Energy Conservation 2012-2016 and on to 2020

Objective: To ensure more efficient use of energy resources by city consumers through a reduction in energy losses during production, conversion, transport and end use

Target outcomes

  • A reduction of energy intensity of gross regional product from 41 kg to 34 kg of reference fuel per 10,000 roubles (in 2007 prices)
  • Gross electricity savings from 1,153 mln to 1,048.55 mln kWh (cumulative)
  • Gross heating energy savings from 1.58 mln to 1.41 mln Gcal (cumulative)
  • Gross natural gas savings from 449.24 to 181.86 mln m3 (cumulative)
  • Gross water savings from 111.06 to 23.34 mln m3
Programme funding (thousand roubles):