Municipality Savelovskoe

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape. Tierced per chevron. Dexter and Sinister chief, Gules. Dexter charge, a composition of half a cog Dexter and half a wheel Sinister, with a vertical wrench in between, all Argent. Sinister charge, four crossed ears of corn, Argent. Chevron, Argent, reaching from the shield bottom to top. Base, Azure. Charge, scales above a purse, all Argent.


The Moscow shape shield is divided by a white oblique triangle. The top fields are red. The right field depicts a composition of half a cog, right, and half a wheel, left, with a vertical wrench in between. The left field depicts four crossed ears of corn. The triangular bottom field, within the triangle, is blue and depicts scales above a purse. All the images are in silver.


The silver chevron symbolises the Savyolovsky Station — Moscow’s northernmost railway terminus. The composition of a half-cog, a half-wheel and a wrench symbolises transport and industry. It reminds that the district was a craftsmen’s and merchants’ quarter in the 17th century, and that the first Moscow urban railway was laid here in the 19th century with small locomotives and five or six cars. The ears of corn symbolise the Butyrsky Farmstead — an exemplary farm established by the Agricultural Society in 1823. The purse and scales are another allusion to the 17th century merchants’ quarter.


The flag of the Savyolovsky Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The flag is divided in three by a white chevron based in the bottom corners, its apex reaching the middle of the top edge. The breadth of the chevron is 5/48 of the flag’s length and 5/32 of its width.

The top hoist field is red and depicts a composition of half a cog and half a wheel, with a vertical wrench in between. The top fly field is also red, and depicts four crossed ears of corn. All the images are white. The size of each is 1/5 of the flag’s length and 5/16 of its width. The centres are 1/6 of the flag’s length off the respective side edge and 1/4 of the flag’s width off the top edge.

The size of the blue bottom triangle is 13/15 of the flag’s length and 3/4 of its width. Depicted in it are white scales and a white purse underneath. The size is 7/24 of the flag’s length and 17/40 of its width. The centre is at an equal distance from the side edges and shifted 1/4 of the flag’s width from the flag centre to the bottom edge.