Coat of arms


Shield: Moscow shape. Party per bendlet sinister, Argent and Or. Dexter chief, Vert. Charge, microchip stylized as Greek cross, Or and Argent. Sinister base, Gules. Charge, monument to the defenders of Moscow, Argent. Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, Gules, masoned Or. Above, motto «Moscow», Gules, on scroll, Or.

Supporters: two squirrels sejant in proper colours on crossed branches, proper. Dexter, oak. Sinister, fir. Interwoven with ribbon, Or, inscribed «Zelenograd», Vert.


The Moscow shape shield is divided by a narrow oblique stripe in silver and gold.

The top right field is green and depicts a microchip stylised as a Greek cross, in gold and silver. The bottom left field is red and depicts the monument to the defenders of Moscow, in silver.

Crest: Kremlin wall battlement, in red, decorated with gold lines imitating brickwork. Above, the motto «Moscow» is in red on a gold scroll.

Shield supporters: two squirrels in natural colours, seated on crossed branches, also in natural colours. The branch on the right is branch and the one on the left is fir. The branches are interwoven with a gold ribbon inscribed «Zelenograd», in green.


The gold and silver band dividing the shield symbolises two Moscow-St Petersburg federal roads — a highway and a railway — crossing the district.

The microchip stylized as Greek cross symbolises Zelenograd’s leading role in the Russian electronics industry.

The silver monument to the defenders of Moscow symbolise a crucial defensive line in 1941, where the rout of Nazi Germany in the Battle of Moscow began.

The fir and oak branches symbolise vast coniferous and deciduous forests surrounding Moscow, which form a part of Zelenograd, merging with its architectural layout.

The two squirrels on either side stand for Zelenograd’s friendliness to wildlife and abundance of semi-domesticated squirrels. Both adults and children enjoy watching and feeding them.



The flag of the Zelenograd Administrative Area is rectangular with a 2:3 width to length ratio. Divided from the hoist by a double oblique stripe running down from right to left, white on top and yellow at the bottom. The width of the band is 2/15 of the flag’s width.

The top field depicts a microchip stylised as a Greek cross, in yellow and white. The bottom field depicts a monument to the defenders of Moscow, white against a red background.