

At 1 pm, free classes will be held in body ballet for mothers and daughters. At 2 pm, free classes will be held for girls over 14 in the yoga area.

Perovsky Park

On 11 July at 8 pm, Perovsky Park will hold the music and poetry performance, Drop, recreating the atmosphere of the 1960s. It will feature poetry by Bella Akhmadulina and Rimma Kazakova and music of the Khrushchev thaw era.

On 12 July from 12 pm to 4 pm, a rock matinee will take place. It will include venues for family leisure, a tattoo saloon and a photo area. The agenda includes music workshops and family fashion displays.

On 11 July, Sadovniki Park will stage free workshops in jazz funk and Park Pobedy (Victory Park) on Poklonnaya Gora will host a drum show.

On the same day, Kuzminki Park will offer a fitness drill for seniors, a workshop in chalk painting on asphalt and a bubbles show for children.

On 11 July, Babushkinsky Park will hold a charity exhibition where replicas of famous paintings depicting a woman with children will be on display. After scanning a QR code using their mobile phones, visitors can see the original painting, the author’s name and the cell phone number used for SMS donations. The funds will be allocated to a foundation for supporting mothers and children.

On 12 July at 12 pm, a music festival featuring Holi painting will kick off at Druzhba (Friendship) Park. Admission is free.

Time: 11 — 12 july
The Battle of Prokhorvka

12 July – memorable date of Russian military history. On 12 July 1943, Soviet and German forces engaged in the largest tank battle of World War II near the village of Prokhorovka during the Battle of the Kursk Bulge.

Time: 12 july
Venue: Memorial date
Moscow Night Bicycle Parade

Moscow residents and visitors can take part in the first Moscow Night Bicycle Parade on central streets of Moscow. The event will start at 11 pm on Suvorovskaya Square near the Russian Army Theatre. The parade will run for 20 kilometres. Interested individuals can also rent bikes at the Velobike rental service and pay for rentals with their Troyka cards.

After the Moscow Night Bicycle Parade, participants can take a night bus — the night fare will not exceed the daytime fare and bike transport will be free of charge. Those residing on Moscow’s outskirts will also be able to transport their bikes by train without charge.

At the finish line, an additional programme will await participants: — a Silent Disco noiseless party, a night bicycle quest with task-encoded names, landmarks and facts about rock-n-roll in Moscow and many other surprises.

Some 10,000 participants are expected.

The organisers are the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development and Let’s Bike It! — a project to develop bicycle culture in Russia.

For more information, please see:

Time: 11 july
The Battle of Poltava

On 10 July, Russia marks the Day of Military Glory. In 1709 the Russian army, led by Peter the Great, defeated Swedish forces in the Battle of Poltava.

Time: 10 july
Venue: Memorable date
Victory in the Battle of Chesma

Memorable date of Russian military history. On 4 June 1916, Russian forces, commanded by General Alexei Brusilov, launched an offensive during World War I.

Time: 7 july
Venue: Memorable date
Weekend in the parks

On 4-5 July, Moscow parks will host the Russian Olympic Day, the Back to the 60’s festival, Apricot holiday, the Sushka photography event, an extreme sports festival, and more.

Gorky Park

On 4 July, visitors at Gorky Park will be able to attend workshops on roller sports (at the Large Mass Field at noon, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm) and in longboarding (at Fountain Square at 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm), classes in street dancing from 2 pm, and workshops on face painting, scarf knitting, cardboard furniture assembly and from 3 pm a master class from Pilot Studios on shooting a claymation cartoon.

Muzeon Art Park

On 4 July at noon, Muzeon Art Park will host an open-air class called Create like Monet as part of the multimedia exhibition From Monet to Cézanne — French Impressionists.

On 5 July from noon to 9 pm, the Apricot holiday will take place in the park. The park will host performances by Armenian and other national bands, and workshops on carpet weaving, martial arts and baking lavash. An Oriental bazaar will be open. A special program called Visiting a Fairytale has been prepared for children.

The Hermitage Garden

On Sunday, the Sushka photo event will open at the Hermitage Garden with the support of the Photo Academy and the online publication. People will be able to share their best photos by fastening them to strings with clothespins. In return, participants will then be able to take with them any photo they like from the string of photos. On 5 July, free classes in body ballet will be given from 1 pm to a group for mothers and children and from 3 pm to a group for girls older than 14.

Krasnaya Presnya Park

On 4 July, the Back to the 60’s festival will take place at Krasnaya Presnya Park. It will include vintage and vinyl markets, a beauty bar where images from the 1960s are created, Soviet carbonated water dispensers, and an exhibition of retro scooters. Workshops in boogie-woogie, swing and rock’n’roll will be held.

Sadovniki Park

On 5 July, Sadovniki Park will host an extreme sports festival, featuring skateboarding, outdoor cycling, free skating and scootering. Visitors will be able to see competitions and exhibition performances at the skate park as well as streetball. A workshop in deejaying and street dancing will also be conducted.

Moreover, other activities will include the charity classic music concert, A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Tagansky Park, graffiti workshops in Perovsky Park, a wind orchestra performance at Babushkinsky Park, a one-day quest club in Fili Park, and a festival of Indian culture at Izmailovsky Park. On 4 July, Patt Patt golf club will open and on 5 July an equestrian show will take place at Vorontsovsky Park.

Time: 4 — 5 july
Beach volleyball tournament in the Northern Administrative Area

The Moscow Northern Administrative Area beach volleyball open tournament will be held between 20 June and 5 July in the Plyazh Levoberezhny recreation area.

The competitions will take place between men’s, women’s and mixed teams in rounds and with simplified rules. The number of teams and drawing players for each team will be determined by the chief judge. Only participants holding passports and MHI policies, who are registered, living or studying in Moscow, will be admitted to the tournament.

The teams that rank first, second and third in each group, will be awarded medals, certificates and gifts.

Tournament schedule:

20 June — Men 18 to 39;

21 June — Women 18 to 39;

27 June — Men 40 plus;

28 June — Women 40 plus.

On 4 and 5 July, mixed teams will compete.

The competitions will be held from 10 am to 7 pm, but teams should arrive at 9.30 am.

Preliminary applications for participation should be e-mailed until 11 am on 18 June marked “Application. Volleyball.” Original applications should be submitted by participants to the chief judge on the day of the competition. More information about the tournament rules is available on the Department of Physical Fitness and Sport website.

Time: 20 june — 5 july
Venue: 5/7 Pribrezhny Proyezd
Apricot Day

On 5 July, Muzeon Arts Park will be the venue for multicultural apricot festivities, beginning at noon. The event is organised by the Union of the Armenians of Russia with support from the Moscow Government, the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations, the Ministry of Culture and the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs.

“The apricot festivities are a graphic illustration of a nation’s traditions becoming part of our shared culture,” said Vladimir Chernikov, Head of the Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism. “I strongly believe that all visitors, primarily youth, will be able to enjoy not only eating plenty of apricots, which are the symbol of these festivities, but also relish the atmosphere of friendship, mutual understanding and peace.”

This is the second year that the city will celebrate the event, Chernikov added. Musical and dance groups from Moscow and other regions of the country will teach visitors to Muzeon about the culture, art, traditions and modern life of the peoples they represent. Muscovites and guests of the city will be able to watch performances of popular artists and tightrope-walkers, take part in carpet weaving and lavash baking workshops or in martial arts competitions, take a walk around the Oriental Bazaar exhibition and fair, and treat themselves to the festival’s main delicacy — ripe Armenian apricots.

The outdoor cinema will show performances and films, and children will be invited to visit the At the Fairy Tale site.

For media accreditation, please, call 8 495 633 6086 (Yelena Romanova) or send an e-mail to

Time: 5 july
Venue: 10 Krymsky Val Street
Olympic Workout

On 4 July, five Moscow parks will host workouts with Olympic champions. This activity was the result of a public vote on the Active Citizen mobile app for an Olympic Day theme.

Free workouts will be offered at Gorky Park, at Poklonnaya Gora, and at Sokolniki, Izmailovsky and Severnoye Tushino parks.

The open-air workouts will be held by former Olympic champions including Varvara Barysheva, David Musulbes, Dmitry Berestov, Gleb Galperin, Anna Chicherova, Karina Aznavuryan, Alexei Nemov and others.

For additional information, call 8 495 995 0020 (ext. 6); 8 499 148 8300; 8 499 393 9222; 8 499 166 6119; 8 495 640 7354.

Time: 4 july
Venue: Moscow parks
The Day of Family, Love and Fidelity

More than 70 thematic, theatrical and concert programmes will be held in Moscow on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. The main festivities will take place at Tsaritsino Park, where married couples will be awarded medals “For Love and Fidelity”. Guests will be entertained by popular actors and musicians, contests, workshops, sports games, various performances and fireworks.

“Moscow is ready to celebrate the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. Lots of events will be held on 4, 8 and 11 July. The Tsaritsino estate museum will be the main event venue. On 4 July, it will host large-scale festivities, among them an all-day interactive concert programme,” said Alexander Kibovsky, Moscow Government Minister and Head of the Department of Culture.

Those who wish to play drums, take singing lessons, or try their hand at making cartoons are welcome to visit thematic workshops and studios. For enthusiasts of active recreation, there will be badminton, frisbee, rings and tug-of-war in the sports zone.

The family leisure zone will offer lessons in yoga and strength improvement, as well as lectures on healthy ways of life. For kids, there will be a special playground with a ball pit, a thrilling soap bubble show, an aqua makeup studio and a cartoon zone.

The Russkaya Pesnya (Russian Song) State Folk Theatre, under the direction of Nadezhda Babkina, will give a festive concert preceded by a ceremony to award medals “For Love and Fidelity” to 12 married couples.

From 3 to 11 June, wedding palaces and marriage registration centres throughout the city will honour long-married couples and hand out birth certificates in a solemn atmosphere upon parental request.

Social service centres will each come up with Family Day programmes of their own totalling more than 300 events: festive concerts, family literary and music parties, meetings with clerics, lectures and talks about Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia of Murom, art studios, family amulet workshops, family sports games, quizzes, the “Family Photo Album” and “My Family is the Best Family” photo exhibitions, tours to holy sites in Moscow, and many more.

Additional information is available at ялюблюмоскву.рф .

For accreditation, call 8 (499) 505 1822 (extension 107) or Anna Ulyanova at 8 (905) 718 2336.

Time: 4 july
Russian Olympic Day

On 4 July the 26th annual Russian Olympic Day, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 35th anniversary of the Moscow Olympic Games, will be observed. Festivities will take place in Moscow parks.

The main venue will be Sokolniki Park. The festivities will kick off with Olympic Five, a five kilometres’ relay race. Any visitor is welcome to participate following registration on the holiday’s website,

Visitors will be able to watch tournaments of unusual disciplines such as pole dancing and aerial acrobatics. From the early morning on, guests will have the opportunity to check their level of physical fitness in a specialised pavilion.

Moreover, Great Patriotic War veteran athletes will be honoured on the holiday.

The celebration will end with a football stars’ gala match between teams comprised of the champions of summer and winter Olympics. They will emerge on the football field in uniforms sewn for the event to look exactly like those worn by the players of the first postwar match in 1945.

On 4 July, the cycle relay “Olympic Day” will start in Sokolniki Park and follow a route ending in Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora.

Beginning at 10 am, Park Pobedy will host roller skiing relays and large chess tournaments. The most spectacular event will be the festival of sports graffiti, involving professional painters and amateurs.

Izmailovsky Park will offer its visitors a cheerleading festival, open fitness classes and, workshops in chess and draughts. The park will also function as the venue for a workout and badminton cup match and a ping-pong tournament. Deejays from top Moscow clubs will be in charge of the music.

From 12 pm, the main stage of Tushino Park will host a festival of children’s and youth fitness aerobics teams. Visitors will be able to try their hand at trampolining and take part in the Mother, Father, Me — an Olympic Family sports event.

Nearly 50 legendary Olympic champions will be involved in the celebration. Workshops, and autograph and photo sessions will be held at all four of the festival’s venues. Additionally, visitors will be able to look at and take a picture with the legendary Olympic torches from the 1980 Moscow and 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in any of the parks.

For additional information on media accreditation, please call 8 903 681 5752.

Time: 4 july
Venue: Moscow parks
“Life Is Everywhere!”: A play without words

On the first Saturday of July, the Green Theatre at VDNKh will present “Life Is Everywhere!”, a play without words staged by Russian choreographer Yegor Druzhinin.

The dance production features residents of a town called Life in Eastern Europe.

The characters of the play are 15 lonely women and six men, who are trying to find each other and be happy through all sorts of — and at times strange — ways. Each of them will tell his or her own story — of meetings and farewells, of men and women, of dreams. Their experiences are universal and can happen to anyone at any time.

The performance is set to music by composer Goran Bregovic, who created the soundtracks to Emir Kusturica’s films, with an admixture of Romanian gypsy tunes, light merry jazz and the sound of guitars.

“Life Is Everywhere!” is open to children aged 6 and older, who are sure to find it delightful.

Time: 4 july 19.00
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira, bldg. 545
Liberation of Minsk

3 July — memorable date of Russian military history. On 3 July 1944, the Red Army liberated Minsk from German forces.

Time: 3 july
Venue: Memorable date
Moscow rescuers to compete for best rescuer 2015 title

The Emergency Situations Ministry’s Directorate for Moscow holds the final stage of the Best Rescuer 2015 professional contest as part of the Moscow Masters competition.

The participants will be judged on their knowledge, efficiency, skills, and psychological stability when working in emergency situations, as well as their use of creativity in improving the professional skills of emergency and rescue units, search and rescue stations, and search and rescue diving squads.

The finalists will compete on a cross-country terrain and be required to overcome water hazards, rocky areas, snow-covered slopes, gorges and debris. They will have to assess the situation and make optimal decisions, search for and evacuate the injured from the emergency zone to a safe place using rescue equipment, radiation and chemical reconnaissance devices, different means of communications, personal protective gear, firefighting tools, as well as boats, diving equipment and other rescue equipment.

The final contest will take place at the test and training site of the Moscow Training Centre of the Federal Fire Fighting Service (Aparinki, Moscow Region) and at the Strogino search and rescue station of the Moscow Search and Rescue Service (16, Tvardovskogo Ulitsa, bldg. 3, Moscow).

For accreditation, call 8 (499) 244-81-28, 8 (499) 244-83-69, 8 (499) 244-83-17.

Time: 1 — 2 july
Street sweeper drivers’ competition

The finals in a contest for street sweeper drivers, held as part of the Moscow Masters professional skills competition, will be held on 1 July.

The competition will proceed in four stages. First competitors will have to clean a gravel and sand covered section of asphalt using specialised vehicles and attachments, including nozzles to spray water on the surface. Judges will assess the quality of the cleaned road and gutter, the drivers’ ability to avoid natural obstacles, compliance with environmental standards, and labour protection rules, as well as the work standards and the time needed to complete the task.

At the second stage, the participants will work together to clean a demonstration section of a multilane road. The judges will assess their ability to work as a team in strict compliance with the rules and standards, and the quality and time needed to complete the task.

During the gymkhana stage, the drivers will clean their part of a road in the shortest possible time while avoiding obstacles, and stop their vehicles at a designated point while driving forward or backward.

The theoretical stage includes a driving theory test. The participants will answer several questions concerning drivers’ professional duties under a time limit.

The street sweeper drivers who finish first, second and third will receive awards from the Moscow Mayor on City Day. All those in the final stage will receive awards and commemorative certificates, in categories including, The Most Experienced Driver, the Youngest Driver, and For Tenacity and the Will to Win.

The finals were organised by the Department of Housing, Utilities and Amenities, the Trade Union of Moscow Public Service Workers, the regional employers association titled The Union of Moscow City Utility Companies, and the Moscow centre for advanced training and information on labour and protection in the housing, utility and amenities sector.

Time: 1 july 10 am
Venue: 102a Nizhniye Mnyovniki Street
Green School of Kuzma the Miller

On 2 June, the summer Green School of Kuzma the Miller resumes at Kuzminki-Lyublino Park. Free classes will be conducted at the enclosure facility of the Kuzminki Environmental Education Centre.

The Green School is oriented toward children spending the summer in Moscow. Kuzma the Miller and his assistants will teach visitors gardening activities, including planting and looking after the plants. Other events will include classes on developing creative skills, nature and history educational games, research experiments using microscopes, excursions in the enclosure facility and physical education classes.

The school’s schedule:

2 June, 11 am — I Will Plant Orach on the Shore...;

4 June, 11 am — The Oak Was Growing...;

5 June, 13 pm — Nature in Summer;

9 June, 13 pm — The Park’s Plants. Grasses of Protected Natural Areas;

10 June, 11 am — It Isn’t Gods Who Make Pots;

11 June, 13 pm — The Park’s Plants. Flowers of Protected Natural Areas;

16 June, 11 am — I Will Bury a Grape Seed into the Warm Soil;

16 June, 13 pm — Trees in Summer. Tree Leaves Under a Microscope;

18 June, 11 am — How Steam Ships Are Seen Off...;

19 June, 13 pm — Trees in Summer; The Roots System;

23 June, 11 am — He Drew on a Sheet...;

23 June, 13 pm — Circulation in Nature. Water Study;

25 June, 11 am — May You Coo, Holy Doves...;

26 June, 13 pm — Circulation in Nature. Soil Study;

30 June, 11 am — Over an Open Book.

Time: 2 — 30 june
Venue: 10 Kuzminskaya Street
Guerrilla Campfire-2015 Campaign

Izmailovsky Park will host a gala ceremony, “Guerrilla Campfire-2015,” devoted to the Day of Guerilla and Underground Fighters.

