Municipality Hamovniki

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape, Gules. Party per bell-shaped chevron reversed, Argent. Chief, party per chevron reversed. Charge, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Argent with cupolas Or, on Gules. Middle, Vert. Charge, scroll Argent superimposed in saltire by quill Argent. Base, flax flower, Azure with bordure and core, Or.


The red Moscow shape shield is divided by a silver bell-shaped reversed chevron. Inside it is a silver scroll superimposed by a silver quill, forming an oblique cross. Beneath is a blue flax flower bordered in gold and with a gold core. The top field is divided by a reversed chevron and depicts the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in silver, with gold cupolas, in a red oblique triangle, apex down.


The bell-shaped chevron symbolizes a meander in which the Moskva River borders the district on three sides. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a unique architectural monument. Erected in memory of Russian soldiers fallen in the Napoleonic War of 1812-1814, it was demolished in the 1930s and restored at the end of the century. The quill and scroll symbolize the educational, cultural and scientific mission of the district, with its numerous museums, theatres and major educational institutions. The flax flower hints at the district’s name — khamovniki means «weavers» as the place was initially populated by textile workers.


The flag of the Khamovniki Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

On the top of the flag is a reversed oblique triangle, its base coinciding with the top flag’s edge. Its size is 51/60 of the flag’s length and 9/20 of its width. Touching on the triangle base are the tips of a white bell-shaped stripe, arch down. Its width is 1/20 of the flag’s length and 3/40 of its width, and the height 39/40 of the flag’s width. The field between the triangle and the stripe is green, and the rest of the flag red.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is depicted in white, with yellow cupolas, in the triangle, the base touching its sides near the apex. The size of the image is 5/24 of the flag’s length and 3/10 of its width. Its centre is at an equal distance from the side edges and 3/16 of the flag’s width off the top edge.

Depicted in the green field is a white scroll superimposed in an oblique cross by a white quill, butt down to the hoist edge. Beneath is a blue flax flower with a yellow border and core. The size of the image is 9/30 of the flag’s length and 1/2 of its width. The centre of the image is at an equal distance from the side edges and shifted by 1/8 of the flag’s width to the bottom edge.