Municipality Sokol

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape, Gules. Charge, chief, falcon Or, displayed, holding a scroll Argent; base, two sabres Argent with handles Or, in saltire.


The Moscow shape shield is red and depicts a gold falcon with wings spread to the sides and the head turned right, clutching a silver scroll in its claws. Beneath it are two silver sabres with gold handles in an oblique cross.


The gold falcon stands for the district’s name (sokol is «falcon» in Russian). The name belonged to the first Soviet housing cooperative, established on its present-day site in the 1930s. The silver scroll symbolises numerous research and higher education institutes based here. The crossed sabres symbolise a memorial cemetery of World War I soldiers, established in 1915.


The flag of the Sokol Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio. In the centre of a red field is a yellow falcon with wings spread and head turned to the hoist, clutching a white scroll in its claws. Beneath it are two white sabres with yellow handles in an oblique cross. The size of the image is 2/3 of the flag’s length and 13/16 of its width.