A brass band and children’s performance groups will greet guests starting at 10 am. At 10.30 am a march to Courage Square will start. Its participants will carry the Victory Banner and will be accompanied by guards of honour and an orchestra.

A festive rally devoted to the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the guerrilla movement will begin at 11 am. A flower-laying ceremony at the Eternal Flame and memorial plaque will start at the same time.

The Guerrilla Campfire will be lit at noon, after which guests will be invited to attend a concert at the Solnechnaya stage, where they will be offered soldier’s porridge and presented with gifts.

The event will be attended by members of the United Council of Veterans’ Guerrilla and Underground Organisations of the Moscow War Veteran Committee, participants in guerrilla movements and heads of veteran organisations.

The event is organised by the Moscow War Veteran Committee in cooperation with the Moscow Veteran City Council, and the Moscow House of War and Armed Forces Veterans with support from the Public Relations Committee.

The Day of Guerilla and Underground Fighters became a Russian holiday in 2009 but was observed in Moscow at the initiative of veterans long before that.

To commemorate war heroes, one Moscow metro station was named Partizanskaya (Guerrilla). Moscow streets bear the names of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Vera Voloshina, Boris Galushkin and Mikhail Guryanov. Fifteen schools have guerrilla glory museums, while School No. 357 was named after Nikifor Kolyada, the commander of the Batya (Dad) guerrilla unit.

For media accreditation call Anastasia Andronova at: 8 (495) 633-60-34 or 8 (910) 480-70-79.

Time: 29 june
Venue: 7, Large Circle Alley
Day of Remembrance of Anti-Nazi Partisans and Resistance Groups

Day of Remembrance of Anti-Nazi Partisans and Resistance Groups of the Great Patriotic War.

Time: 29 june
Venue: Memorable date
Youth Day in Moscow parks

This coming weekend, Moscow parks will hold culinary and music festivals, exhibitions of young artists and designers, literary contests and open dance classes, in celebration of Youth Day.

In addition, four parks — Sokolniki, Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora, Izmailovsky Park and Severnoye Tushino — will hold National Olympic Day to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympic Games. The programme includes workshops by Olympic champions, football matches, relays and other races.

On June 27 and 28 a culinary festival, “Oh yes, food is coming!” will take place in Gorky Park. The participants include culinary startups, network cafes, famous Moscow chefs and restaurateurs. They will serve burgers and pilafs, original ice cream and lemonades. The festival programme includes workshops by leading chefs, lectures by bestselling cookbook authors, performances by DJs and music groups and open-air sports competitions.

On June 27 the Muzeon Art Park will host several major events, including the Ahmad Tea Music Fest and the Literature Summer Fest. Meetings with writers, art critics, publishers and journalists from Russia and Britain will take place in the park’s open-air cinema. The Fourth Moscow International Flower Show will be held in the park until 5 July. Its participants will present over 30,000 flowers and plants. Visitors will have an opportunity to see works by Russian and European landscape designers and florists.

On Youth Day, Sokolniki Park will host an exhibition of paintings by young artists, a poetry contest, dance workshops and a concert of young performers at the Rotunda stage.

Sokolniki Park will also be the main venue of National Olympic Day. Its programme includes workshops by Olympic athletes, a race, an extreme park and workout sessions. At 2.30 pm the park will host a gala football match between Olympic champions in summer and winter sports.

The Second International Festival of Landscape Art, Gardening and Plant Nurseries — “Gardens and People” — will also be held in the park on Maisky Prosek. The Fourth Festival of classic cars — Retrofest — will take place on the park’s large circle.

Tricking competitions (a mix of martial arts and street acrobatics), workshops on somersault and floor mat jumps, table tennis, badminton, frisbee and croquet will be offered to visitors at the Hermitage Garden. It will also host a photo event, entitled “Drying”, organised by the online publication in cooperation with the Academy of Photography. Visitors will be able to hang photos on a rope and take any other pictures in exchange. It is possible to leave a message or one’s contact information on the back of a photo. The Photo and Food Fest will include food, culinary workshops and a flash mob.

Krasnaya Presnya has prepared for its guests a play, “A Dance Show Fairy”, workshops on dances and playing vinyl records, a lecture on electronic music, a “Guess the Melody” quiz, and sports sessions.

On 27 and 28 June the Bauman Garden will host a musical Genesis Festival of young performers. It will include a designer market, a street art lab and a modern art exhibition.

A mini-football match between the Actors Guild and visitors will be held in Izmailovsky Park. Actors will perform during the breaks. As part of Russian Olympic Day the park will also stage table tennis and Russian checkers tournaments, fitness classes, a cheerleaders’ festival on the main stage, a meeting of the participants in the Olympic Day Cycle Race and workout competitions. Guests will have an opportunity to see the Moscow 1980 and Sochi 2014 torches. Starting at 1 pm famous athletes will have an autograph session.

The Summer Jam Youth Dance Festival will take place in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora. It will include break dance competitions, workshops on hip hop, sports dances and jazz, and a training session on freestyling with a ball.

National Olympic Day in the park will be devoted to roller sports. A mass-scale ski-rollers race will start at noon and will be followed by roller sports classes. An autograph session with famous athletes will be held from 1 to 5.30 pm.

On Olympic Day, Northern Tushino Park will host workshops with Olympic champions, autograph sessions, football freestyle and dance shows, cheerleaders’ performances and a musical programme.

Youth Day will be celebrated in other parks as well. Breakdance groups and young musical bands will perform in Taganka Park from 6 pm to 9 pm. Contests and workshops on breakdancing, hip hop, R’n’B and street dance will be held in Babushkinsky Park, the Park of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow, the Park of the 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution and the Lilac Garden. Perovo Park will stage an anti-smoking campaign and graffiti workshops, Kuzminky Park will hold a colourful race, ColorsGO, and Fili Park will organise workshops on street ball, street art and beatbox battle. Skate Park in Sadovniki will stage a large festival of extreme sports.

Time: 27 — 28 june
Great Upheaval: 1789 — 1815

“The Great Upheaval: 1789 — 1815” exhibition opened at the Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum. The project is devoted to the end of a series of anniversaries related to the French Revolution (1789-1799) and the Napoleonic Wars in Europe (1805-1815).

Over 600 exhibits reflect events that happened two centuries ago, recalling experiences of the past that are still relevant.

The exhibition presents for the first time a collection of manuscripts and printed and graphic items stored in the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History, items of fine art from the Archive and Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum’s collections and exhibits from the private collections of Andrey Rudentsov and Lev Belikov.

The exhibition was included in the Russian Historical Society’s plan of priority projects.

Time: 12 march — 28 june
Venue: 38/1 Kutuzovsky Prospekt
Books of Russia festival

Moscow’s Books of Russia festival will be the highlight of the Year of Literature. For the first time in history, prominent authors, actors and cultural figures will present the most relevant, significant and interesting developments in book publishing, the printing industry and literature. The festival will have seven interactive zones and a large stage near St Basil’s Cathedral, where about 100 events will take place each day.

Some 300 national publishing houses will be represented on a 23,000 sq m area set up as a fairground, and 50 of Russia’s regions will bring their expositions to Moscow. The festival has received broad support from regional authorities who promote the development of literature, book publishing, and reading traditions in Russian and ethnic languages of Russia.

Festival stalls will offer a wide range of books, which can be bought directly from publishers at prices lower than at Moscow bookstores. Lounge zones will give guests an opportunity to read, relax and grab a bite to eat.

The festival combines the classic printing tradition with modern literary internet reality. All book lovers will be able to find something for themselves here — from rare antique books and printing masterpieces to modern e-formats. Textbooks and other instructional materials will get special attention. They will be on sale in the E-book/Knigabite and Books for Children and Textbooks zones.

The festival officially opened on 25 June.

The area from the History Museum to the Lobnoye Mesto (Place of Skulls) is divided into several thematic spaces: the main stage, where the key cultural events will take place; thematically arranged fair stands (Russia’s Regions, Fiction, Books for Children and Textbooks, Nonfiction, Library, E-book/Knigabite, and Antique and Rare Books); and a recreation zone with cafeterias.

The main stage will provide a venue for meetings with authors and publishers, poetry readings, popular lectures, discussions and workshops, as well as concerts by classical music ensembles and pop groups.

Taking part in the events will be Edvard Radzinsky, Zakhar Prilepin, Nikita Mikhalkov, Sergei Shargunov, Yevgeny Vodolazkin, Vladimir Pozner, Valery Podoroga, Denis Dragunsky, Alexander Arkhangelsky, Dmitry Lipskerov, Pavel Basinsky, Marietta Chudakova, Andrei Gelasimov, Mikhail Yasnov, Andrei Astvatsaturov, Andrei Usachyov, Alexander Kabakov, and Mikhail Veller, among others.

The festival will offer a reminder of what Red Square was once renowned for. In the past, manuscripts, printed publications, engravings and prints were sold near the Spasskaya Tower. Here, in the early 18th century, Vasily Kiprianov opened a bookstore called Public Library.

The full programme of the festival is available at

For details, please call: 8 (985) 472 94 47, 8 (985) 992 21 53 (Monday-Friday, 10 am to 7 pm).

For accreditation, please call: 8 (963) 684 99 53; 8 (926) 571 29 75.

Time: 25 — 28 june
Venue: Red Square
Firefighters’ competition

On 26 June, Moscow will name its best firefighters after the final stage of the Moscow Masters professional skills competition at the Federal Firefighting Service’s Moscow Training Centre.

The competition’s main objective is to identify the best firefighters in the city, help them master their skills and knowledge in extinguishing fires and rescue operations, introduce new firefighting technology, improve work conditions and promote advanced experiences.

Thirteen participants have reached the finals, among them firefighters, senior firefighters, rescuers, senior rescuers and firefighters from fire departments specialising in fighting major fires.

Per tradition, this year’s 18th Moscow competition is designed to promote the prestige of highly qualified workers and the status of their achievements, and is also a way to share best practices, as well as facilitate advanced personnel training and to attract young people to the real sector of the economy.

The event is supported by the Moscow Government, the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions and the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs/ Employers. The Moscow Committee for Public Relations is the coordinator.

For media accreditation, call: 8 (499) 244 8234, 8 (916) 386 6418 (Maxim Potapov); 8 (499) 244 8124, 8 (929) 605 7952 (Alexander Kuznetsov).

Time: 26 june
Russian Field – 2015

Over 40 folk music groups will participate in the Fourth Russian Field Interregional Slavonic Art Festival.

“The festival is aimed at showing the full palette of Slavonic culture and traditions. Participants representing a vast geography and the traditionally high audience interest vividly demonstrate the importance and demand for this festival, which unites practically all Russian regions and representatives of different cultures,” Vladimir Chernikov, the Head of the Moscow Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism, said. According to him, from year to year, performances by folk music groups draw big audiences in Moscow. They can get a taste of the rich Slavonic heritage and attend performances of unique music groups.

According to the organising committee, at the end of the festival, the winners in the categories “The Best Regional Delegation”, “The Best Folk Group”, “The Best Folk Performer” and “The Best Dance Group” will be awarded the Firebird Feather official statuette. A panel of professional judges will evaluate the participants’ performance.

As usual, another prize will be awarded by the visitors of the website рполе.рф, where online voting for the best folk group has already opened. In addition, people are already voting for the main song of Russian Field, which will be performed by all participants and guests of the festival, accompanied by a symphony orchestra and brass bands of the Central Military Band of the Ministry of Defence and the Exemplary Military Band of the Moscow Garrison’s Guard of Honour. For more information, call 8(495) 967 9974 or 8(916) 692 0379 (Yulia Ivus).

Time: 26 june
Venue: Tsaritsino memorial estate
Conference on innovation in education

The 26th annual International Conference on Innovation Technologies in Education will bring together representatives from the education communities in CIS countries and from the Russian regions.

It will take place at two venues in the town of Troitsk: (Glinka Children’s Art School at 12 Oktyabrsky Prospect) on 24June; at GAU TemoTsentr (at 3 Pervy Zborovsky Pereulok) on 25June. The event is organised by the Moscow City Department of Education and the Troitsk municipal government.

The conference is devoted to the hands-on application of new technologies in education and will cover the following areas: information technology in education (primary, secondary, extracurricular programmes), the information environment at schools, the theory and methods of teaching computer science and programming, distance learning technology, improving the ICT competence of teachers, modern digital education resources, online tutorials, computerized and technical creativity, and robotics.

Other plans include workshops, roundtable discussions, panel discussions, and an exhibition of the best projects developed by the event’s partners.

The opening panel discussion will focus on using IT in education and its effectiveness. It will be attended by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Veniamin Kaganov, Troitsk Mayor Vladimir Dudochkin, First Deputy Head of the Department of Education Mikhail Tikhonov, head of education programmes at the Department of Information Technology Maria Kosse, and others.

To register and for more information, visit the official website at:

For media accreditation, call: +7 (916) 617-9591, or contact Yulia Goroshenko at .

Official social network addresses: и

Time: 24 — 25 june
Venue: Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, Eastern Administrative Area
Policemen’s professional skills competition

Preparations continue for the second stage of the 18th Moscow Masters professional skills contest. The aim of the contest is to uphold the prestige of high-skilled labour in various occupations, promote professional achievements and advanced practices of high-skilled workers, assist skills upgrade training, and attract more young people into the real sector.

In June, the Training Centre of the Extra-Departmental Security Service of the Interior Ministry’s Moscow Main Directorate will host the Moscow Masters finals for officers of juvenile affairs units and district police officers.

The contestants will show their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in special training, crime investigation techniques, medical services and firearms training.

On 16 June, competitions among juvenile affairs units will begin, which will also include officers of the Temporary Juvenile Detention Centre of the Interior Ministry’s Moscow Main Directorate.

Physical fitness competitions will take place at the Oktyabr sports stadium (21 Zhivopisnaya Street) on 17 June at 8.30 am. The contestants will compete in martial arts skills, strength exercises and a one-kilometre cross-country race.

Similar competitions for district police officers will follow on 23-24 June.

Traditionally, the Moscow Masters contest is divided into two stages. The first stage took place in all Moscow administrative areas from 16 March to 17 April. The contestants who scored the most points made it into the second stage.

The top three second-stage winners will receive cash prizes of 100,000 roubles, 60,000 roubles and 40,000 roubles respectively, plus special diplomas and badges. The awards ceremony will take place ahead of City Day.

For more information, call 8 (495) 633 60 34, 8 (910) 480 70 79.

Time: 16 — 24 june
Venue: 56 Dorozhnaya Street
Exhibition of artistic enamel

The Tushino state exhibition hall will host the 2nd Moscow International Exhibition of Artistic Enamel. The project was designed to promote artistic enamel and its diverse styles. In September, the project will end with an exhibition at the North Caucasus affiliate of the State Museum of Oriental Art in Maykop. The first exhibition was held in February 2013 at the Vernadsky State Geological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Works by 63 painters were on display.

Time: 4 — 23 june
Venue: 19/1 Janis Rainis Blvd
Moscow marks the Day of Memory and Grief

About 130 citywide events in Moscow and more than 800 events in districts and municipalities will be held on the Day of Memory and Grief to commemorate the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Ceremonial gatherings will take place, along with flower and wreath laying at war memorials, obelisks, monuments and memorial plaques in all of the city’s administrative areas. Meetings with war veterans, charity concerts, art exhibitions and sporting events have been organised in prefectures.

The commemoration will begin in the early hours of 22 June with the “Memory Watch. Eternal Flame — 2015” patriotic campaign, and will continue with a concert and a theatre performance on Bolotnaya Embankment. After that, the participants will move first to Alexander Garden and from there to Bersenevskaya Embankment, where an interactive programme will take place.

From 10 am till 6 pm, students of the Hero of Russia Vladimir Maksimchuk Firefighting and Rescue College No. 57 will stand guard of honour by the Flame of Memory and Glory at the Poklonnaya Hill memorial park.

At 2 pm, a requiem concert, “We Will Remember Everyone by Name,” will begin near the Victory Monument at Poklonnaya Hill in front of more than 2,000 spectators, among them war veterans, veterans of the home front, heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, and public figures. Rows of chairs have been installed for the comfort of veterans. The concert will be followed by a flower laying ceremony at the Victory Monument and the Flame of Memory and Glory.

Flowers will also be laid at the Grieving Mother monument in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 at Poklonnaya Hill. The ceremony will start at 3 pm. After that, a remembrance dinner for veterans will be served.

At 5 pm, a patriotic event, “Moscow. Belorussky Railway Terminal. 22 June 1941,” will kick off in Tverskaya Zastava Square. A historical pageant involving war veterans, school pupils, cadets and activists from Moscow military search teams will serve as a fresh reminder to the living generations of Russians about the past. During the event, flowers will be laid at the Sacred War memorial plaque on the façade of the Belorussky Railway Terminal, from which trainloads of troops headed westwards to the front.

Representatives of children’s and youth movements will stage commemorative rallies and assemblies at the scenes of former defence battles near Moscow (in the town of Snegiri located at the 42nd km of Volokolamskoye Motorway, the Kryukovo railway station, the 41st km of Leningradskoye Motorway and other venues).

Summer children’s camps will conduct lessons of courage, ceremonial marches, Memory Watch events, roundtables, military and sports competitions and relays, and march song contests. Social service centres, recreation centres and hospitals for war veterans, social asylums for children and teenagers, as well as family and child care centres will host lectures accompanied by documentary films, exhibitions of drawings and wall newspapers, art contests and other events with veterans as guests.

