Moscow Award in Journalism

The Moscow Award in Journalism is awarded for the creation of the best and most topical works of journalism, as well as television and radio broadcasts about Moscow and its residents, which have received public recognition, raised important issues about the socioeconomic and cultural life of the capital, imbued people with a sense of citizenship, and inspired a love of the city and respect for its history and traditions among its residents.

Journalistic materials can be nominated for the award by journalism associations, media institutions and teams from creative organisations via the Committee on Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Moscow Government each year by August 1, provided they have been published in the year preceding the nomination deadline.

Published journalistic materials may only be entered for the award after having received extensive public exposure. Journalistic materials nominated for the award will also be discussed by journalists’ associations and artistic and public organisations.

Journalistic materials nominated for the award will be assessed by the appropriate expert council of the adjudication committee.

In the event of the prize being awarded to a group of journalists, the cash prize will be divided equally between them. If there are significant new breakthroughs in the field of journalism a previous award winner may be awarded the prize again.