Honorary Diploma of the Moscow City Duma

The diploma is a thin yellow polished metal plate mounted on a wooden base stained dark walnut.

The design elements and inscriptions on the plate are landscape-oriented and done in black.

An ornamental double frame encircles the plate. The upper central part of the frame features the Moscow coat of arms; under it is the inscription Honorary Diploma. The awarded individual’s name and position are stated in the centre of the plate followed by a brief description of the grounds for the award. Under the text are the inscriptions Speaker of the Moscow City Duma, the speaker’s surname and initials and Resolution of the Moscow City Duma with the date and number. An image of the Moscow City Duma façade is depicted in an oval double frame at the bottom of the plate. The diploma is housed in a special sheath.

The diploma has been instituted as an encouragement to persons and organisations for service to the city.

The diploma can be awarded to residents and organisations of Moscow and other parts of the Russian Federation, and to nationals and organisations of other states.

Grounds for awarding the diploma are:

  • significant professional achievements;
  • a significant professional, creative, material or financial contribution to the initiation and implementation of development programmes for the city economy, culture, science, education, healthcare, urban construction, monumental art, physical fitness and sport in Moscow, as well as other city programmes;
  • donations to support low-income families, orphaned and abandoned children, to fulfil city programmes, construct and strengthen the material and technical base of hospitals, schools, shelters, cultural and sports centres, as well as other socially important facilities in the city;
  • a personal contribution, courage and integrity in protecting citizens against crime;
  • achievements in Moscow studies, theory of the Moscow city economy, urban construction, architecture, and fostering Moscow city themes in literature and the arts;
  • achievements in developing democratic principles in the media and in an unbiased coverage of the life of the city and Muscovites.

Organisations and citizens of the Russian Federation accorded the diploma receive a financial award.