From 15 to 22 June, volunteers of public movements will beautify and bring flowers to military tombs at all Moscow cemeteries in tribute to defenders of the Fatherland.

Lists of the main events commemorating the Day of Memory and Grief and the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Parade on 24 June 1945 are available on the website of the Moscow Public Relations Committee.

Mass media accreditation for events held under public patronage can be obtained by telephone (8 (495) 607-12-30) or by e-mail.

Time: 22 june
Day of Memory and Grief

22 June — Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War. On 22 June 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the USSR.

Time: 22 june
Citywide campaign on the beautification of war grave sites

In the lead-up to Memory and Sorrow Day, which marks the start of the Great Patriotic War on 22 June 1941, and to the 70th anniversary of the Victory Parade of 24 June 1945, activists from public organisations will beautify and lay flowers at all Moscow cemeteries, monuments and plaques.

The campaign to improve war grave sites is being carried out as part of public patronage at the initiative of war veteran organisations, supported by the Moscow Government and the Public Relations Committee. The main events will take place at noon on 17 June at the Novodevichye and Vagankovskoye cemeteries, and at 10 am on 22 June at the Perepechenskoye cemetery.

Every year, over 80,000 citizens clean tombstones and monuments, as well as assist in cleaning and landscaping adjacent territories. The most active participants are members of war veteran and children’s public organisations.

Work on public patronage has been carried out in Moscow since 2009. This was also when the Public Memorial Patronage Centre of the Moscow House of War and Armed Forces Veterans was established. It formed a register of graves, monuments, plaques and memorials, which include over 3,000 sites. Each memorial is overseen by a special patronage organisation.

Media accreditation is available by calling 8 (495) 684-5449 (Public Memorial Patronage Centre of the Moscow House of War and Armed Forces Veterans), 8 (495) 607-1230 (the Ritual company), or by e-mail at

Plan of the citywide memorial patronage action.

Time: 15 — 22 june
Memory Vigil, a patriotic event

On the eve of the 74th anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic War, the traditional patriotic event, Memory Vigil. Eternal Flame, will take place in Moscow. On the night of 21-22 June, 2,000 people will gather in the centre of the capital to honour the memory of the 29 million who died during the war.

Representatives of patriotic youth associations, NGOs and leisure clubs, employees of companies located in the Central Administrative Area, veterans and local activists will for the 24th time join ranks at the Eternal Flame in Aleksandrovsky Garden and outside the Russian Army Theatre in memory of the events that took place on that June night in 1941.

From 9 pm, literary and musical performances will be held in Moscow and flowers will be laid at memorials. Participants will meet at 11:30 pm outside Aleksandrovsky Garden. At 0:45 am, they will be bused to 2 Suvorovskaya Square, where the Russian Army Theatre will stage the play, Fate of One House. From 3:45 to 4:15 am a memorial rally will take place on Suvorovsksya Square outside the theatre; at 4:30 am, an army breakfast at a field kitchen will be held. The events will end at 5:30 am on 22 June.

The idea of holding the Memory Vigil at the Eternal Flame was born in the 1970s at leisure and hobby clubs of Moscow’s Central Area.

In 1991, the prefecture of the Central Administrative Area took over the initiative. Now, every year on 21-22 June, a delegation from the Area’s 10 districts greets dawn at the Eternal Flame.

The patriotic event is held each year on the eve of the start of the Great Patriotic War, in accordance with Presidential Executive Order No 857 dated 8 June 1996, On the Day of Memory and Sorrow.

Time: 21 june
ParaSport Games

The ParaSport Games for all categories of people with disabilities will be held in Moscow between 25 April and 20 June. Teams of athletes with disabilities (musculoskeletal disorders, cerebral palsy, hearing and vision impairments, mental disorders and systemic diseases) from Moscow’s various administrative areas who have the proper medical documentation and are registered as residing in Moscow are eligible to compete.

Athletes registered as Moscow residents who wish to compete individually in one or more disciplines may also participate with the proper medical documentation, copy of a passport or birth certificate, and a disability certificate. Current members of Moscow and Russian national teams cannot participate in the competition.

The following disciplines will be available at the ParaSport Games: Nordic walking (musculoskeletal disorders and systemic diseases), chess (impaired vision), swimming (mental disorders), track and field (impaired vision and hearing, mental and musculoskeletal disorders, systemic diseases), gorodki (musculoskeletal disorders and systemic diseases, hearing impairment), billiards (musculoskeletal disorders and systemic diseases), shooting (musculoskeletal disorders and systemic diseases), table tennis (mental disorders), mini football (cerebral palsy).

Applications can be submitted seven days before the start of competitions’ stage by email:

For more information please contact: 8 926 018 8150 (Yulia Zhuk), 8 963 637 2781 (Eduard Aleksandrov), 8 926 648 6406 (Vitaly Agrest).

Time: 25 april — 20 june
Assault on Sevastopol

18 June — memorable date of Russian military history. On 18 June 1855, Russian forces repelled an attack by British, French and Turkish forces on Malakhov Hill during the defence of Sevastopol.

Time: 18 june
Venue: Memorable date
Shoot a Film Festival

The summer cinema at Muzeon Arts Park opens the Shoot a Film international festival, featuring activist documentaries about street art, urban development initiatives, progressive social projects, social outcasts, and invisible communities. The films dwell on universal social themes that concern everyone. People who want to see the society they are living in from a different angle in order to change it will find these films right up their alley.

Films entered in the festival’s programme are some of the best recent examples of their genre. They reflect the entire range of themes relevant to the festival. City activists, urbanists, artists and journalists will give lectures and lead discussions ahead of the screenings.

All films are shown in their original language with Russian subtitles.

Admission to lectures and discussions is free. Tickets are required to attend screenings.

The festival programme is available at the Moscow Department of Culture website.

Time: 26 may — 16 june
Venue: 2 Krymsky Val St
Art Football Festival

The 5th Art Football International Festival will take place in Moscow from 5 to 14 June. The festival, a mix of charity, football and music, is set to return to the Russian capital for the third time to bring together 16 teams from Europe, Latin America and Asia competing for title of the world’s best musical football team. Brazil is a two-time champion, with Russia and Romania, the current champion, having won once each.

The teams will face off on the football pitch during the day, and will give concerts in the evening. By tradition, the event will be held as part of the Under the Banner of Good charity campaign, which raises funds to treat children suffering from serious illnesses.

The event is sponsored by the Moscow Government, the Russian Ministry of Sport and the Russian Football Union.

Programme of the festival’s main event to be held at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements:

5 June: Official opening ceremony of the 5th Musical Artists World Football Cup, gala concert;

6 June: Concert by Korea and Brazil;

7 June: Concert by the Slovenian and UK teams, and special guests, Balkan stars;

8 June: Concert by the teams of Turkey and Germany;

9 June: National concerts by Slovakia and Romania;

10 June: Concert by the teams of Israel and Japan; show by Australian singer Leon Berger;

11 June: Concert by the teams of Estonia and Italy;

12 June: On Russia’s Independence Day, Russia and Belarus pop artist teams will compete for the title of World Music Champion.

13 June: Concert by the teams of Kazakhstan and the Netherlands; A DJ battle between DJs from the Netherlands and Germany.

Time: 5 — 14 june
Exhibition: Land of Victory

The Multimedia Art Museum will host an exhibition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, timed with the presentation of the third volume of the book Russia. The 20th Century in Photographs. 1941-1964.

Exhibits include over 250 photographs courtesy of the Multimedia Art Museum and the Moscow House of Photography, PhotoSoyuz Agency, Rosneft, the Sevastopol Museum and the Belarusian State Archive of Documentary Films and Photographs, as well as private collections.

The exhibition highlights one of the most tragic periods in the country’s history, telling the story of the first days of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), of the confusion and huge losses of civilian lives and troops, and also of the national unity that helped achieve victory in the bloodiest war in the history of mankind.

On display will be works that have become classics of Russian photography. The exhibition will also feature unique wartime newsreels, slide shows and a portrait gallery of news photographers who worked during the war.

For more details, call the museum’s press office at 8 495 637 1155 or send an email to Yekaterina Knyazeva (, Maria Mukhina (>) or Vitaly Akinshin (

Time: 28 april — 14 june
Venue: 16 Ostozhenka Street
Lessons of the War and the Present project

The Museum of Moscow will host the international exhibition project, Lessons of the War and the Present, devoted to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Visitors will see photos of Moscow in the war years, the blockade of Leningrad and of the liberation of the European countries from the Nazis by the Soviet Army and the allies.

The project is expected to draw attention to the consequences of war and to show the unacceptability of another world war.

Many historical documents and photos from private collections will be exhibited for the first time, including exhibits from collector and archive historian Stepan Semyonov, as well as from the collections of families of war participants and members: Lieutenant General Ivan Davidovsky, acting commander of the 33rd Army and the 1st Belarusian Front; Captain First Rank G. Semyonov, torpedo boat commander; V. Sheremetev, soldier, who went through the war from Moscow to Warsaw; and Yu. Rogozin, machine-gunner and front-line artist.

The project was initiated by the French association photo and video club, Art Debut, which presents photos from the archives of a memorial museum in Caen, Normandy, and contemporary photos showing the link between the generations — war veterans communicate with young people, burial places of Soviet soldiers who died in France during World War II. The event will be supported by the Moscow Government.

After the Museum of Moscow, the exhibition will move to the Russian House in Lisbon, the Mikhailovsky Manege in St. Petersburg, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and other European countries.

Time: 3 — 13 june
Venue: 2 Zubovsky Boulevard
Parks to celebrate Russia Day

Twenty-one parks in the city have prepared their celebratory programmes for Russia Day. The festivities will start in Park Pobedy at Poklonnaya Gora, with the leading cadet school students forming a guard of honour at 11 am.

Beginning at noon, Russia-themed songs will be broadcast at the parks. An exhibition event with Olympic champions and other athletes taking part, as well as relay races, will begin at 1 pm. Lianozovsky Park will host the Moscow Cup open strongman competitions. All interested individuals are invited to take part alongside professional athletes.

At 2 pm, brass bands will start playing live at parks. In the evening, the film The Battalion will be shown at 12 parks, including Gorky Park, the Muzeon Park of the Arts, Sokolniki Park, hermitage Garden and Bauman Garden, as well as the Krasnaya Presnya, Tagansky, Izmailovsky, Perovsky, Babushkinsky, Fili and Kuzminki parks. Admission is free. Starting at 9 pm.

As part of the Russia Day celebrations, Gorky Park will unveil a new pavilion of the Garazh Museum of Modern Arts. It will be located inside the building that previously housed the Vremena Goda (Four Seasons) restaurant, which was all the rage in the 1960s. The programme for the opening day includes eight exhibitions, meetings with artists, lectures, film screenings and creative workshops for children, starting at 3 pm.

The traditional Motherland music festival will open at Muzeon Park also at 3 pm. The festival will feature artists’ performances, stalls with vinyl records and musical instruments, a food court, a designer article fair and a sports ground that is suitable for playing petanque and flying disc games.

The Moscow International Modern Literature Festival at Sokolniki Park is expected to be one of the weekend’s most remarkable events, as visitors will have the chance to meet with writers and attend book presentations and new musical productions. The festival will kick off at 10 am.

For more details and materials please send an e-mail to Mosgorpark’s PR section at:; Or, call: 8 926 545 8017 or 8 916 265 9254 (Darya Simonenko), or 8 916 596 7906 (Alexandra Khomenok).

Time: 12 june
Environmental posters exhibition

Environmental posters from the collection of the State Darwin Museum will be displayed at the exhibition, From the Past for the Future. The posters were made by painters Arseyenkov, German, Gorbatov, Pankin, Petukhov and Shkrabo.

The posters were targeted towards Soviet residents but remain relevant to the present day as they promote nature conservation. This includes planting trees and shrubs, building bird houses and feeders, not making noises that scare forest inhabitants, being careful with fire, and more.

The exhibits include British posters on the rational use of nature resources. They were produced by British state institutions mid-last century and presented to the Darwin Museum by British diplomat Matthew Webb. Museum visitors will be able to see the differences and similarities between the environmental propaganda used in placard art of the Soviet Union and Great Britain.

Time: 5 — 12 june
Venue: Darwin Museum
Peoples of Moscow Festival

The Peoples of Moscow festival of ethnic cultures will take place on Russia Day as part of the Moscow Press Festival on Poklonnaya Gora. Moscow performance groups will entertain visitors with their folk music, dances, poetry, songs, costumes and musical instruments.

The festival is aimed at strengthening interethnic concord and interreligious peace, as well as preventing extremism and nationalism.

Taking part in the festival will be representatives of the republics, ethnic groups and expat communities living in Moscow, and senior officials of the Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism and the Department for Media and Advertising.

The idea of hosting the festival originated from the Peoples of Moscow multimedia project which has been held for two years in the form of weekly meetings with representatives of various ethnic groups live from the chain broadcasting studio of the Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper. During this time, representatives of 55 nationalities living in Moscow have visited the journalists.

Time: 12 june 15.00
Venue: Victory Park
Yakuts to celebrate Isiakh

On Russia Day, the Kolomenskoye State Integrated Museum and Protected Nature Park will host festivities to mark Isiakh, Yakutia’s public holiday. Isiakh was first celebrated in Moscow nine years ago when the nation marked the 375th anniversary of Yakutia’s accession to Russia. On this day a commemorative serge was installed at Kolomenskoye in recognition of the Russian people’s long-lasting friendship and unity and as a symbol of hospitality.

This year the festivities are dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) and the Year of Literature in Russia. The event was organised by the Government and the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Yakutia (Sakha), with support from the Department of Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.

The festivities will feature algys (a blessing ceremony), khomus (mouth harp) playing, osuokhai (a folk round dance), competitions of boturs, or strongmen, in national sports, as well as contests, games, an exhibition, a fair, a beauty contest and a gala concert.

In previous years guests at the event were particularly attracted by the ritual ceremony that traditionally kicks off the festivities. By custom the ceremony is held when the sun is highest in the sky, that is, between 11 am and 12 noon, and consists of several rites: purification, blessing and kumys-drinking. Every year Yakutia’s best folk groups take part in the ceremony.

This year a large delegation from Yakutia’s Megino-Kangalassky ulus (settlement), where Yakut national hero Vasily Fyodorov-Manchaary was born, will bring to Kolomenskoye a flavour of diverse Yakut culture. Manchaary was a nightmare for the rich and a defender of the poor, with whom he generously shared his loot. The first Yakut-language works of literature were based on stories about Manchaary.

A key part of the Yakut people’s summer celebrations are national sporting events. The Isiakh festivities in Moscow are traditionally dedicated to the memory of Olympic champion Roman Dmitriyev. The strongest and most agile participants compete in the Yakut jump, Yakut rotation and the republic’s national sport of khapsagai wrestling and mass wrestling (tug-of-war using a stick).

Organisers say that only at the Isiakh festivities can you see all the national costumes of people living in Russia. This year national costumes will be shown by participants in the Kytalyk Kuo beauty and talent contest. Another traditional competition is held among those playing khomus (mouth harp), as this unique musical instrument occupies a special place in many national cultures.

Osuokhai — a round dance on a large lawn — has always been the holiday’s most impressive part. Much like the Russian round dance it symbolises the sun’s rotation and a year coming full circle. Visitors will also be treated to the kumys ceremony. Kumys (fermented mare’s milk) is a national ritual beverage and a symbol of affluence, which Yakuts drink from a ritual bowl called a choron.

The City of Craftsmen, an exhibition and fair, never fails to attract numerous visitors, as it offers a wide choice of arts and crafts items, souvenirs, jewelry and items made of natural materials, such as fur, horsehair, wood and mammoth tusks.

Time: 12 june
Venue: 39 Andropova Prospect
Job fair in Moscow’s Southwestern Administrative Area

The Southwestern Administrative Area employment centre will hold a job fair on 10 June. The event will take place from 11 am to 3 pm at the Meridian Centre of Culture and Art.

The staff at the centre will familiarise job-seekers with various employment options and give them a career guidance test. In addition, visitors will be able to consult a lawyer, a psychologist and other experts on professional training, community works, starting a business, and job search methods. Guests will be provided with information on the activities and services offered at the employment centre.

The job fair will be attended by employers from various sectors of the economy.

All services will be offered free of charge.

For additional information, please call: +7 (495) 938 0037, +7 (495) 938 2528.

Time: 10 june
Venue: 61 Profsoyuznaya Street
Gogol through artists' eyes

This exhibition is the result of an effort by the Gogol House Museum staff to collect illustrations of the great Russian writer’s works, and bring together pieces from the available portraits and sculptures of Gogol.

The exhibition is divided into two sections reflecting the artists’ views of Gogol and his works.

The first features sculptures and portraits of Gogol by nearly 30 artists. Most exhibits are etchings and lithographs and were made in the 20th century, however two rare pencil drawings were made in the second half of the 19th century and were donated to the Gogol House.

There are also sculptures— busts, plaques and medals — made of plaster, faience, unglazed porcelain, bronze, zinc and tin alloy, and wood.

The second section is dedicated to illustrations to his works. Modern researchers have found Gogol to be one of the most illustrated authors in world literature. The exhibit also features sculptures of Gogol’s famous characters.

For reference, please call: 8 (495) 690-58-81, 8 (495) 695-75-47. Admission is free.

Time: 15 march — 10 june
Venue: 7a, Nikitsky Boulevard
Language Path exhibition

The Belyayevo Gallery will open an exhibition marking the 75th birthday of Joseph Brodsky. The exhibition will be held as a guide to the poet’s biography, covering all periods of his life. The exposition deals with Brodsky’s three central themes — time, space and language — and creates the environment of a shared flat in Leningrad.

