Central Administrative Area

Coat of arms


Shield, Moscow shape, Purpue. Charge, a rider in armour, Or, and a mantle, Azure, right hand outstretched, palm down, astride a horse, Argent, half-turned Sinister, right front hoof uplifted, on a mount Or. Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, Gules, masoned Or. Above, motto «Moscow», Gules, on scroll, Or.

Supporters: Dexter lion, Sinister unicorn, both Or, langued Gules, rampant on the Kremlin wall, Argent, of seven merlons with loopholes, Sable, embraced by ribbon, Purpue, inscribed «Central Area», Or.


The Moscow shape shield, purple, depicts a rider in gold armour and a blue mantle with the right hand outstretched, palm down, on a silver horse half-turned left and with the right front hoof uplifted, standing on a gold hill.

Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, in red, decorated with gold lines imitating brickwork. Above, the motto «Moscow» is in red on a gold scroll.

Shield supporters: a lion to the right and a unicorn to the left, both in gold with red tongues, standing on the silver Kremlin wall with seven merlons and black loopholes, embraced by a purple ribbon inscribed «Central Area» in gold.


The rider symbolizes Grand Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow, on Borovitsky, or Kremlin, Hill — the first settled spot of present-day Moscow.

The gold lion as the king of beasts, the gold unicorn — the royal heraldic beast of Muscovy — and the purple of the shield symbolize the federal authorities, whose offices are located in the area.

The silver Kremlin wall is reminiscent of the past of Moscow, which was named White Stone City of old. The seven merlons symbolize the seven hills on which Moscow stood, as legend has it.



The flag of the Central Administrative Area is rectangular with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The central part of the flag depicts a yellow hill based on the bottom edge, with a rider in white armour and a blue mantle, his right hand outstretched, palm down. His white horse stands half-turned from the hoist, the right front hoof uplifted. The mounted figure is 9/10 of the flag’s width and 8/15 of its length.