Municipality Tverskoe

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape, Gules. Party per chevron, Vert. Charge, chief, anvil topped by flames and inscribed in laurel wreath between two pillars, all Or.


The red Moscow shape shield is divided by a green chevron and depicts an anvil topped by flames and inscribed in a laurel wreath between two pillars, all in gold.


The pillars symbolize Tverskaya Street and Tsvetnoi Boulevard, the district’s main thoroughfares. The wreath, as symbol of the arts, points at Russia’s principal theatres and numerous museums and exhibition centres clustered in the district. The anvil is reminiscent of the mediaeval Blacksmiths’ Quarter. The flames symbolize education. The chevron signifies High Hill, on which St Peter’s Monastery stands. The red field alludes to the Tver emblem because a highway connecting the two cities crosses the district and is reflected in its name.


The flag of the Tverskoy Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The flag is red, with a green oblique triangle based on the bottom edge. The height of the triangle is 1/5 of the flag’s width.

The triangle is superimposed on two vertical yellow bands. Their width is 1/12 of the flag’s length. Their axes are 1/5 of the flag’s length off its side edges.

Depicted in the centre of the flag is a yellow anvil topped by yellow flames and inscribed in a yellow laurel wreath. The size of the image is 1/3 of the flag’s length and 1/2 of its width.