The exposition includes works by Sergei Bermenyev, photo objects by Tatyana Krol and Lev Melekhov, acoustic video-installations by Vladimir Tarasov and Sergei Katran, light-boxes by Alina Maximenko, text images by Vladimir Nasedkin and film-editing phrases by Andrey Khrzhanovsky.

The project includes a meeting with director Andrey Khrzhanovsky, who directed “A Room and a Half or a Sentimental Journey Back Home” (2009).

For accreditation and information, please call: 8 (495) 335-8322, 8 (985) 294-997-78, (Yekaterina Litvinova).

Time: 16 may — 7 june
Venue: 100 Profsoyuznaya St
Festivals of Science and Street Culture in Parks

Moscow parks are preparing to host concert programmes, literary readings and festivals of science and street culture for their visitors.

A 10 hour-long poetic marathon will take place in the Hermitage Garden on the night of 6-7 June. Theatre and cinema actors will begin readings of the works of Alexander Pushkin, after which visitors will be able to take part in the poetic marathon. Each person who recites will light a candle in memory of the great Russian poet. Books with his work will be laid out in an improvised living room.

From noon to 6 pm the Muzeon Park of Arts will host a charity festival, “Berry Compote,” staged by the participants in the volunteer programme, “Big Brothers, Big Sisters.” Guests will be invited to try sweet baked goods, ice cream and soft drinks. Those who wish may go skim boarding in an inflatable pool, or make bracelets from beads, berries from felt and flowers from ribbons.

Krasnaya Presnya Park will host the Science in the Park festival on 6 and 7 June. Workshops on various sciences — chemistry, physics, geology, medicine and robotics, to name a few — will be conducted in 11 pavilions.

Guests will have an opportunity to repeat experiments in special labs for which Nobel prizes were awarded in the early 20th century. Visitors will also have a chance to be tested on a lie detector, build a model of the Shukhov Tower, visit a contact terrarium and zoo or take part in a geographical quest.

On 6 June Sokolniki Park will host MAX Fest, a festival of skateboarding, BMX biking, graffiti, freestyle and standup. There will be two thematic areas: City, where visitors will be able to participate in different forms of street culture — graffiti, breakdancing and freestyle — and Sport, featuring competitions of professional and amateur riders.

The #Weneedart festival will be held in Sadovniki Park on 6 June. Famous musical bands will perform, and the ELITTeatr association will present an interactive play. Visitors will have an opportunity to attend lectures and workshops on promoting art projects and on voice and photography.

A fair of hand-made goods, decorations, interior design items and clothing will be conducted on the park’s Fontannaya Square from noon to 8 pm.

Skateboarding competitions, “Kids Skate Jam 2,” will be held on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Competitors will demonstrate their skills on the features of a skate park. For more information call: 8 (926) 545 8017 (Darya Simonenko), 8 (916) 265 9254 (Konstantin Lavrov) or 8 (916) 596 7906 (Alexandra Khomenok), or email:

Time: 6 — 7 june
Venue: Moscow parks
Russian Language Day in Moscow

Moscow cultural establishments have prepared over 200 events for Russian Language Day. They will be held in museums, parks, libraries, cinemas and other city cultural establishments. Special events will be arranged in open public spaces and places associated with the names of Alexander Pushkin and other Russian writers, as well as literary events.

The focal point of the festival will be the Pushkin’s Day programme on Pushkin Square near the poet’s statue (beginning at 2.00 pm), which comprises literary compositions, a gala concert and fragments of drama and musical performances.

Yevgeny Bogatyrev, the director of the Pushkin State Museum, State Prize winner and Honoured Cultural Worker, will open and conduct the official segment of the event. Congratulatory speeches on the occasion will be delivered by Pushkin’s great-great-grandson Alexander Grevenits, Head of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications Mikhail Seslavinsky, Director of the State Literary Museum Dmitry Bak, critic, writer and literary historian Igor Zolotussky, poet Olesya Nikolayeva and students of the Pushkin’s Word dramatic recital school under the supervision of Rafael Kleiner, People’s Artist of Russia.

Visitors will listen to the best samples of world art expressed through musical content and literary and historical sources. The concert will feature fragments of dramatic and musical performances based on Pushkin’s works, as well as musical turns and poetry recitals. The State Moscow Musical Theatre Na Basmannoy and the Impromptu Moscow Musical Theatre for Children will offer fragments of their performances based on Pushkin’s works.

Moscow libraries will host over 180 topical events on 6 June. The total audience is expected to exceed 10,000 people. Thus, the Pushkin Central Library will host a cosplay and a meeting with the great writer’s descendants. The Gogol’s House Memorial Museum and Library (7a Nikitsky Blvd) will open the exhibition of books and illustrations, Love the Russian Language. The Losev’s House Library of the History of Russian Philosophy and Culture will open the exhibition, History of Written Language and its Research. The Eisenstein Film Art Library will offer a lecture on screen versions of Pushkin’s works in world cinema and screen the film, The Queen of Spades.

Showings of films based on Pushkin’s works will also take place in the Moskovskoye Kino state-owned cinema chain. The Fakel (Torch) cinema will show the full-length animated cartoon, My Favourite Time, by Andrei Khrzhanovsky. The Eldar film club will host a premiere of Pushkin — Lermontov Duel with the film crew’s participation.

The ZIL Cultural Centre (4/1 Vostochnaya St.) will mark Russian Language Day with a lecture by leading experts of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration on learning Russian and the master-class in old Slavonic calligraphy, Russian Language: History and Modern Times, at 7.00 pm on 6 June. A special literary programme will be held in Pushkin’s memorial apartment at 53 Arbat St.

The literary museums of Sergey Yesenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Konstantin Paustovsky, Marina Tsvetayeva and Vladimir Vysotsky traditionally also take part in marking Russian Language Day. The State Pushkin Museum (12/2 Prechistenka St.) is preparing the interesting and wide-ranging programme.

The complete event programme is available on the ялюблюмоскву.рф website.

Time: 6 june
3rd Moscow Sport Festival

The best athletes from ethnic associations and communities will participate in the Moscow Sport Festival at Yantar Stadium.

Competitions will be open to all except professional athletes, former members of national and regional teams, and holders of the Master of Sport title.

According to Bator Dugarov, head of the sport commission at the Council on Ethnic Affairs in the city government, over 45 ethnic associations and communities will participate in the contest.

“This event is not just a wonderful opportunity for amateur athletes to fulfil their dream and win an award. It is a festival that reminds us about the most important merit of our multiethnic country — unity, peace and mutual understanding between all of its ethnic groups,” he said.

The organisers have set a number of goals: the integration of sport traditions of Russian regions and other CIS countries as well as regional, ethnic and cultural communities and associations of Moscow, plus the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, patriotism and a sense of national unity.

The competition programme includes futsal, volleyball, chess, backgammon, track and field, table tennis, arm wrestling, mass-wrestling, Russian wrestling, belt wrestling, Siberian wrestling and Caucasus wrestling.

There is also a packed entertainment programme offering contests, performances by ethnic art groups, a festival of ethnic cuisines, and a playground for children.

For more details, the results of qualification rounds and the list of participants, please go to the спортнаций.рф website.

Contacts: 8 (968) 596 9391 (Valentina), e-mail:

Time: 6 june
Venue: 26 Marshala Katukova Street
FIA Formula E Championship

Central Moscow will host a key race in the new Formula E season. The race course will run past the Kremlin walls. The organisers intend to show that driving electric cars in the city is relevant as well as environmentally-friendly.

This is not the first motorsport race in Moscow, and not the first to run past the Kremlin walls, said Vladimir Chernikov, Head of the Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism. Joining the Formula E team and contributing to the promotion of electrical cars this year will be a great honour for Moscow.

“Traditionally, motorsports in Moscow attracts plenty of people,” Chernikov said. “This time we expect at least 100,000 spectators, while the worldwide audience is likely to exceed 100 million. I believe the race will become a new red-letter day on the city’s tourist event calendar.”

The new Formula E season kicked off with a race in Beijing last autumn and will conclude in London on 28 June this year. All races will be staged on city streets in the centre of the world’s largest cities.

Time: 6 june
Moscow Meets Friends Festival

Over 1,500 gifted children from about 50 regions in Russia and 38 foreign countries will take part in an international festival organised by the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Fund. Concerts will be held every day in different places, including the Svetlanov and Chamber halls at the Moscow International Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC), Bolshoi Theatre, Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre, Multimedia Art Museum, Richter Museum, Fomenko Workshop, and Shilov Art Gallery.

The opening ceremony will be held in the MIPAC’s Svetlanov Hall on 27 May. Participants in the festival will be performing to the Moscow Virtuosos Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Spivakov. During the festival the foyer of the Svetlanov and Chamber halls will host an exhibition of artwork by the children taking part in the event.

Several Spivakov Charity grant-holders will receive musical instruments as a gift at the concert to be hosted by the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum’s Italian Courtyard, while, overall, 12 musical instruments will be presented to young performers at various concerts during the festival.

A Russian-Danish chamber orchestra will gather to perform at the closing concert on 5 June, with a young Spivakov Charity grant-holder conducting.

The Applied Research Medical Centre for Children with Craniofacial Abnormalities and Congenital Neurological Conditions will hold a concert on 3 June with support from the Khabensky Charity.

In addition to the concerts and art exhibitions on the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic Victory and the Year of Literature in Russia, the festival will feature acting technique and piano workshops.

The festival was organised by the Spivakov Charity Fund with support from the Moscow Government and the Department of Culture, the Presidential Executive Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations, and the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

Time: 27 may — 5 june
Nature Lovers’ Night

On the evening of 5 June, Kuzminki-Lyublino nature and history park will host Nature Lovers’ Night. Beginning 6 pm, cello, violin and percussion will be provided and visitors will be able to enjoy a show of amusing life-size puppets.

The park will host a musical programme entitled Cello Plays by Night. There will also be a dance floor called Nature’s Dance, and an eagle-owl aviary.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a tea in summerhouses and see the film “Puzzles of Nature.”

Moreover, Mospriroda experts have prepared workshops, trivia games and contests on the secret night life of animals and birds of Kuzminki-Lyublino Park. Visitors will be able to make a pendant or a talisman of round cracknels and dry grass to take with them as a souvenir of the Nature Lovers’ Night. At the Hedgehog workshop, visitors will be able to make a night forest dweller from modelling clay and matches and the participants of the Small Bird workshop will have the opportunity to paint a toy bird, which they can find inside a magic box, on drawing easels. Then, visitors will try to differentiate birds by their chirps in a contest entitled Which Bird is Singing?

Time: 5 june
Venue: 10 Kuzminskaya Street
The Brusilov Offensive

4 June — memorable date of Russian military history. On 4 June 1916, Russian forces, commanded by General Alexei Brusilov, launched an offensive during World War I.

Time: 4 june
Venue: Memorable date
Moscow’s parks to host Olympic Day

Olympic Day celebrations will be centered at Sokolniki Park. The event starts with an invigorating five-kilometre run for those who register on the website.

Guests will also watch some unusual events, including pylon sport and aerial acrobatics tournaments. Anyone will be able to test his or her physical fitness levels at a special pavilion by performing the custom-made Moi Olymp (My Olympus) exercises.

Former athletes and Great Patriotic War veterans will be honoured during the event.

The festival will culminate in a gala football match with winter and summer Olympic champions. On that day, Olympic athletes will be dressed in uniforms identical to those worn by players in the first postwar football match of 1945. Wartime musical compositions will be performed during the game.

The Olympic Day bicycle race starts at 10 am in Sokolniki, with the participants eventually reaching Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora (Hill).

From 10 am, Victory Park will host roller ski races and a chess tournament. A dazzling sport-graffiti festival will be of interest to professionals and amateurs.

From noon, the Izmailovo Park administration invites everyone to a cheerleading festival, open fitness lessons, chess and checkers workshops. The park will also host street workout, badminton and table tennis competitions. DJs from local night clubs will provide the latest music.

From noon, the main stage of Tushino Park will host a junior league fitness/aerobics team festival. Visitors will be able to jump on trampolines, and the ‘Dad, Mom and I are an Olympic Family’ sport competition will be held.

Over 50 legendary Olympic champions will take part in the Olympic Day event. All four festival venues will host workshops, autograph sessions and photo opportunities. During the day, everyone will be able to see the legendary torches of the 1980 Moscow and 2014 Sochi Olympics at these parks and to pose for photos with them.

Time: 4 july — 4 june
Venue: Moscow’s parks
Exhibition: Priests as War Veterans

The First Moscow Educational Complex, the city’s biggest multidisciplinary educational facility, is organising a 3D display, “Priests as Participants in the Great Patriotic War,” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Great Victory.

The student-made display is an open IT educational space centred on an interactive panel showing the war’s main events. There are over 160 display pieces, including letters from the frontline, rare photographs and student-veteran correspondence. War footage is broadcast online. Plans to offer visitors audio-guides are in the works.

The current display, entitled “Military Historical Miniature,” is a panorama of the Great Patriotic War’s main events. It is made of plastic, natural materials and architectural clay.

The museum elucidates the role of Russian Orthodox Christianity and other faiths in the victory over Nazism.

Time: 4 may — 4 june
Venue: 10/1 Tikhomirova Street
Job fair in Central Administrative Area

“The Central Administrative Area Employment Centre” state public institution is organising a job fair on 4 June from 11.00 am until 2.00 pm in the Tishinka trade and exhibition complex (T-Module exhibition complex). Visitors will have the opportunity to meet employers, choose from many employment options, and consult a lawyer, a psychologist, and other experts on issues regarding vocational training, participation in public works, organising business activities, and job hunting technology. Visitors will also be able to take a career guidance test and receive information about working arrangements and types of services provided by the employment office.

Services are provided free of charge.

Employers who carry out various types of business activities are invited to take part in the job fair.

Telephones for references: 8(495) 911-14-29, 8(495) 911-08-40

Time: 4 june
Venue: Venue#1, Tishinskaya Sq., Bld.1
Children’s Day at Vorobyovy Gory

On 1 June, Muscovites are invited to visit a display of special equipment used by the Emergencies Ministry and the Ministry of the Interior, and participate in a flash mob. The Vorobyovy Gory Pioneer Palace will be turned into a huge children’s playground offering workshops and classes.

Children will learn how to make traditional dolls, paper airplanes, and moulds out of clay, while animal lovers will attend an animal theatre.

On Children’s Day at Vorobyovy Gory, there will be a ropes course, an orienteering competition, a sailing regatta, and canoe races. Guests will have a chance to play streetball and badminton, rent bicycles and roller skates, and shoot rifles at a laser range.

The Dream Ship festival will also offer film screenings as well as a football match between the team of the Vorobyovy Gory Pioneer Palace and FC Spartak.

Media accreditation: 8 (495) 365 1348, 8 (499) 369 7525, 8 (916) 266 5198.

Time: 1 june
Venue: 17 Kosygina Street
Moscow’s parks to celebrate International Children’s Day

Moscow’s parks have prepared various cultural events for city residents in the run-up to International Children’s Day.

On 30-31 May, everyone will be able to take part in professional development workshops at Gorky Park, make their own ice cream using a mobile ice cream factory at Sokolniki Park, make cartoon hero costumes at Krasnaya Presnya Park and take part in street dance competitions at Goncharovsky Park.

Gorky Park

On 30 May, Gorky Park turn into a Country of Letters. Children will create a 50-metre long picture on Pushkinskaya Embankment using the technique of street art calligraphy. Visitors will also be able to take part in the ABCs of Professions educational/game project and can take dance lessons on Fountain Square. The Letter Aerobics project and a foaming disco party will start there at noon and 1 pm, respectively.

The square will also host a charity project, entitled The Park and I Are Helping, involving children and adults. After donating 50 roubles to a charity foundation, each visitor will receive a piece of coloured chalk. The Pioneer summer cinema will host English language and psychology lessons from noon until 6 pm.

Sokolniki Park

On 30-31 May, the park will host an ice cream festival, with people making their own ice cream and taking part in an ice cream fitness session using fitness balloons. They will also be able to play a game called Ice Cream Ball and watch a soap bubble show. An ice cream parade involving dancers, cheerleaders and a brass band is also scheduled to be held. On 30 May, Festivalnaya Square will host the Imaginarium exhibition of unusual bicycles for children, and relay races for children are scheduled for 31 May.

Krasnaya Presnya Park

On 30 May, the park will hold Animated Cartoon Day. Guests will be able to watch their favourite cartoons, take part in filmmaking workshops and create their favourite cartoon hero costumes for an upcoming parade.

Bauman Garden

On 31 May, the garden will host an all-out festival of Moscow’s art schools. The garden will be divided into four thematic zones: music, theatre, paintings and choreography. Brass and symphony orchestras, choirs and soloists will perform, and drawing, graphic art, design and hand-painting workshops will be organised. Episodes from various plays will be performed, and themes from the musical Road to Liverpool, based on the songs of The Beatles, will be presented.

Goncharovsky Park

On 30 May, the park will host the Crazy Dream street dance competitions. People will also apply face paintings, play Frisbee, badminton and blow soap bubbles together with entertainers.

Kuzminki Park

On 30 May, the park’s stage for children will host four English-language plays, including Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins and Hansel and Gretel. On 31 May, the park will host the Little Mr and Miss Kuzminki beauty pageant for talented children.

Anyone can take part by e-mailing a request to: for organisers of the beauty pageant for talented children. These requests can be downloaded from the park’s official wedsite: The park will also host workshops, with participants making costumes, hairdos, trendy accessories, ornamented brown cookies and marzipan sweets. Workshops for future top models will also be held.

