Honorary badge Parental Glory of Moscow

Description of the badge

The badge is a ten-pointed star formed by clusters of diverging silver rays.

A round superimposed silver-coloured medallion is in the centre of the badge. In the centre of the medallion, against the background of the sun and its rays, is a raised image of a child supported by a parental hand.

The lower part of the medallion is set off with fir branches, which in Slav culture symbolise a large family. The entire composition is trimmed with dark blue enamelled edging. Running around the edging is the white-lettered inscription Parental Glory of Moscow with five inlaid diamond-like gemstones (fianites), which symbolise a large family in modern Russian history.

The badge is 70 mm in diameter. A connecting lug fastens the badge to a bar. The bar is shaped like a bow, 70 mm wide and 45 mm high, covered in two-cloloured enamel in three alternating stripes: white-blue-white. In the centre of the bar is a raised silver-coloured image of the Moscow coat of arms’ main element: St George on horseback striking the Dragon with a spear.

The badge is anchored to a wooden plaque measuring 145×200 mm. In the lower part of the plaque is a light-coloured metal plate with the engraved initials and surnames of the decorated parents.

A miniature copy of the badge is available for wearing on the clothes. The copy is 30 mm in diameter. On its reverse side is a jewel pin for fastening the badge to the clothes.

The badge and its miniature copy are made of silver-plated brass.

The badge Parental Glory of Moscow is awarded to birth or adoptive parents who have permanently resided in Moscow for no less than 10 years, whose marriage is registered in accordance with federal legislation or, in the case of a single parent family, to one of the birth or adoptive parents who are raising or have raised five or more children in the spirit of true citizens of the Russian Federation, instilling in them strong moral values and an active stance in life and helping them become high achievers in their careers, studies, creative endeavours, sports and other areas.

The badge is awarded when the fifth child reaches the age of five provided the other children are alive with the exception of cases stipulated by this Statute.

Account is also taken of children who have died or were reported missing while defending Russia or its interests or performing their military, professional or civilian duties, or who have died from a wound, shell-shock, injury or illness received under the indicated circumstances, or following a severe occupational injury or illness.

The badge is awarded to adoptive parents provided they have raised their adopted children for no less than 5 years.

The badge is not awarded twice.