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25.04.2015, 09:00

Booking of discount vouchers for children’s summer camps begins on the Moscow Government services portal

Booking of discount vouchers for children’s summer camps begins on the Moscow Government services portal

The booking of discount vouchers for children’s summer camps began on the Moscow Government services portal on 25 April. Mosgortur, a Moscow autonomous cultural institution, will organise children’s summer holidays this year.

The parents or legal representatives of children can file applications for family or children’s vouchers and choose holiday facilities in accordance with their region of residence, arrival dates and vacation themes.

Discount vouchers will only be issued to children from vulnerable groups. Others can purchase vouchers for summer camps. The prices will depend on the camps’ location.

The parents of children from vulnerable groups who have the right to discounts will be able to choose among camps in Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory on the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, Abkhazia (Black Sea coast), central Russia, Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Caucasus and the Stavropol Territory.

“Children’s recreation is the last thing we will stint money on, even during a financial crisis. This is our firm view. The Mosgortur personnel have experience organising recreation programmes; they consider logistics and choose the best routes possible. This year we focused on children’s recreation in Russia, on expanding the geography of recreation facilities and spreading to new regions,” Mosgortur Director General Vasily Ovchinnikov said.

The holiday and recreation camps were selected for compliance with the Moscow standards for children’s recreation, a new document that was drafted in cooperation with Moscow residents. Sixty percent of the proposals made by parents and experts will be implemented this summer and the remaining 40 percent by the end of 2017.

There will be seven unique programmes for children’s recreation: Young Naturalist, Moscow Led Our Country to Victory, Leadership and Health, Russia: The Common World, The style is the Book: For the Year of Literature, The Adventures of a Polyglot, and I’m a Strategist: A Business Programme for Children and Teenagers. Mosgortur experts designed these programmes to make summer recreation fun and also to promote children’s intellectual, physical and social development.

For additional information, call us toll-free at: 8 (800) 333-1770.