Honorary Certificate of the Moscow City Duma

Description of the certificate

The design features and inscriptions on the plate are portrait configured and done in black.

An ornamental double frame encircles the plate. The central upper part of the plate features the Moscow coat of arms with an inscription underneath it surrounded by an ornamental border: Moscow City Duma. The inscription runs in a single line extending along a concave arc; under it is the inscription Honorary Certificate. The awarded individual’s name and position are stated in the centre of the plate, followed by a brief description of the grounds for the award. Under the text are the inscriptions Speaker of the Moscow City Duma, the speaker’s surname and initials and Resolution of the Moscow City Duma with the date and number. An image of the Moscow City Duma façade is depicted in an oval double frame at the bottom of the plate. The certificate is housed in a special sheath.

The certificate has been instituted as an encouragement to persons and organisations for service to the city.

The certificate can be awarded to residents and organisations of Moscow and other parts of the Russian Federation, and to nationals and organisations of other states.

Grounds for awarding are:

  • a significant contribution to the development of legislation, parliamentary practices and democracy in Moscow, protection of the rights and freedoms of Moscow residents;
  • the initiative and achievements in the development of city government and constructive pursuits by Moscow residents;
  • promoting public support for law enforcement agencies;
  • achievements in charity and guardianship activity in the city;
  • considerable achievements in business;
  • professional achievements recognised by Moscow residents.

Organisations and citizens of the Russian Federation accorded the certificate receive a financial award.