Southwestern Administrative Area

Coat of arms


Shield: Moscow shape. Party per saltire. Chief, Azure. Charge, three gold coins, two top and one bottom, Or. Dexter and sinister, Vert. Charge, two overturned jugs, in proper colours, facing each other, with water, in Argent, running out. Base, Azure.

Charge, column, Or, topped by a flaming cup, Or. Crest: Kremlin wall battlement,

Gules, masoned Or. Above, motto «Moscow», Gules, on scroll, Or. Supporters: two owls rampant guardant, Argent, with claws and beaks in Or, on masoned towers, Argent on Gules, with a latticed gate, Sable, between them. Base, ribbon, Or, inscribed «Southwestern Administrative District», Gules.


The Moscow shape shield is divided into four parts by oblique lines. The top field is blue and depicts three gold coins, two above and one below. The left and right fields are green and depict two overturned clay jugs with silver water running out. The bottom field is blue and depicts a column topped by a flaming cup, both in gold.

Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, in red, decorated in gold lines imitating brickwork. Above is the motto «Moscow» inscribed in red on a gold scroll.

Shield supporters: two silver owls with gold claws and beaks, facing forward, standing on red towers decorated in silver lines imitating brickwork, with a black latticed gate between them. At the bottom there is a gold ribbon inscribed «Southwestern Area» in red.


The three gold coins on the azure field symbolise wealth as the Savings Bank of Russia and Gazprom have their central offices in the district.

Water running out of overturned jugs against a green background symbolises numerous rivers taking source on the Tyoply Stan plateau in the district.

The column and flaming cup in gold against a blue background stand in memory of country estates lost by the aristocracy and gentry and their invaluable artistic heritage destroyed.

The silver owls symbolise wisdom and knowledge as the district is the seat of leading universities, the Russian Academy of Sciences and major research centres.

The red masoned towers adorned in silver, with latticed gates in Sable, are reminiscent of the Vorontsovo Estate, the most exquisite of local architectural monuments.



The flag of the Southwestern Administrative Area is rectangular with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

The flag is divided diagonally into four parts, the top and bottom fields are blue, and the left and right are green.

The top field depicts three yellow coins, two top and one bottom. The bottom field shows a yellow column topped by a yellow flaming cup. The right and left fields depict overturned clay jugs with white water streaming out.