Moscow Award in Literature and the Arts

The Moscow Award in Literature and the Arts is awarded for the most innovative and original creations in the field of literature and art, displaying the highest levels of talent and creativity, which have achieved public recognition and contributed to the development of literature and art in the city of Moscow. Creations of unique architectural structures will also be considered.

Works can be nominated for the award by institutions, creative groups and teams from creative organisations and associations via the Committee for Culture each year from December 1 until March 1, provided the works were published in the year preceding the nomination deadline.

Groups nominated for the award should include only those people whose contribution to the final work was a decisive one. A group cannot be made up of more than 10 people.

Works of literature may only be nominated for the award after they have been published, and works of art only after they have received widespread public exposure in concerts, exhibitions, theatres, cinemas, in the press or on television. Architectural works are eligible to be nominated after the opening of the building, structure or complex of buildings and structures.

Works nominated for the award will be discussed in artistic and public organisations and in the media.

Works nominated for the award will be judged by the adjudication committee for the award.

In the event of the prize being awarded to a group of artists, the cash prize will be divided equally between them. If there are significant new breakthroughs in the field of literature and art, a previous award winner may be awarded the prize again.