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20.08.2015, 20:02

Moscow to draft a roadmap on children’s hobby groups

Moscow to draft a roadmap on children’s hobby groups

Moscow is a unique city in terms of extracurricular educational opportunities for school children, Director of the Municipal Methodological Centre Marianna Lebedeva said at a news conference at the Moscow Department of Education.

According to Ms. Lebedeva, most of the city’s entire urban space can be seen as a huge school. “This city’s specific feature is that it can provide unique opportunities for extracurricular education for each child, no matter what area he or she is interested in, or how motivated or gifted the child is,” she said.

Today there are many different forms and methods of instructional activities, from free visits to theatres and museums to the interesting Olympiad education competition projects, she added.

A roadmap for organizing new hobby groups is likely to be drawn up soon. This has been proposed by several headmasters in the Tyoply Stan and Konkovo districts, who have come up with a project known as “School as the City, and City as the School,” Headmistress of School No. 1532 Margarita Butyrskaya said, adding that the project is distinguished by its well-conceived logistics.

“Some children at school have a very narrow range of interests. Occasionally it’s very hard to select a teacher, a laboratory or a programme for them. There are 10 schools in our two districts, each having 2 kids of this sort. Thus we have a group of 20, who may not use the resources of their own schools but can use the resources of our districts,” she explained.

Hobby groups can be started for these children at any school and highly skilled teachers can be invited for them. The funding will come from the city.

In June, this project was approved by residents in Tyoply Stan and Konkovo. It will continue to be developed in the autumn. “We will be ready to present the roadmap in September. It will be posted on each school’s website. Both parents and students will be able to create their own individual programme,” Ms Butyrskaya said.