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26.05.2015, 17:20

Moscow to choose the best paramedic of the year

Moscow to choose the best paramedic of the year

The finals of the 2015 best emergency care paramedic annual contest will take place at the Centre for Professional Training of Personnel and Post-Graduate Education at the Department of Healthcare on 28 May, opening at 10 am, at the following address: 3 Barbolina Street, building 14.

The contest, which launched in April, is part of the Moscow Masters project, organised at the initiative of the Moscow Government, the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions and the Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs /Employers. Each year the contest determines the best workers in dozens of occupations. To win, participants must demonstrate both practical skills and sound knowledge of theory.

This year the contest for the best emergency care paramedic is part of the Formula of Life city festival. The participants in the finals had to go through three rounds, during which three paramedics were chosen from each of the city’s 57 ambulance stations to advance in the competition. In the second round they had to answer test questions and demonstrate their ability to perform under different circumstances during a blitz tournament. Five paramedics made it to the finals.

The creators of the tests said that they compiled them in order to check all paramedical skills: to record past medical history, conduct a physical exam, establish a tentative diagnosis of a patient before hospitalisation and render full-scale medical aid. In the event of an emergency, paramedics must deliver sick or injured patients to city hospitals. At all stages paramedics must strictly abide by the principles of medical ethics and deontology.

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