Moscow Award in Security

The Moscow Award in Security is awarded for a significant contribution to the city’s overall security, developments in science and technology, which have significantly boosted the city’s security

Five prizes, worth 50,000 roubles each, are awarded each year on the eve of the Moscow City Day holiday.

Materials and projects can be nominated for the award by groups of organisations in the Moscow Department of Regional Security each year from January 15 until April 15 of the current year.

The prize may be awarded to individuals or to a group of people (a team) for joint projects.

No individual or team may be nominated for more than one work at any given time.

Teams of people nominated for the award should include only those whose contribution to the final project was a decisive one. A team cannot be made up of more than 10 people.

Works and projects will not be considered if they have been nominated for other awards or if the nominee has been nominated for a different prize.

Materials and works can only be nominated after they have been put into practical use.

Nominated materials and works will be considered by an expert council under the Department of Regional Security.

The materials and works chosen by the expert council will be forwarded to the Civil Service and Personnel Directorate of the Moscow Government for subsequent presentation before the Commission on Awards and Honorary Titles.

Based on the recommendations of the Commission, the Mayor of Moscow will issue a decree to award the prize.

In the event of the prize being awarded to a group of people, the cash prize will be divided equally between them.

No one is allowed to receive the prize more than once.