Moscow Award in Physical Fitness, Sport and Tourism

The Moscow Award in Physical Fitness, Sport and Tourism is awarded for the most important developments and projects aimed at improving people’s health and organising recreational activities for them, formulating requirements for their physical improvement and harmonious personal growth, encouraging children and teenagers to take part in sports on a regular basis, developing and implementing long-term approaches to people’s physical education, the adoption of financial and investment policies for the city’s hotel and tourism industry, developing and raising the standards of the tourism infrastructure, clarifying the tourism opportunities of the city of Moscow and improving service in tourism and sightseeing.

Materials and projects can be nominated for the award by state bodies and regional authorities, organisations, public associations, and educational and artistic collectives via the Moscow Government Committee for Physical Fitness and Sport and the Moscow Government Committee for Tourism each year until April 1, provided the projects were published in the year preceding the nomination deadline.

Groups nominated for the award should include only those whose contribution to the final project was a decisive one. A group cannot be made up of more than 10 people.

Materials and projects may only be nominated for the award after their publication, widespread public discussion and introduction into practice in the field of physical fitness, sport and tourism.

Materials and works nominated for the award will be discussed by employees of organisations and institutions and the press.

Materials and works nominated for the award will be judged by suitable expert councils under the adjudication committee for this prize.

In the event of the prize being awarded to a group of people, the cash prize will be divided equally between them.

If there are significant new breakthroughs in the field of physical culture, sport and tourism, a previous award winner may be awarded the prize again.