Badge of distinction For Services to Moscow

Description of the badge

The badge is a seven-pointed star formed by clusters of diverging golden beams, each of which is made up of three thinner pointed rays with polished facets.

Between the beams are oval-edged silver petals. Each petal consists of a flat matte base with a faceted ball. The base is bordered with a polished faceted surface.

In the centre is a round superimposed medaillon consisting of a dark red enamelled circle with a relief image of the city emblem’s main figure — St George on horseback striking the Dragon with a spear. Running around it, on a white enamelled background, is the inscription in gold letters For Service to Moscow.

The badge is suspended from a dark red silk moire ribbon.

For daily wear there is a miniature copy of the badge.

The badge is made of gilded, silver-plated and oxidised tombac.

The badge is awarded for:

  • major personal achievements in state service, science, arts, industry and other areas, as well as for specific deeds for the benefit of the city and contributing to Moscow’s socio-economic, scientific, technical and cultural development and improving the living standards of its residents;
  • • a significant contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between nations and ethnicities, fruitful efforts to promote close ties and mutual enrichment of their cultures and active assistance in developing mutually beneficial cooperation with the regions of the Russian Federation and friendly relations with foreign states;
  • • significant charity work for the benefit of the city and its residents.

Individuals recommended for the award usually include persons decorated with the awards or honorary titles of Moscow, or decorated for service to Moscow with state awards of the Russian Federation or the USSR.

The badge is not awarded twice.