On 1 June, visitors will help set a new record by drawing a large picture on the pavement using coloured chalk.

Fili Park

On 31 May, the park will host a children’s rock festival, with famous actors performing well-known songs, reciting verses and talking about their childhoods.

Vorontsovsky Park

On 30 May, the park will host the Metro family festival-picnic featuring educational science workshops, quests for children and a charity event involving a rubber-duck race.

On this day, Sadovniki Park will host an English-language picnic. People visiting the park’s Rizhsky Garden will play English-language active games and board games, and all picnic participants will be treated to beverages and sweets.

On 30 May, Lianozovsky Park will host a concert and dance lessons. On 30-31 May, Izmailovsky Park will host an art festival and a fair for talented people. On 31 May, children will perform at the Hermitage Garden.

On 31 May, Friendship (Druzhby) Park will host the Colours Go street race.

For additional information, call Darya Simonenko at: 8 (926) 545 8017, Alexandra Khomenok at: 8 (916) 265 9254 or Konstantin Lavrov at: 8 (916) 596 7906. E-mail:

Time: 30 may — 1 june
International Day for Protection of Children on Tsvetnoy Blvd

On 1 June, Tsvetnoy Boulevard will be converted into a large children’s playground. Children will be able to watch performances by circus artists, clowns and trained animals, visit a children’s amusement town with bouncy castles and a fun house mirror alley, and take part in numerous workshops and children’s concert programmes held simultaneously on two stages: near Clown Fountain on Tsvetnoy Blvd and on Trubnaya Square. There will be a performance by the Moscow Children’s Puppet Theatre. Children’s dancing and singing bands and Golos project participants will make up the concert programme.

Nikulin’s Circus animals will perform, too.

Magic art objects, Live Armchair and Speaking Magic Mirror, will be located near the central flowerbed on Tsvetnoy Blvd. Visitors will be able to learn how to make sand drawings, how to paint and create adornments for pot flowers at combined workshops.

Children will be able to jump in bouncy castles, take part in sports competitions, build a house out of large cubes, run along the boulevard on gigantic skis and play intellectual games: puzzles, trivia games and composing puzzles. This special amusements zone will also have a dry pool with multicoloured balls.

For accreditation, please call: 8 499 505 1822 (extension 107) or email: (Anna Ulyanova).

Time: 1 june 1-6 pm
Octavio Paz. 100th birthday exposition

On 12 November, the launch ceremony of the Poetry in the Metro train will be held at the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station. The exposition is dedicated to the work of Octavio Paz, Nobel laureate and renowned Mexican poet. The exposition has been prepared by the Mexican embassy in Moscow.

The exposition includes archive photos and excerpts from the poetry, essays and Nobel speech of the writer, whose poetry stands apart in its surrealistic imagery and spirit of literary experimentation. The event is timed to coincide with Octavio Paz’s birthday and the upcoming 125th anniversary of Mexican-Russian diplomatic relations.

The ceremony launching the train will be attended by Moscow Metro Head Dmitry Pegov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Mexican States in the Russian Federation Ruben Beltran and representatives of the Latin America Department at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Professional dancers and musicians will perform at the event.

For media accreditation, please call by 5 pm on 11 November: 8 (495) 684 9739, 8 (495) 684 9620 or send an e-mail to:,,

Time: 12 november — 31 may
Moscow arts school festival

On 31 May, the Bauman Garden will play host to the Big Moscow Arts School Festival in the run-up to the International Day for Protection of Children. Visitors are invited to listen to classical and jazz pieces performed by arts school students and prominent musicians, try out the drums or the flute, make a picture out of an inkblot, and play their first part in an orchestra or perform a folk dance.

Violins, drums, domras and harps as well as other both typical and unexpected musical instruments will await those who wish to put their skills to the test at the Musical Instruments Park interactive exhibition at the Garden’s central venue.

The Garden’s central alley, at the same time, will turn into an exhibition displaying works by students of the Start Architectural School. Guests can make their own work of art at painting, graphic drawing, design, mural painting and other artistic workshops, while participants of the Live Coverage interactive project will chronicle the festival’s events under the guidance of documentary photographers.

The theatrical part of the programme includes staged drama excerpts, and the “On the Road to Liverpool”, a musical based on the songs of The Beatles. Poetic readings will be held throughout the day in the park’s quieter spots, while its workshop area near the choreographic stage will be open to children and adults interested in learning their favourite dances.

The festival will be held from noon to 6 pm, with the special concert programme running from 6 pm to 9 pm. Admission is free.

To find out more, get media accreditation and set up interviews, contact Maria Goroshko at 8 916 829 6770,, or Yelizaveta Saltykova at 8 903 274 7314,

Time: 31 may 12.00 – 21.00
Venue: 15 Staraya Basmannaya Street
Signing of the Treaty of Paris

31 May — memorable date of Russian military history. On 31 May 1814, the Treaty of Paris was signed, effectively ending the war against the First French Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Time: 31 may
Venue: Memorable date
Arch Moscow exhibition

For 20 years, the Arch Moscow exhibition has displayed the best examples of Russian and foreign architecture and featured professional discussions on developing a high-quality architectural environment.

In 2015, the exhibition will include discussions on the functional value of architecture. The market of high-quality and applied architecture will be high on the agenda of the renewed international expo of architecture and design as it marks its 20th anniversary.

The Arch/Market section will showcase urban planning solutions, low-rise housing, office buildings, sports complexes, parks, schools, kindergartens, theatres, libraries, museum and exhibition halls, and spa resorts.

The Arch/Technologies section is dedicated to leading companies that develop software and equipment for architects, as well as professional and popular literature. Participants have prepared an extensive lecture programme on architecture and communications.

The Design Bureau section will feature the diversity of interior solutions for residential and public spaces. The event programme will also include consultations and workshops with designers.

At the Exterior and Interior Solutions platform, participating companies will present new collections and unique solutions that allow architects, designers and builders to implement the most daring and interesting projects.

The top manufacturers and distributors of architectural and design lighting will display their latest collections and developments at the Light in Architecture stand.

The Details platform will feature manufacturers and distributors of innovative materials, lighting equipment, interior elements, decorative architectural elements, software and other products.

The expo will also host several exhibitions. The Architectural Policy exhibition will include urban development projects that were implemented in 2010-2015, projects that are currently underway, and an outlook for the future development of the city. The exhibition deals with the most socially important facilities, as well as the development of a network of educational and leisure facilities. Presentations and discussions of the urban development policy goals will take place as part of the event.

The Arch Moscow Next! project will feature a display of young architectural bureaus that already have interesting projects and implemented solutions, and are shaping the current architectural market to a great extent. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the architects’ progress from beginners (all the participating architects took part in the Arch Moscow curatorial projects) to accomplished professionals.

The Arch Catalogue exhibition has been for many years one of the central projects of the Arch Moscow expo. Invited this year are the professionals who have achieved the most success over the past years and young architects. The project’s primary aim is to promote Russian architecture among the public and show the capabilities and achievements of Russian architects. As always, the architect of the year will be named following the event.

Time: 27 — 31 may
Venue: Central House of Artists
Female Director of the Year

The 16th Female Director of the Year Moscow Competition will be held ahead of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on 8 March.

The selection stage will be held from 2 March to 15 April 2015. It will be held by the municipal commission comprising representatives of the city executive authorities, trade unions and employer associations, the Moscow Civic Chamber and public figures.

The winners will be announced in May.

The Female Director of the Year competition is an opportunity to demonstrate one’s management achievements and women’s contribution to Moscow’s socioeconomic development.

Over 3,000 applicants from various economic and social sectors have taken part in the competition since its start.

For information about the competition procedure and consultations, go to the official site of the Moscow Public Relations Committee.

Consultations and submission of documents: by appointment only at 36 Novy Arbat Street, from 10 am to 5 pm on Monday-Thursday and until 3:45 pm on Fridays. For enquiries, call: 8 (495) 633-6008 and 8 (495) 633-6031.

Time: 2 march — 31 may
Moscow Sabre competition

The international men’s fencing tournament (World Cup’s stage) and women’s fencing tournament (Grand Prix) will take place at the Druzhba multipurpose arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex.

Athletes from 46 countries will compete. Moscow will be represented by Svetlana Shevelyova, Sofya Velikaya, Dmitry Danilenko, Alexei Yakimenko, Pavel Galushkin, Kamil Ibragimov, Ilya Motorin and Trofim Veliky.

The opening ceremony will be held on 30 May at 6 pm. The awards ceremonies will round out the tournament on 30-31 May.

For media accreditation, please call 8 915 243 8609.

Time: 29 — 31 may
Venue: 24/5 Luzhnetskaya Embankment
Universum intellectual games tournament

On 31 May, Svobodnoye Plavaniye Big Hall will host a Universum intellectual games tournament among students and graduates of Moscow institutes. Stars of TV clubs have been invited to participate.

The Moscow Department of Culture’s integrated government services centre has organised the event. Universum seeks to support students and graduates and allow them to share their experience.

About 40 teams consisting of 3-6 participants will take part in a game, entitled “Shto? Gde? Kogda?” [“What? Where? When?”]. Every team will represent a Moscow institute and will be made up of students, graduates and teachers. Participants will answer questions on culture, history, science and everyday life.

The contest will show which institute educates the strongest players. Apart from the main results, a student test is also planned. The best teams will continue to compete in a game called Erudit-Kvartet [Erudite Quartet], a team version of the game Svoya Igra [Your Own Game]. The participants will be awarded souvenirs and prizes from the organisers and partners.

Time: 31 may 12 pm
Venue: 28а Varshavskoye Motorway
Competitions in Open Water Swimming

The second season ofChampuions Cup open-water swimming international competitions will be held in Krylatskoye. The number of participants in the Moscow stage is nearly twice the figure for last year. A total of 850 swimmers will start simultaneously.

Among them are world-class swimming stars, professionals and amateurs.

The athletes will swim one nautical mile, or 1,852 metres.

In 2015, the competitions are dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. They are held with the support of the Department for Physical Fitness and Sport.

The opening ceremony is planned for 10:00 am.

Registration will take place from 8:00 am until 10:00 am.

Time: 31 may
Venue: the Rowing Canal
Moscow Metro Quest

The Moscow Metro has launched a unique project for its passengers: a themed quest, which will last until 31 May. The quickest and most erudite passengers will be awarded a Troika travel card with unlimited trips for 90 or 365 days.

Deputy Head of the Moscow Metro for Communications Vladimir Pogonin said: “Spring holidays traditionally bring together in Moscow thousands of tourists from various countries. I’m sure all metro passengers who take part in the quest will find it most interesting.”

Those who wish to participate in the quest should install the Mobile Quest application on their phones. Participants will be able to choose one of three thematic routes: “Renamed Stations,” “Sport in Moscow” and “Inspiration in the Metro.” Each route contains five questions. For their answers to be counted, passengers should not only decipher the encoded name of a station, but must also visit it before others. Each route can be covered only once.

The first participants to answer all five questions will receive a 90-day unlimited Troika travel card. Those who answer all questions and cover all three routes will receive a 365-day Troika travel card.

Time: 5 — 31 may
Moscow on the Move

To celebrate the anniversary of the Moscow metro, the Museum of Moscow will host an exhibition on the history of transport in the city, from horse-drawn cab drivers to taxis, and from steam locomotives to motor ships.

The exhibition tells the story of the first fixed-route public coach, called the lineika, followed by buses and trolleybuses, and depicts where the first tram lines were laid and how the metro was built.

The museum will present objects, photographs and documentary footage from its reserves to demonstrate the main trends in the development of transport in Moscow. Cash registers and tickets, tokens, bus passes, uniforms of taxi drivers, bus drivers, metro employees, route maps for various types of transit, bus stop plates and posters, memories of Moscow residents, documentary footage and even china all form a large mosaic of one of the key elements of the city.

For more information call 8 (495) 739 00 08 or email

Time: 17 april — 31 may
Venue: 2 Zubovsky Boulevard
Brundibar Opera at VDNKh

Brundibar, a children’s opera that became a symbol of resistance to Nazism in the middle of the 20th century, will be performed from the stage of the Zelyony (Green) theatre at VDNKh. The Big Children’s Choir of Russian radio and TV will put on the world-famous production.

Czech composer Hans Krasa composed the short opera for children in 1938 to a libretto by Adolf Hoffmeister.

The opera became world-famous after juvenile prisoners of the Terezin concentration camp staged performances in 1943. The opera, which carried a call for peace and the triumph of good over evil, endured 55 performances on the camp grounds and served as phantasm of a hope for freedom.

When it returned to the stage after the war, the opera conquered Europe, North America and Australia, and was translated into several languages. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism, the opera was staged for the first time in Russian in Moscow and Volgograd, premiering in the capital at the Moscow philharmonic society on 10 May.

The Russian libretto was prepared by poetess Lilia Vinogradova together with composer Igor Krutoy and opera singers Dmitry Khvorostovsky and Sumi Jo. The stage director is Mstislav Pentkovsky, a representative of the Brundibar project in Russia.

Performances are free of charge at the Green theatre.

Time: 31 may
Venue: 119, Prospekt Mira
Art Today project

A large-scale exhibition project will focus on modern trends in painting and decorative art, icon painting, design and art photography. The exhibition will include painters spanning all genres and trends — representatives of various art schools from across numerous Russian regions will showcase in their work modern Russian art themes.

The Art Today exhibition project will be held under the motto, Feast. It will follow an exhibition marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, which saw the active participation of the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia (TSKhR).

A total of 116 painters, graphic artists, sculptors, photo artists and decorative artists will display over 190 works as part of the project. The exposition includes religious art, portraits, genre, thematic and abstract compositions, landscapes and still-life paintings.

Tushino Exhibition Hall. Please call: 8(499)493 1467. Website:

Time: 15 — 31 may
Venue: 19 Yana Rainisa Blvd, Bldg 1
Festival of Art Schools

On International Children’s Day, the Bauman Garden will host the Grand Festival of Moscow Arts Schools. The Garden will be divided into four zones for music, theatre, painting, and choreography.

The musical programme includes a wind and symphony orchestra marathon, performances by choirs and soloists, and concerts by classical and jazz singers. The central site will host an interactive exhibition, Park of Musical Instruments, where visitors will have the opportunity to try their hand at playing violin, drums, dombra, harp and other instruments.

Visual arts will also be represented to the maximum degree. In the main alley, works by students from the Start Architecture and Arts School will be on display. Attendees will be able to create their own work of art during a workshop on painting, graphics, design, etc. Participants in an interactive project, Live Reporting, will broadcast the festival’s events live with the assistance of documentary photographers.

In the theatrical zone, there will be segments of drama performances and the musical “On the Road to Liverpool,” based on The Beatles lyrics. Poetry recitals will also be held all day in the quiet nooks of the park. Performers of various genres, from classical ballet to folk dance, will entertain visitors on the choreographic site. In the workshop area next to the choreographic stage, adults and children will be able to learn how to perform any dance movement they liked from the performances.

The Folk Meadow will feature a live installation on folk culture. The events include concerts by folk bands, Russian folk games and dancing, a display of handicrafts and weaving, pottery and other classes on traditional arts.

The festival will be held from 12 pm to 9 pm.

For additional information, please contact Maria Goroshko at 8 (916) 829 6770, email, or Yelizaveta Saltykova at 8 (903) 274 7314, email

Time: 31 may 12.00 — 21.00
Venue: The Bauman Garden
Efficiency Lab

The ZIL Cultural Centre has announced the start of enrolment for the second year of the Efficiency Lab for teens, which will be devoted to cinema.

Participants will learn filmmaking basics and shoot their own films.

The Efficiency Lab is a modern educational technology space aimed at providing teens aged 13 to 17 with extracurricular creative development, self-fulfilment and professional self-determination.

Participants will learn the basics of acting, playwriting, producing, shooting, editing, sound design and the history and theory of filmmaking.

All classes will be conducted by McGuffin Film School staff, who will discuss with participants the entire filmmaking cycle: the competition of ideas, development of the synopsis, dialogues and scripts, the operation of cameras, light and professional sound equipment, shooting and editing film, and sound and colour correction.

Each lecture will include trainings to develop memory, reaction and teamwork skills.

Participants will shoot their own films, which will premiere in May at the ZIL Cultural Centre.

For more information, contact Yelena Dragunova at: (495) 675-1636, 8 (916) 881-9544; Or e-mail:

Time: 10 march — 31 may
Venue: 4/1 Vostochnaya St
Moscow for Life and for Children! contest final

The National Exhibition of Economic Achievements will host the final of the third annual children’s art contest, Moscow for Life and for Children: Urban Development as Seen by Young Muscovites.

The first contest involved only 80 children, with participation growing to over 600 by the next year. The jury received 1,100 entries in 2015, and over 200 Moscow children aged between five and 12 will take part in this year’s final.

Drawings by the contest finalists will be exhibited in the central alley between the Peoples’ Friendship and Stone Flower fountains. The contest programme also includes a children’s pavement drawing competition, musical performances, an awards ceremony and special prizes.

The jury is chaired by Sergei Lyovkin, Head of the Department of Urban Development.

Registration for participants will start at 11.30 am in the tent near the Peoples’ Friendship Fountain.

Media accreditation will be available on 29 May until 5 pm by calling 8 (495) 629 2261, 8 (495) 956 6949, 8 (495) 956 6625, 8 (968) 813 4291, or sending an e-mail to

Time: 30 may
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
KOT film festival

Moscow will host the Second Moscow International Film Festival for Children and Teenagers, known as KOT. Muscovites will have a chance to see 25 feature films and over 60 short films for children from 22 countries, including Russia, Europe, Asia, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Australia and South Africa.

