Moscow Award in Education

The Moscow Award in Education is awarded to the most talented teachers, lecturers, childcare providers and heads of educational institutions, who have achieved the best results in education and childcare provision for children and teenagers and have made a significant contribution to the development of education in the city of Moscow and have received public recognition.

Nominations of materials and projects for the award can be made by assemblies of labour collectives of educational and childcare institutions via the Moscow Committee on Education through the education department of the administrative districts of the city of Moscow each year until June 15, provided the works have been published in the year preceding the nomination deadline.

Groups nominated for the award should include only those whose contribution to the final work was a decisive one. A group cannot be made up of more than 10 people.

Materials on specific candidates and works in the field of education may only be nominated for the award after their publication, introduction into educational practice, and discussions by teachers’ associations, public organisations and the press.

Materials and works nominated for the award will be judged by an expert council under the adjudication committee for this prize. In the event of the prize being awarded to a group of people, the cash prize will be divided equally between them. If there are significant new breakthroughs in the field of education, a previous award winner may be awarded the prize again.