Northeastern Administrative Area

Coat of arms


Shield: Moscow shape, Azure. Charge, middle, spiked tower, Argent; Dexter, rose, Argent; Sinister, ear of corn, Argent. Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, Gules, masoned Or. Above, motto «Moscow», Gules, on scroll, Or.

Supporters: Dexter, bear, Or; Sinister, elk, Or, both rampant, on a ribbon, Azure, embracing a masoned aqueduct, Argent. The ribbon is inscribed «Northeastern Area» in Argent.


The Moscow shape shield is blue and depicts a spiked tower with a rose to the right and an ear of corn to the left, all in silver.

Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, in red, decorated with gold lines imitating brickwork. Above, the motto «Moscow» is inscribed in red on a gold scroll.

Shield supporters: a bear on the right and an elk on the left, both in gold and standing on a blue ribbon embracing a silver aqueduct with lines imitating brickwork. The ribbon is inscribed «Northeastern Area» in silver.


The tower symbolises the Ostankino Television Tower, one of the most impressive buildings in the area. The rose stands for greenery at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre and the Botanical Gardens. The ear of corn symbolises the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, initially called the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

The supporters symbolise the area’s border districts — the elk stands for the Losiny Ostrov (Elk Isle) nature reserve, and the bear for Medvedkovo, which in the 16th and 17th centuries was an estate of the Princes Pozharsky, who had a bear in their family coat of arms. The aqueduct is a reference to the



The flag of the Northeastern Administrative Area is rectangular with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

Depicted in the middle is a white spiked tower reaching the top and bottom edges of the flag. A white rose with the height of 7/12 of the flag’s width is 1/4 from the hoist, and a white ear of corn, of the same height, 1/4 from the fly edge. Rostokino Aqueduct.