Municipality Alekseevskoe

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape, Azure. Carriage wheel Or of twelve spokes, a dove Argent perched on top. Base, two narrow wavy lines Argent.


The Moscow shape shield is blue and depicts a gold carriage wheel of twelve spokes, with a silver dove perched on its top. Below are two wavy horizontal lines in silver.


The blue field symbolises the Mytishchi water duct crossing the district — Moscow’s first water supply project. The gold wheel reminds of a transport route formerly of crucial importance, which crossed the village of Alexeyevskoye — the site of a roadside royal palace. Making this route are the Old Vladimir, Trinity and Yaroslavl highways, which pass into Prospekt Mira (Peace Avenue), the district’s main thoroughfare. The dove as symbol of peace stands for the avenue’s name. The fine silver stripes symbolise the Kopytovka River, which crosses the district.


The flag of the Alexeyevsky Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The blue flag depicts a yellow carriage wheel with a pigeon in natural colours perched on its top. The size of the image is 3/10 of the flag’s length and 3/5 of its width. The image is at an equal distance from the flag’s sides and shifted by 1/8 of its width toward the top edge.

Below, 1/8 of the flag’s width off its bottom edge, are two narrow wavy horizontal stripes in white. The breadth of each is 7/320 of the flag’s width, and the breadth of the belt they form is 7/160 of the flag’s width. The distance between them is 1/20 of the flag’s width.