Municipality Zamoskvorechie

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape, Vert. Charge, halberd Or, superimposed in saltire by Mercury’s staff, Or. Chief barry wavy of 5, Or and Azure, the top belt Azure broader than the bottom.


The Moscow shape shield is green and depicts a gold halberd superimposed in an oblique cross by a gold halberd. Above are horizontal wavy stripes, blue alternating with gold, the upper blue stripe broader than the lower one.


The blue wavy belts on gold symbolize two water arteries crossing the district — the Moskva River and the Drainage Canal. The halberd and Mercury’s staff reflect local civilian and martial history. Halberds were among the main weapons of the Royal Fusiliers, cantoned in Zamoskvorechye since the middle of the 16th century. Several units of the Russian Armed Forces base in the district presently. Mercury’s staff symbolizes the district as an affluent commercial cluster — in the 18th and 19th centuries Zamoskvorechye was known as merchants’ paradise.


The flag of the Zamoskvorechye Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The flag consists of a top yellow field and a bottom green, divided by four horizontal wavy belts.

The width of the top blue belt is 1/10 of the flag’s width. The width of each of the other yellow and blue belts in 1/32 of the flag’s width. The total height of the four belts is 37/160 of the flag’s width. The central line is 5/16 of the flag’s width off the bottom edge.

The bottom field is green and depicts a yellow halberd, point to the top hoist corner, superimposed in an oblique cross by Mercury’s staff, also yellow. The size of the image is 7/12 of the flag’s length and 5/8 of its width. The image is at an equal distance from the side edges and shifted by 1/8 of the flag’s width to the bottom edge.