KOT is Russia’s only major international competitive children’s film festival. In addition to watching films, children and teenagers will participate in discussions and workshops.

About 100 feature films and 250 short films created in different countries in 2013–2015 were considered for inclusion in the festival’s competition. Nine feature films and 48 short films — fiction, animation and documentary — made it to the shortlist.

The festival will have two international juries.

The opening ceremony will take place at Kosmos cinema on 24 May at 7 pm. The winners will be announced there as well on May 30 at 5 pm.

The feature film competition will include films of various genres for audiences of different ages. The out-of-competition Russian programme includes several short and medium-length films recently made in Moscow and the Russian regions. There will be programmes devoted to projects such as the animated anthology “Merry Carousel” and the collection of funny short stories for schoolchildren named “In Jest and In Earnest.” Some of the out-of-competition programmes are theme-based: there will be a separate show followed by a discussion involving families and a psychologist on relationships between children and their parents. There will also be a programme focusing on Orthodox animation. The documentary film I’m Laughing about young prisoners of concentration camps will be shown in honour of the recent anniversary of Victory in WWII.

The festival’s retrospective programme will be dedicated to French cinema for children and early films for children (1910–1939) as well as the films created by past favourites of the festival circuit such as Ingmar Bergman and Jean Genet, to name a few.

The exhibition “Mikrodacha” in the lobby of Kosmos will display original photos taken with the use of a microscope.

The festival will be held at cinemas, such as Kosmos, Saturn, Zvezda, and Fakel, as well as at the Russian State Children’s Library. Workshops will be held at the Krugovaya Panorama cinema, where a children’s club will be open on 25–29 May.

Admission to screenings and other events is free. Admission to the opening and closing ceremonies is by invitation only.

Time: 24 — 30 may
Venue: Moskovskoye Kino cinemas
Nano Opera contest for stage managers

The Helikon Opera Musical Theatre will host the second international contest of young opera directors, Nano-Opera. The event will be held with the support of the Moscow Department of Culture. The contest is aimed at helping aspiring directors reach their potential by working with young opera professionals. The programme will consist of small scenes from the theatre’s repertoire. The time for preparations will be restricted, which is typical for the performance of modern stage managers.

The first such contest was held in May 2013. All winners received interesting cooperation proposals from the largest theatres in Russia and throughout Europe.

In the second round, each participant will stage an operatic aria and a duet featuring soloists from Helikon Opera. In the third and final round, they will stage a crowd scene with the theatre’s soloists and choir. Both rounds will be held to pianoforte accompaniment. Each participant will be given 15 minutes for staging a single item. During this time, they should hold a rehearsal with the artists and present the final result to the public.

The contest winners will receive the right to stage a play on Helikon Opera’s historical stage, as well as precious gifts and diplomas. In addition, the most charming participant will receive the audience-appreciation award.

The award ceremony will begin at 5 pm on 29 May and the final gala concert will take place at 7 pm. Online registration to visit the second and third rounds for free is open to all those interested.

Media accreditation for 25-29 May can be received over the phone: 8 (495) 691 8474.

Time: 24 — 30 may
Venue: 11/2 Novy Arbat St
Moscow for Living and for Children Contest

The Moscow Department of Urban Development has started to accept school students’ applications for a children’s drawing contest called Moscow for Living and for Children.

“We want to know how young Muscovites view Moscow’s urban development policy. We want Moscow to become more people friendly especially for children and teenagers. Children’s opinions are important. Last year, we saw in all drawings such key points of urban development as courtyards, green parks, fountains, the Moscow Metro and good roads. That is what we are aiming at. We are eager to see participants and their drawings for the new contest,” Head of the Department of Urban Development Sergei Lyovkin said.

This will be the third year that Moscow holds the contest. Drawings can be submitted in four categories:

— Moscow — City of History and Architecture / Moscow — Our History and Culture / Centre of Attraction;

— Moscow — City on the Move / The Metro — Nearby My Home;

— Moscow — My Home, My Street / Moscow — All You Need Is Nearby;

— Moscow — City in the Forest and Forest in the City / Moscow — The Greenest City in the World.

The contest is open to school pupils from first grade to fifth grade and preschool children aged five and older attending kindergartens, hobby groups and art studios.

The application form is posted on the Moscow Department of Urban Development’s website. Applicants are required to fill in information on the educational institution, the child submitting a drawing, and the teacher monitoring preparation for the contest; stick information on the participant, school and teacher to the reverse side of the drawing; and send the application in Word format to by 29 April 2015 (inclusive).

Participants with several teachers at the same school can file one application from the educational institution (the original drawings shall be sent as a full set).

Only original works will be accepted: children’s drawings on A3 format paper. The first, second and third place finalists will be awarded certificates and prizes. All finalists and teachers will get letters of gratitude.

For more information, please call: 8 (495) 956-99-25,8 (495) 956-69-49,8 (495) 629-22-61.

Time: 9 february — 30 may
Summer Moscow Open 2015

The Summer Moscow Open 2015 international tennis competition will be held at the Belokamennaya children’s tennis school.

The tournament will involve 128 athletes from 14 countries. Moscow will be represented by 27 athletes — 11 men and 16 women.

The doubles finals will be held on 29 May at 2 pm, the men’s singles — on 30 May at 11 am, and the women’s singles — at 12.30 pm.

The awards ceremonies will take place on 29 and 30 May after the finals.

Contacts for media accreditation:

E-mail:; Fax: 8 (495) 695 8864.

Time: 22 — 30 may
Venue: 2 Samokatnaya St.
Children’s drawing contest

The third Moscow for Living and Children contest of children’s drawings has kicked off in Moscow. It is meant to give school children, their parents and teachers more insight into Moscow city planning development.

A professional panel will name winners and prize-winners in four categories: “City of History and Culture,” “City on the Move,” “My Home and My Street,” and “The City in the Woods and the Wooded City.”

The finalists placing first, second and third will be awarded certificates and gifts. All participating children will get letters of gratitude.

In addition, a people’s choice prize will be presented following an open poll.

E-applications for the contest can be filed between 9 February and 29 April, and original works can be submitted between 13 and 29 April. The official finals and awards ceremony will take place on 30 May, on the eve of International Children’s Day, which is marked on 1 June.

To see the rules of the contest, conditions of participation, and works and winners of past years, please visit the website of the Department of Urban Development.

Last year, 638 children’s drawings were sent in from 54 educational institutions.

The exhibition of winning works of the 2014 contest was held in the City Hall building at 13 Tverskaya St. Prize-winners and their teachers were offered a tour of historical halls of the Moscow governor general’s mansion.

Time: 9 february — 30 may
Children’s football tournament at National Exhibition of Economic Achievements

The stadium at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements, or VDNKh (entry from 1st Ostankinskaya Street), will host the football finals between teams in three age groups and the third place playoff for the Kozhany Myach Club prizes as part of the Moscow Courtyard —Sports Courtyard Inter-area Spartakiad.

The event is organised by Moscow’s Department of Physical Fitness and Sport.

The junior football tournament involves boys in three age groups —10-11 years, 12-13 years and 14-15 years — who go to their local sports clubs.

In all, 13,500 players in three age groups that make up more than 650 teams took part in the city football competitions for the Kozhany Myach Club prizes.

For media accreditation and additional information, please call 8 903 673 9975 (Nikolai).

Time: 29 may
Venue: Ostankinsky Park
Border Guards Day

27 March — memorable date of Russian military history. On 27 March 1111, Russian military units defeated a Cuman (Polovets) army.

Time: 28 may
Venue: Memorable date
Job fair in the South-Eastern Administrative District

The South-Eastern Administrative Area Job Centre state public institution will organise an employment fair at the Fantasy Park entertainment centre from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on 28 May.

Visitors will be able to meet employers and choose job opportunities, visit the city job bank, obtain information concerning operational procedures and the services provided by the employment office and take a career-guidance test.

They will also be offered consultations from a lawyer, psychologist and other experts on vocational training, taking part in welfare activities, starting a business and job-hunting know-how.

Employers implementing various economic activities have been invited to take part in the job fair.

All services are provided free of charge.

For enquiries, call: 8 (499) 179-77-03.

Time: 28 may
Venue: 100 Lyblinskaya St
New Era eco-festival

The New Era festival will open at the Krylatskoye Congress Hall at the Moskvoretsky natural and historical park on 26 May. The event will be held with the support of the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection and is timed to World Environment Day and Ecologist’s Day.

The festival programme includes roundtables, exhibitions, fairs and workshops. Clothes from eco-friendly fabric (cotton, wool and wood) will be presented. Visitors will have an opportunity to see a unique exhibition of Soviet and Russian landscape photographer Vadim Gippenreiter, the winner of a gold medal of the Interpress Photo Exhibition (1966) and a member of the USSR Union of Journalists and Russian Union of Photo Artists.

A ceremony resulting in the presentation of the ERAECO-2015 national ecological prize will serve as a central event of the festival. Each year, the prize is awarded for environmental projects in Russia in five different categories: Eco-Education, Eco-Management, Eco-World, Eco-Technology and Ecology Era People.

Time: 26 may
Venue: Krylatskoye Congress Hall
Moscow to host entrepreneurial forum

On 26 May, the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh) will host the Moscow Entrepreneurial Forum’s Time for New Opportunities 15-20 near the Peoples’ Friendship fountain. The event is timed to coincide with Russian Enterprise Day.

The forum will open with a plenary discussion on the subject, Time for New Opportunities 15-20. Successful and well-established business managers will share experience on how to adjust to sweeping change, how to keep afloat amid shrinking consumer demand, and they will also discuss new market opportunities.

Forum workshops — A Billion-Dollar Idea: How to Start from Scratch, Anti-Crisis Conduct: What to Do during a Crisis, and Secrets of Networking: Contacts Do Their Thing — will help participants expand their inventiveness and stamina.

Those about to start a business will be welcomed at the Business International Financial Centre consulting office where they can ask expert advice, register new companies, order a digital signature and open a current account.

Experts from the Moscow Small Business government company will discuss opportunities to develop businesses, and those from the municipal government headquarters for business protection will offer their services to clients. OPORA Russia and Business Russia will discuss the support being provided by public organisations to private companies.

Entertaining and instructive events will be offered to children of forum participants. Cartoons will be shown for young children at the Multicube innovation tent, while older children can obtain career guidance, build a Lego business model and play Technopolis.

Craftsmen and artisans will display their work, share professional secrets and hold glass-blowing and pottery workshops.

Participants can register and obtain additional information at

Time: 26 may
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Made in Moscow festival on Enterprise Day

The Exhibition of Economic Achievements will host the Made in Moscow festival timed to Russian Enterprise Day on 26 May.

The festival will demonstrate Moscow market opportunities and development prospects to beginner entrepreneurs and those thinking of starting a business.

The festival will be accompanied by an exhibition of Moscow-made traditional and innovation goods, which will last throughout the day — a chance for Moscow-based businesses to demonstrate their products and knowhow.

Time: 26 may
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Polytech festival

The 2nd Festival of Science and Curiosity Polytech will be held outdoors on Promyshlennosti [Industry] Square, as well as at the Polytechnic Museum and at Pavilion No. 32, Space, at the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh). The interactive festival for adults and children will bring science and amusement, theory and practice, and art and experimentation together.

Scientists, artists and pop science experts from Russia, the US, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Poland and France will participate in the festival.

The entrance to the festival will feature an installation in the form of a nine-metre letter P. The structure will also double as an observation platform and in the evening will serve as a foundation for a light show.

Polytech’s day and evening programmes include over 26 unusual projects. One is a scientific play entitled ‘The Beginning of Beginnings’ devoted to the origin of the Universe. Soap bubbles will be used to tell visitors about the landmark events in the history of the Universe — from the Big Bang to the appearance of the first living beings and from the first bacteria to the first rational idea.

The street performance Gap Filling is a lyrical sketch about the relationship between a man and a woman as told by actors and tightrope walkers and designed by engineers and cartographers. The stage will be set in six open containers where, like a block of flats, action takes place.

Rings, an interactive installation that will be built like a Meccano construction set (Erector Set), has been designed especially for Polytech. The elements are made of corrugated board in the style of the Polytechnic Museum logo. The installation will be five metres long. Anyone can participate in assembling it.

The Metamorphoses installation, which consists of over three dozen weightless sculptures, embodies the changes that happen in a child at different stages of development. These changes are correlated with the metamorphoses of an insect. Intricate wire objects will be fixed on the crown of a tree not far from Promyshlennosti (Industry) Square.

The festival programme also includes a music project, Auto Organ — 20 cars connected to a synthesizer that guests will be able to play.

Guests will be able to try their abilities as an artist, painting with water on a LED screen. As it hits the screen, water closes tiny electrical circuits and fires up a plethora of LED lights. Water pistols, sprayers and a wet brush or sponge will help draw a portrait or a landscape or leave a short and bright light message.

The interactive installation 60 Flavours will offer a taste of corruption in the world. The mechanism transforms information about the level of corruption in each country into various flavours that are added to sweets: The more rampant corruption, the more bitter the sweet.

In addition, there will be multimedia performances and Project Touchy. Touchy is a helmet with an inbuilt camera with lenses/pupils that open only on tactile contact. If a touch lasts over 10 seconds, the helmet takes a picture of its vis-a-vis.

The festival will also feature books, lectures and children’s programmes. Science in Play is a playground for children with puzzles, where visitors will be able to test the laws of acoustics, dynamics, mechanics and biology in practice.

Time: 23 — 24 may
Venue: National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh)
Kremlin Cup 2015 Modern Pentathlon

The Kremlin Cup 2015 Modern Pentathlon competition will be held at the equestrian centre at the CSKA Sports Club. Two sites will host competitions in fencing, swimming, show jumping and a combined event (running and shooting).

The tournament will involve 48 athletes from 20 countries, including Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and the United States.

Moscow will be represented by Alexander Lesun, Donata Rimšaitė, Yekaterina Khuraskina, Yegor Puchkarevsky, and Ilya Shugarov.

The women’s competition will take place on 23 May, while male athletes will compete on 24 May.

The Kremlin Cup opening ceremony will be attended by Alexei Vorobyov, Head of the Department of Physical Fitness and Sports, Vyacheslav Aminov, President of the Russian Modern Pentathlon Federation and Vice-President of the International Modern Pentathlon Union, Nikolai Gulyayev, First Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Fitness and Sports, and Andrei Moiseyev, Chief Coach of the Russian pentathlon team, two-time Olympic champion. The ceremony will begin at 2.35 pm.

Awards ceremonies will be held after the competitions on 23 May at 5.30 pm and on 24 May at 5.30 pm.

For media accreditation, contact Kristina Alyokhina by calling: 8 (495) 695 8864, 8 (915) 243 8609.

Time: 23 — 24 may
Venue: 39 Leningradsky Prospekt
Active Citizen celebrates its birthday

On 23 and 24 May, fifteen Moscow’s parks, including Gorky, Muzeon, Tagansky, Sokolniki, Izmailovsky, Fili, Krasnaya Presnya, Tagansky, Vorontsovsky and Perovsky parks, Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora, 850th Anniversary of Moscow Park, Severnoye Tushino, Kuzminki and Babushkinsky parks, and Bauman Garden, are planning events to mark the anniversary of the launch of the Active Citizen online referendum platform, as well as International Park Day, which was not observed on 16 May as planned due to inclement weather.

A charity campaign, No Life Too Small, will be held at the entrance to Gorky Park, where visitors will be invited to make a contribution to help children suffering from grave illnesses. On the night of 23-24 May, the park’s facilities will stay open until 3 am and will feature special festive programmes. The Pioner summer cinema will hold the Pacman’s Birthday event from 2 to 8 pm.

From 10 am to midnight, Muzeon will hold the Piramida noir-themed performance based on Leonid Leonov’s novel of the same name, which was not staged on 16 May as planned due to bad weather. The park’s entire area will become the stage for a promenade-type performance involving ordinary visitors. Admission is free with advance registration.

At the Bauman Garden, the Sunday Up Market, which offers clothes and fashion accessories by Russian designers, will be open from 11 am to 1 pm. In addition, the garden will feature intellectual quests and a Park Day festive concert. The programme also includes workouts, crossfit and yoga sessions and a table tennis tournament.

Krasnaya Presnya will turn into an Art Park for a day. At 4.30 pm, it will host a parade of unusual bicycles, with prizes awaiting the most original designs. Kids are welcome at a workshop where their parents can join them to create their own arts park. A festive concert will begin at 7 pm.

At Vorontsovsky Park, a string quartet will perform works by Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi from 6 to 9 pm.

Sokolniky Park will be the venue of a charity run from 7.30 am to 2 pm. Professional runners, including world, European and Russian running champions, will begin the run, and will cover the symbolic first 300 metres before passing the baton to the event’s main participants, kids. The event will include 5- and 10- kilometre runs, and the one kilometre-long Fun Run in costumes. All proceeds from participants’ donations will be given to the Children Sports Foundation.

The Babushkinsky Park agenda for the day includes a chamber orchestra concert, the final stage of the Park Cup tennis tournament, starting at 11 am, and poetry readings by young poets at 7.30 pm.

Kuzminky Park invites its guest to take part in free vocal workshops by the Popoem.Ru school, and a photo bicycle ride.

Severnoye Tushino Park will hold the Territory of Freedom — Youth Without Drugs festival, which will feature performances by musicians and theatre actors. The park will also provide venues for workshops teaching origami and making toys from coffee beans.

