Municipality Losinoostrovskoe

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape. Party per bend. Dexter, Vert. Charge, three silhouetted trees, Argent. Sinister, Azure. Superimposed on the bend and occupying both fields of an elk Or statant regardant.


The Moscow shape shield is divided by an oblique line, right. The top left field is blue, and the bottom right green. It depicts three silhouetted trees in silver. Superimposed on the dividing diagonal and occupying both fields is a gold elk standing with head turned backward, as is looking over its shoulder.


The elk symbolises the names of the district and two stations of the Yaroslavl Railway — Los, meaning «elk» and Losinoostrovskaya, meaning «Elk Isle». The latter name belongs to a mediaeval royal game preserve and later national park. The three trees symbolise lush greenery in the streets and public gardens of one of Moscow’s most environmentally friendly parts, in which there are no major industrial plants.


The flag of the Losinoostrovsky Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

It is divided diagonally from the top hoist edge in two fields — blue and green.

Depicted in the bottom, green field are three white silhouetted trees. The size of the image is 1/4 of the flag’s length and 1/2 of its width. The centre is 1/3 of the flag’s length off the hoist edge and 3/8 of the flag’s width off the bottom edge.

Between the trees and the fly edge is a yellow elk looking over its shoulder. The size of the image is 5/12 of the flag’s length and 3/4 of its width. The centre is 5/12 of the flag’s length off the fly edge and at an equal distance from the top and bottom edges.