Municipality Sviblovo

Coat of arms and flag


Shield: Moscow shape. Party per fess, Argent. Chief, Vert. Charge, dove Argent volant, holding a cross Argent in its beak. Base, Azure. Charge, shepherd’s horn, Or.


The Moscow shape shield is divided by a silver horizontal band. The top field is green and depicts a silver dove flying with a cross in its beak. The bottom field is blue and depicts a shepherd’s horn in gold.


The silver dove reminds of a peculiar feature of the local past. The village of Sviblovo, known as a pigeon-breeding centre, was popular with Muscovites of modest means as a place of summer recreation since the early 19th century. Lodgers gladly joined local peasants in tending pigeons, which became their hobby. The image also bears a religious content — the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit points at the local Trinity Church, a fine sample of early 19th century architecture. The shepherd’s horn reminds of Svirlovo (a former name of the place), a hospitable noble family’s estate known in the early 19th century for opulent outdoor fetes with fireworks, and even more for its excellent wind orchestra. The silver belt symbolises the Yauza River, which crosses the district.


The flag of the Sviblovo Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

It consists of three horizontal stripes — green, white and blue. The breadth of the top, green stripe is 3/5; of the middle, white 1/20; and of the bottom, blue 7/20 of the flag width.

Depicted in the centre of the green stripe is a white dove holding a white cross in its beak. The size of the image is 1/3 of the flag’s length and 7/20 of its width.

Depicted in the centre of the blue stripe is a yellow shepherd’s horn. Its size is 1/2 of the flag’s length and 1/5 of its width.