Time: 23 — 24 may
Venue: Moscow Parks
Ready for Labour and Defence festival

Moskvich Sports Centre of the Olympic Reserve Sports School will host a Moscow spring festival dedicated to Ready for Labour and Defence, the national physical education and sport programme.

The project organiser is the Moscow Department of Physical Fitness and Sport, jointly with the Moscow Education Department and the Moscow Trade Union Federation.

The festival will include an opening ceremony, an athletes’ parade, an honours ceremony for labour and sports veterans, and RLD tests in 11 age groups (children and teenagers, young people, adults, older people, etc.). All athletes will receive certificates of participation.

The opening ceremony will be held at 11 am on 23 May. For accreditation, please contact Yana Bastanova: 8 (905) 576-42-43.

The contest programme includes standing long jumps, 60- and 100-metre runs, high bar pull-ups, low bar pull-ups, kettlebell jerks, push-ups, sit-ups, bending with knees straight and feet flat on the floor, and bending with knees straight while standing on a bench.

In addition, participants can run standard tests of their choice: swimming (if they have a health certificate), air gun shooting, and cross country running.

Time: 23 — 24 may 11.00
Venue: 46/15 Volgogradsky Prospekt
The ABCs of the Absurd

The Na Kashirke Gallery will host the opening of the Daniil Kharms. Museum in the Cube project, dedicated to the Year of Literature and the 110th anniversary of the Russian author’s birth. The interactive transformer museum will use original design solutions and cutting edge technology to produce illusions, texts, colours, tricks and theatrics and show its visitors the world of the absurd and illusions, where everything is both funny and scary: the world of Daniil Kharms.

Of the museum’s three sections, one is a labyrinth of optical illusions intended to show us the literary side of Kharms’ life, while another one, which looks like a typical communal flat of the 30s, invites us to imagine a place where Kharms and his characters might live. Finally comes the NonPushkin Museum, which is in itself a collection of unusual items.

The ABCs of the Absurd exhibition will open on 30 April to bring together over 20 artists whose art is directly or indirectly related to Kharms or the aesthetics of the absurd. A wide array of peculiar objects will submerge the visitor in the world of paradox, where farce and clownery go hand in hand, and zaum, or recondite poetry, is accessible to all.

The opening agenda includes the partial staging of the Fighting the Meanings performance, and a curator-led excursion.

For more information and media accreditation, call Lyubov Kuzmina at 8 926 484 6677.

Time: 29 april — 24 may
Venue: 35/5 Akademika Millionshchikova Street
Photo exhibition on home front workers

A photo exhibition dedicated to the heroic endeavour of the Great Patriotic War home front workers has opened at the VDNKh exhibition centre. It features unique archive photos, which illustrate one of the greatest and the most heroic period of Russia’s history.

The women and children in the photos chose to work at factories when their fathers, brothers, and husbands had left to defend the country on the frontlines. The images at the exhibition help to fully realize what was happening on the domestic front during the terrifying years of the Great Patriotic War, and convey notions of unity and self-sacrifice to the viewer.

The exhibition is open-air to ensure free access for all viewers, which will help Moscow residents and guests fully enjoy the photographic art.

Time: 29 april — 24 may
Venue: Main alley of VDNKh
Exhibition/competition of scale models

This year’s annual festival of miniature model-making, focusing on buildings, vehicles and military equipment, is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The display features numerous exhibits, including exact replicas of modern and WWII-era military equipment, dioramas of key battles and collections of military historical miniatures.

The participants in the contest are between six and 65 years of age. The best works can be seen free of charge at the Meridian Cultural Centre during visiting hours.

For more details, call 8 (495) 333 3538.

Time: 27 april — 24 may
Venue: 61 Profsoyuznaya Street
Vorobyovy Gory sports festival

The 26th traditional Vorobyovy Gory sports festival for disabled people will take place in the Prestizhnaya Alley of the Luzhniki Olympic Sports Complex. About 800 athletes from Moscow, the Moscow Region and cities across take part in this festival yearly. The programme includes 2,015-metre wheelchair heats (Paralympic mile), 1,000-metre heats for men and women and a four-time 100-metre relay race with three men and one woman.

The festival will include competitions in the following sports — the ice stock, cornhole, figure wheelchair riding, boccia, table tennis, sit-down volleyball, novuss, shuffleboard, darts, ringo, chess, sjoelbak, streetball and draughts.

Outdoor-game competitions will be arranged for children under 14 (born in 2002 and before).

People with all categories of disabilities, such as malfunctions of the locomotor system, eyesight, hearing and intellect, are welcome to take part. Each category will be awarded prizes separately.

The event is organised by the Moscow Department for Physical Fitness and Sport.

Participant registration begins at 9 am. The formal opening will take place at 12 pm.

Applications to participate are accepted by phone: 8(926)288-83-48 (Viktor Vinogradov).

Time: 23 may 12.00
Venue: 24 Luzhnetskaya Embankment
Figurina Festival

On 15-23 May the ZIL Cultural Centre will host the Figurina Festival devoted to modern trends in art education. Its programme includes events for professionals and the public at large — presentations of educational programmes, exhibitions, round tables and other discussions, as well as shows and workshops.

A catalogue with the festival’s manifestos, concepts, and projects will be published. An exposition devoted to several exhibition projects on modern art education will be held during the festival.

Every day of the festival will be devoted to a particular field of art education. Its programme for the professionals will include round tables and other discussions on topical issues of art education, and presentations of educational projects of domestic and Western cultural institutions.

The programme for the broad audience will be conducted in parallel. Children and their parents will have an opportunity to attend workshops on graphic designing, photography, book publishing, and optical toy making. The Soyuzmultfilm Studios will show new animated cartoons while Lyalya Telyatnikova’s Theatre of Painting will stage a choreographic performance of “And a picture is created...”.

The festival’s participants include the Louvres, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the State Centre for Modern Art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the PERMM Museum of Modern Art, the Shops of Art Designing at the ZIL Cultural Centre, the Shabolovka Vanguard Centre, the Rodchenko School, and children art schools.

Time: 15 — 23 may
Venue: 4/1 Vostochnaya Street
Course Towards Victory bicycle quest

Participants in the bicycle quest dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War — besides seeing Rublevo village — will enjoy interesting facts, mysteries and puzzles associated with life, history and the significance of the area for Moscow during the war.

As part of the quest, they will learn about the heroic deeds performed by people during wartime and about their lives and the hardships and the joys they shared with their comrades-in-arms. Participants will gather in the square in front of the Rublevo community centre, where they will learn about the event and meet one another. They will also be able to check and see how well their vehicles are running and get their assignments. The quest starts at 3 pm.

Time: 23 may
Venue: Rublevo village
Moscow Masters contest

The Moscow House of War and Armed Forces Veterans and Pensioners is hosting the finals of the Moscow Masters professional contest for educators of orphans and children left without parental care. The event aims to raise the prestige of this profession and promote its achievements.

This year’s contest is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The competition consists of three stages. The qualifying and semi-final rounds have left only 11 out of the initial 95 contestants, representing 29 orphanages.

The finalists will compete in professional erudition, personal and professional merits and command of Great Patriotic War history. The Moscow Masters contest, currently taking place for the 18th time, aims to enhance the prestige of general trades and professions, popularise outstanding achievements and know-how, promote career advancement, and attract young people to the production sector.

The contest is held with support from the Moscow Government, the Moscow Trade Union Federation and the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs/Employers, and is coordinated by the city Public Relations Committee. Its organisation is provided for by the Moscow Tripartite Agreement [between the authorities, employers and employees].

For accreditation, call 8 495 625 5240, 8 985 695 8350 (Tigran Vartanyan); 8 499 978 3542, 8 917 596 0141 (Marina Gukovskaya) or 8 495 695 0852 (Vladimir Ulyanov).

Time: 22 may 3 pm
Venue: 7/2 Olimpiisky Prospekt
Job Fair in Northwestern Administrative Area

The Employment Centre of the Northwestern Administrative Area will hold a job fair at the Krasny Oktyabr cultural centre from 11 am to 3 pm on 21 May. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet employers, find a fitting job, learn about the centre’s services and take career tests.

In addition, visitors will have an opportunity to consult with a lawyer, psychologist and other specialists on professional training, participation in public work, business organisation and job-searching techniques.

Employers engaged in various types of economic activities have been invited to the event. All services are free. For information call 8 (499) 192 2756, 8 (499) 192 2550.

Time: 21 may
Venue: 7 Vishnyovaya Street
Riding Your Bike To Work campaign

As part of the Riding Your Bike To Work campaign, Muscovites will ride bikes and participate in contests, make use of special offers from partners and enjoy riding bikes in the morning to work. Many Moscow residents rode bikes as children.

The campaign is aimed at demonstrating that bikes are an efficient and sensible mode of transport in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

It is also good for keeping fit, is environment-friendly and alleviates traffic.

The campaign is conducted as part of the Let’s Bike It! project together with Moscow’s Department of Transport.

Time: 21 may
Chess club opens at VDNKh

A contemporary chess club for holding professional and amateur competitions will open on the grounds of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VDNKh).

The new environmentally-friendly building of wood and glass covering an area of about 400 square metres is located between a community centre House of Culture (Building No 84) and an administrative building No 230).

The first official competition will be held at the club at 2:00 pm on opening day, 21 May.

The Russian Chess School and VDNKh management will hold a chess blitz competition for children.

Any child under 16 who can play with a clock and registers with the organisers can take part.

The competition will be held in seven rounds according to the Swiss system. The time control is 10 minutes plus five seconds per move, starting with the first one.

The awards ceremony will be held at 6:00 pm with the participation of Dmitry Gordievsky, the 2014 Moscow men’s champion and the silver medalist at the world junior championship.

All participants will receive commemorative prizes from the Russian Chess School.

Time: 21 may
Venue: 119 Prospekt Mira
Opera, Concert and Ballet in Cinema project

The Kosmos Cinema will present a series of special screenings where spectators can enjoy the restaging of classical plays, legendary rock concerts and tour the world’s best ballet stages.

The Opera, Concert and Ballet project is a unique opportunity to see quality recordings of classic performances. The large screen will create an authentic atmosphere for viewers.

The programme includes screenings such as Romeo and Juliet staged by the Broadway Theatre, the concert films, Queen Rock Montreal, The Doors, and Muse — Live in Rome, and the ballet films, Swan Lake and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

To contact the Moscow Cinema press service, please call: 8 (926) 524-2497, 8 (926) 070-7039.

Time: 14 — 20 may
Venue: 109 Prospekt Mira
Glory to the Victorious Soldier Festival

A culture and art programme, prepared to mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, will be held in a park near the Krylatskoye Culture and Art Centre. This is an annual festival of art groups dedicated to important and memorable dates of Russian history and culture. This year’s festival will be the eighth of its kind. Participating in the festival will be folk groups and singers from the Western Administrative Area of Moscow. The programme will include choruses, academic works, chamber concerts and variety shows as well as circus and choreography performances.

Time: 20 may 2 pm
Venue: 51 Krylatskiye Kholmy Street
Job Fair in Zelenograd Administrative Area

The Employment Centre of Moscow’s Zelenograd Administrative Area will hold a job fair from 1 pm to 5 pm on 20 May. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet employers, find a fitting job, learn about the centre’s services and take career tests.

In addition, they will also be able to consult with a lawyer, psychologist and other specialists on professional training, participation in public work, business organisation and job-searching techniques.

The fair will take place at the Moscow State Institute of Electronic Equipment in Proyezd 4806 in Zelenograd. Employers engaged in various types of economic activities have been invited to the event. All services are free. For information call 8 (499) 717 3174 or 8 (499) 738 4800.

Time: 20 may
Venue: Proyezd 4806, Zelenograd
Tsar Amusing Fires exhibition

The exhibition devoted to “amusing fires”, as fireworks were referred to during that era, will feature etchings and water colours depicting such entertainment. The event will be held as a museum show. Sets derived from artwork from the 18th century will play a central role. This will allow visitors to experience the celebratory atmosphere of those days.

In the 18th century, fireworks shows were held during royal coronations, weddings, birthdays, and name days, New Year’s Day, military victories and peace treaties signing (peace celebrations). Separate halls are devoted to each of these occasions.

Pyrotechnics were greatly admired by Peter the Great, who did not pinch pennies when such shows were concerned. Yelizaveta Petrovna and Yekaterina the Great also loved rich ceremonial fireworks shows. The main achievement of Russian pyrotechnics was the invention of coloured fireworks.

Engravings of future fireworks served as a draft project submitted for the customer’s approval. Over time, they became collector’s items and were conserved in museums and private collections.

Exhibits for the Tsar Amusing Fires exhibition were provided by the Russian State Library, Pushkin State Museum, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, and Tsaritsyno State Open-Air Museum.

The exhibition will open on 27 February at 5 pm at the Grand palace’s Yekaterininsky Hall.

Contacts: Yelena Grishina, 8 (926) 051-7315, 8 (499) 725-7248.

Time: 28 february — 19 may
Venue: Tsaritsyno Open-Air Museum
Living Planet exposition

A new Living Planet exposition with light, video and music effects will open to the press at the State Darwin Museum. Light, surround sound and other special effects will animate the museum’s interior and its exhibits, immersing visitors in the history of Earth and its endless diversity.

In a short 20 minutes, guests will be able to see the development of life on planet Earth — all 4.5 billion years of its evolution. Unique scenes of wildlife will take viewers to vast stretches of savannah, plunge them into deep sea, soak them in tropical showers, lift them up to serene mountain peaks and show them the northern lights at both poles of Earth.

New technologies have turned the walls of the Diversity of Life on Earth exhibition hall into a giant 34-metre-long panoramic screen covering an area of 200 sq m. The installation combines colourful video, surround sound, smart lighting and other video effects with the century-old exhibits of the museum. The image, colour, light, nature sounds and music come together to produce an effect of rapid life development, its limitless diversity and grandeur.

Living Planet can be seen from all three storeys of the museum’s main building for free.

Journalists can get accredited by calling 8 (499) 132 0202 (Yelena Baranova, Tatyana Korovkina) or by sending an email to

Time: 18 may
The Moscow Half Marathon in Luzhniki

On 17 May, the Luzhniki Olympic Complex will host the Moscow Half Marathon, the second run in a series of races ahead of the Moscow Marathon.

The 21.097-kilometre race will consist of two laps, and its route will take in the picturesque Frunzenskaya, Prechistenskaya, Kremlyovskaya and Moskvoretskaya embankments. Those who want to compete at a shorter distance can take part in a 10-kilometre run.

The event was organised with support from the Moscow Department of Physical Fitness and Sport.

Runners must be at least 16 years of age to compete at the 10-kilomtre distance and at least 18 to run in the half marathon. All athletes are required to provide the original copy of a medical certificate with the stamp of an issuing institution and a doctor’s signature and stamp. The certificate must give evidence of a person’s fitness for participation in the race of their choice.

For media accreditation, please call: 8 (495) 620 3606.

Time: 17 may
Tribute to Pyotr Tchaikovsky choir festival

The Zelenograd Cultural Centre will host the 2nd Tribute to Pyotr Tchaikovsky international choir festival and contest to mark the 175th anniversary of the famous composer’s birth.

Held once every two years, the festival helps popularise Tchaikovsky’s music and promote and strengthen creative contacts and friendly ties between choirs and music lovers representing various countries and nationalities.

Taking part in the contest will be 22 children’s, women’s, men’s and mixed choirs from Zelenograd, Moscow, the Moscow, Kaluga and Vologda regions, and the Republic of Belarus, performing in several age groups.

Prizes will be awarded in two categories: secular music and spiritual music. The former, in addition to Tchaikovsky’s music, will also feature pieces created by contemporary Russian composers after 1950 and by their Belarusian colleagues. The latter category will feature spiritual music written entirely by Russian composers.

The contestants will be judged by a jury consisting of cultural figures, choir conductors and professors from leading Russian universities.

Admission is free of charge.

For more information, call 8 (499) 762-42-10.

Time: 15 — 17 may
Venue: 1Tsentralnaya Square, Zelenograd
Russia’s cheerleading championship

The Dynamo Sports Palace will host Russia’s 2015 national cheerleading championship. Two-thousand athletes of various ages from 27 Russian regions will participate. Teams from Crimea and Sevastopol will take part for the first time.

Moscow will be represented by 34 teams consisting of university students and schoolchildren, as well as local cheerleading clubs.

Time: 16 — 17 may 12.00
Venue: 32 Lavochkina Street
Exhibition: At Victory Headquarters. 1941 — 1945

This historical exhibition at Novy Manege is a large-scale project that attempts to shed light on the more obscure side of the war events. It seeks answers to questions like who was behind some of the most momentous decisions, and where and in what way history itself was shaped.

Instead of seeing re-enacted battles, visitors will see the reproduced offices of the country’s leaders during the wartime, fields of no less important battles over strategic decisions. The exhibition features over 600 archival documents and photos, and 150 museum exhibits — works of art and real contemporaneous objects, like furniture from Stalin’s Kremlin office, which create the atmosphere of the General HQ and guerrilla movement HQ, as well as show us portraits of those who were responsible for the fate of the country.

Documents and rare objects include those that belonged to Soviet marshals Ivan Vasilevsky, Andrei Yeryomenko, Ivan Konev, Konstantin Rokossovsky, and come from the personal collections of their heirs and that of historian Vyacheslav Nikonov. The display features orders on the establishment of the State Defence Committee, written by Malenkov and edited by Stalin and Molotov. There are also orders on conducting the mobilization of the Red Army as well as establishing militia divisions, preparing main offensives, establishing the Evacuation Council, imposing a state of siege on Moscow in October 1941, organising guerrilla warfare in the occupied areas of the USSR and on their subsequent liberation, on the restoring of the USSR state border, on opening the second front and cooperating with the allies, on signing the German Instrument of Surrender and establishing Victory Day, on receiving reparations and removal of vehicles and equipment from Germany, and other matters.

