Municipality Beskudnikovskoe

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape. Tierced per pall, Or. Chief, Gules masoned Argent. Charge, key Or, shaped as an ornate Cyrillic letter B. Base Dexter and Sinister, Azure. Party per fess wavy, Argent. Charge, oak leaf and acorn, Or, to either side.


The Moscow shape shield is divided by a gold Y-like cross. The top field is red, crossed by silver lines imitating brickwork, and depicts a gold key shaped as an ornate Cyrillic letter B. The right and left bottom fields are blue, crossed horizontally by a silver wavy stripe. Depicted in each field is a gold oak leaf and acorn.


The gold Y-like cross symbolises a fork of the Dmitrovskoye and Korovinskoye Highways — the site of the former Beskudnikovo village. The red field with imitated brickwork symbolises a local brickyard. The gold key symbolises large-scale housing construction in the district. The oak leaves and acorns remind of deciduous forests, which formerly covered the locality, and symbolise the district’s present-day environmental friendliness. The silver wavy belt stands for the Likhoborka River.


The flag of the Beskudnikovsky Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The top field is a red reversed oblique triangle crossed by silver lines imitating brickwork, with the top flag edge for the base. Its height is 3/8 of the flag’s width.

Edging the triangle is a yellow Y-like cross. Its breadth is 1/12 of the flag’s length and 1/8 of its width.

Depicted in the blue side fields are yellow oak leaves with acorns. The size of each is 1/8 of the flag’s length and 3/10 of its width. The centre of every image is 1/6 of the flag’s length off the respective side edge and 7/16 of the flag’s width off the bottom edge.