Badge of distinction For Exemplary Service to Moscow

Description of the badge

The badge is shaped like a partially unfolded scroll, or a cartouche, 26 mm wide and 29 mm high.

The edges of the cartouche are trimmed with decorative curlicues wrapped around at the top and on the sides. Depicted in the centre of the cartouche is the centuries-old symbol of city government: an architectural monument in Tverskaya Street housing the Moscow government. Running round the building is the inscription For Exemplary Service to Moscow. In the lower part of the cartouche, in an oval cavity, are embossed Roman numerals XX, XXV, XXX, XL or L, signifying the number of years of exemplary service. The oval with the figures is surrounded at the bottom with two laurel branches crossed at the base. The central part of the signs XL and L is superimposed in the form of a medallion filled with hot enamel. Running round its edge is the inscription For Exemplary Service to Moscow. The image of the Moscow government building is superimposed as well.

Each badge has a number, which is indicated on the reverse.

By means of a lug and a ring, the badge is suspended from a rectangular bar 20 mm by 12 mm, framed with laurel branches at the bottom. The bar is wrapped in a dark red silk moire ribbon.

In the centre of the bar is a raised image of the Moscow emblem’s main element: St George on horseback striking the Dragon with a spear.

The badge has a safety pin to attach it to clothes.

The badge is made of:

• XX (years) — silver-plated and oxidised German silver;

  • XXV (years) — from silver-plated and oxidised German silver, portraying the Moscow government building and the Moscow emblem’s main figure on the bar, with gilding;
  • XXX (years) — from gilded tombac;
  • XL (years) — from gilded tombac, with the central part filled with white enamel;
  • L (years) — from gilded tombac, with the central part filled with dark red enamel.
  • The badge is awarded for a significant contribution to Moscow’s development and for many years of service for the benefit of the city and its residents.

    Individuals recommended for the badge have served without reproach in Moscow’s organisations and institutions for 20, 25, 30, 40 or 50 years and have been decorated with awards or honorary titles of Moscow or decorated for service to Moscow with state awards of the Russian Federation or the USSR, or with departmental badges for distinction in labour.