Municipality Zapadnoe Degunino

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape. Paly of 5, Argent and Azure. Between the Azure pillars is a pillar Gules, indented on three sides with a bordure Sable. Charge, the Tree of Hippocrates, Argent.


The Moscow shape shield is divided vertically by two blue bands on silver. In between them, in the centre of the shield, is a broad red stripe depicting the Tree of Hippocrates, in silver. The rectangular stripe is bordered by an indented black line on three sides, the upper reaching the shield top edge.


The silver of the shield shows that the district is in the coldest, northernmost part of Moscow. The two blue pillars symbolise the Businka and Likhoborka rivers. The indented red pillar symbolises the district’s historic centre — a peninsula formed by the three branches of Spirkin Ravine. The red colour symbolises scorched earth, degun, from which the name of the district was presumably derived. The Tree of Hippocrates symbolises healthcare, medical research and social welfare institutions clustered in the district.


The flag of the Zapadnoye (Western) Degunino Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

It consists of five vertical stripes — white, blue, white, blue and white. The breadth of the central white stripe is 8/15 of the flag’s length. The other stripes are of an equal size.

A red rectangle bordered on the sides and bottom by an indented black line, with the top edge of the flag for the top side, is in the middle of the central white stripe. The size of the stripe is 11/24 of the flag’s length and 7/8 of its width. The breadth of the black bordering is 1/96 of the flag’s length.

Depicted on the red rectangle in the centre of the flag is the Tree of Hippocrates, in white. Its size is 1/4 of the flag’s length and 7/16 of its width.