Eastern Administrative Area

Coat of arms


Shield: Moscow shape. Tierced per pall reversed. Dexter chief, Vert. Charge, elk’s head, Or, facing Sinister. Sinister chief, Purpue. Charge, crowned falcon’s head, Or, facing Dexter. Base, Azure. Charge, anchor, Or. Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, Gules, masoned Or. Above, motto «Moscow», Gules, on scroll, Or.

Supporters: two falcons in Or, regardant, perched on a ribbon, Or, inscribed «Eastern Area», Gules.


The Moscow shape shield is divided into three parts. The top right field is green and depicts an elk’s head, in gold, facing left. The top left field is purple and depicts a crowned falcon, in gold, facing right. The bottom field is blue and depicts an anchor.

Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, in red, decorated with gold lines imitating brickwork. Above, the motto «Moscow» is inscribed in red on a gold scroll.

Shield supporters: two falcons at rest, with wings folded and head turned backward, on a gold ribbon inscribed «Eastern Area» in red.


The gold elk’s head in a green field symbolises the Losiny Ostrov (Elk Isle) national park, Moscow’s largest wildlife reserve with a diversity of the flora and fauna unique in a megalopolis. The park abounds in elks, which give it this name.

The crowned falcon’s head on purple and the supporter falcons symbolise falconry — a «sport of kings», extremely popular with the Muscovite tsars. They are also reminiscent of two districts in the area — Sokolniki and Sokolinaya Gora, whose names derive from sokol, the Russian for «falcon».

The gold anchor on blue remind that the present-day Moscow’s east was the cradle of the Russian Navy as Peter the Great’s training boat was first set afloat there.



The flag of the Eastern Administrative Area is rectangular with a 2:3 width to length ratio. It is divided into three parts. The bottom field, with a yellow anchor on blue, is a triangle with the apex in the centre of the flag and its bottom edge for the base. The rest of the flag is divided vertically into two equal parts. The hoist field is green and depicts an elk’s head, in yellow, facing the fly edge. The fly field is purple and depicts a crowned falcon’s head, in yellow, facing the hoist edge.