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26.08.2015, 10:53

Moscow to host the August open teacher council

Moscow to host the August open teacher council

On 27 August, the Vorobyovy Gory educational facility will host the city-wide teacher council, Developing Moscow Schoolchildren’s Talents in the City’s Unique Educational Space, which will be attended by teachers from schools under the Moscow departments of education, culture, physical fitness and sport.

This first inter-agency meeting will analyse the results of the 2014/2015 academic year and present plans for next year. Awards will be presented to the heads of schools, and honorary titles will be conferred on the best teachers as part of the event.

From 12.30 pm to 1.40 pm on that day, 38 inter-district sites will operate simultaneously. The proceedings at the teacher meeting will be video-fed to all schools and inter-district sites with an estimated audience of over 100,000 people.