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19.08.2015, 15:07

City selects 197 people for managerial reserve

City selects 197 people for managerial reserve

The Moscow Government has summed up the results of an open competition to set up a managerial reserve of district council heads and their deputies, Alexandra Alexandrova, the chair of the City Committee for Public Relations, told journalists at a news conference. Overall, 1,500 applications were submitted during the first stage of the competition. A total of 197 people were eventually selected, including 80 prospective district council heads and their 117 prospective deputies. The first candidates will be appointed next week, said Vyacheslav Shulenin, the head of the City Department of Territorial Branches of Executive Authority.

We received far fewer applications only two years ago, Ms Alexandrova said. “This year, we have received almost 1,500 applications, which is a lot. This is 10 people per vacancy, or three times more on 2012 and 2013.”

Men and women accounted for about 76 percent and 24 percent of all applicants, respectively. Businesspersons accounted for 43 percent, with representatives of federal and regional state power agencies accounting for 14 percent.

Those wishing to become district council heads and their deputies made up 44 and 56 percent, respectively.

People aged 31-40 years old were the most active participants, accounting for 37 percent, followed by young people under 30 (about 30 percent). People in the 40-50 age range accounted for 26 percent, and those over 50 years old accounted for 9 percent.

The contestants were mostly interested in housing and utilities (54 percent), social issues and PR (34 percent), the economy, trade and the service sector (12 percent).

The three-stage competition included the submission of applications, and the assessment and correct solution of various real-life problem cases.

Jury members judged contestants based on their ability to select the most important factors while addressing specific tasks, to hold discussions, and to heed the interests of all residents.

According to Ms Alexandrova, future managers should be professional, communicative, client-oriented and law-abiding.

“It’s important for district council heads and their deputies to achieve results, so that they do not have to work endlessly. They should know all about the various projects implemented in their respective districts, how to handle complaints and how to score results in no time at all,” she said.

The open competition to select district council heads and their deputies was first held in 2012 and aims to rotate such officials and attract skilled, well-educated and capable managers.