Municipality Izmailovo

Coat of arms and flag


p>Shield: Moscow shape. Party per bend sinister. Dexter chief, Or. Charge, griffin Gules, segreant, facing Dexter and holding a grape, Vert. Sinister base, Azure. Charge, sailboat in proper colours, facing Dexter, with flying Russian tricolors on the mast, bow and aft. Adorning the sail, Argent, is Peter the Great’s monogram, Sable.


The Moscow shape shield is divided by an oblique stripe, left. The top right field is gold and depicts a red griffin on its hind paws, holding a green grape. The bottom left field is blue and depicts a sailboat in natural colours, facing right, with flying Russian tricolours on the mast, bow and aft. Depicted on the silver sail is Peter the Great’s black monogram.


The red griffin on gold is the central image of the Romanovs’ coat of arms, and so symbolizes the Izmailovo country palace and estate of Tsar Alexis Tishaishiy (the Quietest), Peter the Great’s father. The green grape in its paw points at agricultural experiments for which the estate was famous. The sailboat on blue reminds of Peter the Great’s training fleet based in Izmailovo — the core of the Russian Navy, and his successful efforts to make Russia a sea power.


The flag of the Izmailovo Municipal District is a two-sided rectangle with a 2:3 width to length ratio.

It is divided from the hoist obliquely, right to left.

The top field is yellow and depicts a rearing red griffin holding a green grape. The size of the image is 1/4 of the flag’s length and 7/16 of its width. Its centre is 1/6 of the flag’s length off the hoist edge and 5/16 of the flag’s width off the top edge.

The bottom field is blue and depicts a light-brown sailboat with flying flags and Peter the Great’s black monogram on the white sail. The size of the image is 2/5 of the flag’s length and 1/2 of its width. Its centre is 1/4 of the flag’s length off the fly edge and 5/16 of the flag’s width off the bottom edge.