The exhibition will also feature Stalin’s personal documents, including his correspondence with Roosevelt and Churchill, documents on holding the Yalta, Tehran and Potsdam conferences, records of direct telephone communications with frontline commanders, and military operation maps with Stalin’s markings.

Museum items are a special feature. These are pictures drawn up in the trenches on scraps of paper, landscapes with views of the Kremlin and the besieged Leningrad, portraits of combatants and marshals, and propaganda materials. For the first time, visitors will be shown Boris Iofan’s sketches of camouflaged Moscow and the Kremlin wall. Personal and memorial objects that belonged to marshals Kliment Voroshilov, Georgy Zhukov, and Soviet official Lazar Kaganovich, will also be on display.

Time: 22 april — 17 may
Venue: 3/3 Georgiyevsky Pereulok
Personal Victory exhibition and competition

The Central House of Artists together with the Stozharov Children’s Art School and the Directorate of Education Programmes in Culture and Art will hold the Personal Victory exhibition and competition, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The competition will be held among art schools and children’s art schools of Moscow, creative studios and workshops for children aged 7-16.

For many years, the images of war have remained the same: St George’s ribbon, combat operations, military attributes and others. The event organisers suggested that children portray the Victory in a different way, through their own personal impressions.

The competition jury received 170 works, 67 of which were selected for the exhibition. They will be displayed at the Victory military and historical festival at the Central House of Artists. The festival will take place on 24 April — 17 May 2015. Its programme will feature an interactive media installation, video projections, fine art and photography, modern design of military uniforms and historical expositions.

On 3 May, the jury (Vasily Tsereteli, Vasily Bychkov, Anastasia Mityushina and teachers of Moscow art schools) will announce the finalists in three categories: Personal Victory, Emotional View of the Victory, and The Victory: Past and Present. A winner will be chosen via an Instagram vote and will receive the audience choice award. The vote will be held at @pobeda_konkurs.

The exhibition programme will also include a series of public creative workshops by leading art teachers.

25 April

12 noon — 2 pm: The Birds of Victory workshop in collage making

Participants in the workshop will interpret the theme of Victory using wove paper, coloured paper and felt tip pens. Vera and Tatyana Laponkina, teachers of the Artistic Design Workshop and the ZIL Obraztsov Art Studio, will lead the workshop.

29 April

3 pm: The Flowers of Victory workshop in ceramics painting

Participants in this workshop will be able to paint clay flowers with acrylic paint and take them home. Tatyana Chernova, teacher at the Timiryazevsky district’s Children’s Art School, will be the host.

2 May

12 noon: The Peace Symbol workshop

A creative workshop will help children to create a piece of art featuring a dove, the international symbol of peace. They will use scissors, paint, glue and even make origami. The workshop is suitable for children of any age. Little ones can take part in it together with their parents.

3 May

12 noon: The Victory of Art theatre workshop

Through a fun theatre game, participants in this workshop will learn about famous paintings and their history. The LAB Digest Theatre is the organiser.

4 May

12 noon: A workshop in glass painting

This workshop will teach children how to paint on glass with stained glass paint. Lyubov Bordukova, teacher at the Rubinstein Children’s Art School, will run the workshop.

5 May and 12 May

1 pm: An Apprentice or Already an Artist?

A new piece of art will be created during a real-time performance. The apprentice directs the art process from a distance, using other students and the teacher as drawing tools. Tatyana Zaitseva, teacher at the Archimedes Children’s Architecture and Art School (Mytishchi), will lead the workshop.

6 May

12 noon-1 pm: Drawing with Sauce Sticks in Mixed Technique (Dry and Wet), Graphic Drawing

Participants in this workshop will learn how to draw using sauce pastel sticks, which were widely popular among European artists of the 18th century, and various techniques to create graphic drawings. Alyona Isina, teacher at the Rimsky-Korsakov Children’s Art School, will be the host.

7 May

12 noon: My Victory children’s workshop in collage making

This workshop will focus on collaging with paper and paint. The horse, a symbol of freedom and creativity, will be the theme of the session. Olga Gorodetskaya, teacher at the Stozharov Children’s Art School, will run the workshop.

8 May

4 pm-6 pm: The Images of Russian Cities workshop

Participants will learn the stained glass painting technique and paint images of various Russian cities. Dilara Kokurkina, teacher at the Mamontov Children’s Art School, will be the host.

10 May

12 noon: Suncatchers children’s workshop in cyanotype

Participants in this workshop will learn about the cyanotype technique. Themes for artwork can vary from making up a monument to Victory (using traditional symbols) to more personal impressions or memories (the feeling of flying which comes after moments of victory, the victory over fears, etc.). Maria Pervushina, artist and teacher at the Letal I Shagal children’s studio, will lead the workshop.

11 May

12 noon-2 pm: 3-D Postcards workshop for children above 7 years of age; Paint a Star workshop for children above 2 years of age

The event is hosted by teachers of Children’s Art School No. 4.

13 May

12 noon-2 pm: Presentation of the Solntsevo Children’s Art School

The event will include workshops in brush painting, felt design and traditional weaving. Participants will learn about the basics of Russian folk crafts and fine art. Yelena Tarasova, Tatyana Yelantseva and Maria Boiko, teachers at the Solntsevo Children’s Art School, will run the workshop.

14 May

12 noon-2 pm: Sergei Andriyaka’s Multi-layer Watercolour Technique workshop

Participants in this workshop will learn about the techniques used by Sergei Andriyaka, the leading modern watercolour artist, in painting still lifes and landscapes. The Sergei Andriyaka School of Watercolour Painting will hold the event.

4 pm-7 pm: The Basics of Graphic Drawing

This workshop will offer basic knowledge in composition, colour matching and drawing, which are the foundation of any artwork. Olga Nekrasova, teacher at the Serov Children’s Art School, will be the host.

15 May

7 pm: A View of Street Art lecture

The lecturer will speak about street art, its history and nature, and the images of war in the art of modern painters. Maria Bulatova, teacher at the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art (Moscow Museum of Modern Art), will be the host.

Time: 24 april — 17 may
Venue: 10 Krymsky Val Street
Military Historical Festival Victory

The annual Victory military and historical festival will be held at the Central Artist Home, and will be dedicated to the major Russian military victories in a historical perspective, and the heroism and perseverance of the Russian people.

The festival’s main display will be a multi-dimensional audiovisual installation, consisting of 25 screens covering a total of 2,000 square metres which will immerse the audience in the great battles of Russian history from 10th century AD to WWII.

Director Sergei Popov’s new film, “Road to Berlin,” will premiere as part of the festival. The film was produced by Mosfilm and is based on Emmanuil Kazakevich’s well-known short novel, “Two in the Steppe.”

Another important event to be held as part of the festival is a book festival called, “Literature about War,” which will also run from 24 April to 4 May. Russia’s leading publishing houses will show new books on military affairs. In addition, the festival will see the official presentation of the last book of a 12-volume encyclopaedia, The Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945, that the Russian Ministry of Defence has been working on.

The Festival will also feature the Victory International Artist Exhibition by the Russian Artist Union, the New Russia Realism exhibition of modern artists, an exhibition of works by the Grekov Studio of Military Artists, a joint project of the Victory Russian Organisation Committee and the Russian Military and Historical Society called “Important Day in Russia’s Military History,” and All-Russia exhibition of the Russian Stamp Collector Union, war photographs, as well as seminars and roundtable discussions that will bring together prominent historians and military experts.

A special programme with various workshops, educational events and a “One’s Own Victory” drawing contest is being prepared for kids.

A 2nd military and patriotic quest, “The Defence of Moscow,” will also be held. It was organised by the Immortal Regiment — Moscow patriotic movement. The quest will tell its participants some unique facts concerning the defence of Moscow during WWII, in addition to peculiar plot twists and some of the Russian capital’s unusual buildings. The first culture run is scheduled for 25 April.

The Victory Festival is sponsored by the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, the Federation Council, the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Culture, the Moscow Office of the Russian Military and Historical Society, public patriotic organisations and the Moscow Government.

For contact, call Kuznetsova Yulia, the festival’s PR Specialist at 8 (910) 434-48-79, or email

Time: 24 april — 17 may
Venue: 10, Krymsky Val Street
Moscow Mayor Cup billiard tournament

On 13 — 17 May, the Olimpiisky Sport Complex will host the 4th Moscow Mayor Cup billiard tournament.

The event is sponsored by the Moscow Government, the International Pyramid Confederation, and the Federation of Billiard Sport of Russia.

The First Moscow Mayor Cup billiard tournament was held in 2012, and since 2014 has carried the status of a World Cup stage.

Any amateur can take part. This event is a chance to test one’s abilities against the best international pyramid players, to vie for the grand prize, and to leave one’s mark in the history of billiards.

Every year, around 200 athletes, including European and world champions, take part in annual Moscow Mayor Cup billiard tournaments.

The official opening ceremony is scheduled for noon on 13 May. The preliminary games will take place on 13-15 May, with quarterfinals and semifinals scheduled for 16 May, and then the finals being held on 17 May. The winners will be awarded at 5 pm on 17 May.

For accreditation, please call Sergei Karapetov at: 8 (983) 323 3949.

Time: 13 — 17 may
Venue: 16/1 Olimpiisky Prospekt
Days of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Moscow

The event is timed to coincide with the International Day for Monuments and Sites, marked on 18 April, and the International Museum Day, marked on 18 May. For the convenience of Moscow residents and guests, major events will take place at weekends on Sunday 19 April and Saturday 16 May.

The festival aims to provide all citizens with free access to Moscow cultural sites, increase the popularity of architectural monuments and historical sites, and show new approaches to holding events. Last year, around 750,000 people visited the city’s cultural institutions during the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage.

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the festival, over 400 events are set to take place at 200 venues and roughly 50 city tours and quests have been planned.

Staff members of both city and federal museums, exhibition halls, galleries, libraries, cultural centres and public organisations, as well as the city’s music and art schools, will hold free tours, concerts, and meetings with renowned figures. The participating venues include renowned hotels such as Hotel National Moscow, Hotel Metropol Moscow, and Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel, as well as popular cultural clusters located on the territories of factories and the city parks.

Additionally, entertainment and educational programmes will also be featured by the Romen Moscow Music and Drama Theatre of Romani culture, the Russian Army Central Academic Theatre, the Bogolyubov Arts Library, the Pushkin Reading Hall, the Turgenev Reading Hall, the Losev House Library, and others. Major cultural events will include staged tours to the Moscow City Hall and Peter the Great’s En Route Palace.

Organisers of the City Outing project will offer free guided tours of 12 foreign embassies and 14 historical heritage sites in Moscow. The city residents will also have the opportunity to go inside the Pashkov House, Children’s Labour and Recreation Society House, the Demidov House, the Zamyatin Estate, the Otto List Mansion, and many other historical sites.

For the first time in the history of the festival, this year’s programme will include Moscow universities. The Russian State University for the Humanities will present fascinating tours called “Secrets and Legends of the University Building on Miusskaya Square” and “Nikolskaya, a Street of Education: From the Slavic Greek Latin Academy and the Moscow Print Yard to the University’s History and Archives Institute”. To mark its 150th anniversary, the Timiryazev Russian Agricultural University will feature the tour of the university territory called “From the Petrovsky Agricultural Academy and Moscow Agricultural Academy to the Agricultural University”, where visitors will have the opportunity to look the exterior of its 19th and 20th century buildings, as well as laboratories, classrooms, and educational premises on Timiryazevskaya and Pryanishnikova streets and Listvennichnaya Alley.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the events will include “A One Item Exhibition: A Book by Vladimir Mayakovsky pierced by a shrapnel” at the Turgenev Library, and the exhibition “Tank T-34” at the T-34 Tank History Museum. The musical programmes “Play, Talyanka” hosted at the Ilya Glazunov Moscow State Picture Gallery and “Poetry and Prose of War Years” at the Burganov House are also scheduled.

Programmes will also be presented by government-sponsored and private museums: Fersman Mineralogical Museum, the Experimentanium Museum of Popular Science, the Vintage Cars Museum, the Lomakov Museum of Vintage Cars and Bikes, and many others. The Main Moscow Botanical Gardens of the Russian Academy of Sciences will hold tours for visitors of the greenhouse.

Moscow residents and guests will have the opportunity to engage in open-air recreational activities at the city’s estates and parks. The Muzeon Park of Arts will organise a Saturday cleanup campaign named “For the Purity of Art”. During the tour, the visitors will see the park sculptures and learn about the history of the legendary monuments and wash the winter dirt and dust off of them.

The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve will offer tours of the highlights at its greenhouse, as well as themed tours at the renewed exhibition “Tsaritsyno’s Past and Present” and at the Opera House.

The eventful programme of the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage will offer an opportunity for children to engage in creative activities, with museums and cultural centres hosting workshops, shows, concerts, and meetings targeted at young audiences.

City tours and quests will be offered by the City Tour Agency of the Museum of Moscow, the Moscow Tour Guides independent association, World’s Best City agency, and Street Adventure, an agency for mobile city quest apps.

From 18 April 2015 through 18 April 18 2016, Muscovites will enjoy masterpieces from the collections of the Pushkin State Museum, the Tropinin State Museum, the Museum of Moscow, the Kuskovo estate, and the State Russian Museum. These cultural institutions will provide reproductions of famous paintings to be showcased on the building façades of Moscow’s most popular streets, such as Kamergersky Pereulok, Tverskaya Street, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street, and from Okhotny Ryad Street to Belorussky Railway Station square, as part of the event “Masterpieces of the World’s Museums on City Streets. Famous Russian Painters Exhibited on Moscow Streets”.

Part of the events of the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage can be attended only through preliminary registration. The museums under Moscow’s Department of Culture will be open from 10 am to 6 pm. Federal and departmental institutions have their own opening hours.

For the detailed programme, visit the event official site at and the site of the Department of Culture, or call the hotline 8 (495) 988 26 76

Time: 16 may
Venue: Moscow museums and estates
The Art of Remembering project

From 7 to 16 May, the ZIL Cultural Centre will run a special programme, The Art of Remembering, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The programme offers literary readings, a lecture about the Moscow metro during the war, thematic excursions on the centre’s roof, a musical composition prepared by the Shtein Drama Theatre and films made by members of the ZIL Cinema Laboratory.

The Songs for the Soldier concert, a key event of the project, will feature war-time songs by Klavdia Shulzhenko, Leonid Utyosov, Alexander Vertinsky and other musicians who were immensely popular back in those times. Excerpts from letters and reminiscences by soldiers who fought on the battlefield and by their contemporaries from the world of literature and arts will be on display.

The concert programme gives centre stage to the Soviet soldier, who will take on a visible image thanks to video installations by stage designer Alexander Zhitomirsky.

Those wishing to participate in the events must register in advance on the project’s website:
Time: 7 — 16 may
Venue: 4/1 Vostochnaya Street
Family Day at the Darwin Museum

Participants in the Family Day festival/tour will learn about how dumb animals take care of their progeny. A wandering game called The Family Life of Animals, based on the museum’s exposition, will show how various species of animals and birds raise their offspring, while the Stuffed Miracle and Good Animal workshops will teach visitors how to make stuffed toy animals and paint wooden figurines.

The Family Tree and Family Coat of Arms classes will help participants create their own genealogical tree. They will also learn how coats of arms were created in the past, and will be able to develop one of their own. The youngest guests will be able to take part in educational games in a special arcade.

The festival will include the Doing Good charity fair and a win-win lottery entitled Being Important to a Child. All revenue will go to the Gulfstream charity foundation for seriously ill children. A unified card to the Darwin Museum is needed in order to take part in the event. To participate in separate workshops, a donation should be made to the Gulfstream Fund.

Time: 16 may
Venue: 57 Vavilova Street
Museum Night

This day over 250 culture venues in Moscow, including museums, galleries and art-clusters, will stay open late into evening as part of Museum Night, sponsored for the ninth time by Moscow’s Department of Culture. This year, the event’s symbol is the owl, which inspires visitors to take a look at museums at dusk to break from the usual perception of time and culture. The owl’s night vision allows it to see details and objects otherwise difficult to notice.

As per tradition, art will once again take to the streets. Three pedestrian areas will feature museum stations with culture and educational events held at the same time as Museum Night and revolving around the themes of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war and the Year of Literature in Russia.

Business areas will get involved for the first time by raising awareness of the upcoming event with special information stands.

This year, the museum campaign offers a new opportunity for dialogue between residents and culture personalities. The latter will invite everyone to their workshops. The details will be announced at the campaign’s official website,

Anyone wishing to become an art volunteer and take part in the city’s museum work can apply to the Night Guide School at the Museum Night official website. The training will be provided by winners and runners-up of Department of Culture’s contest for the best museum guide.

After Museum Night, visitors can go to museums with famous culture and art personalities by listening to their interviews with influential journalists using special audio guides.

The full event programme will be available after 11 May at the Department of Culture’s official website,, as well as at and ялюблюмоскву.рф.

This year’s Museum Night falls on the same day as Moscow Historical and Cultural Heritage Day. The campaign shows the new approach to holding culture events in the city.

Day- and night-time events will unite Moscow’s culture space. In addition to museums, galleries, and art-clusters, old mansions, ministries and other culturally and historically significant buildings that are usually off limits will be open from 10 am. The list of historical venues that are part of the project can be found at

Time: 16 may
Venue: Moscow museums