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01.06.2015, 14:19

Muscovites choose services to improve the work of outpatient clinics

Muscovites choose services to improve the work of outpatient clinics

With the help of the Active Citizen project, Muscovites have chosen services that should be introduced to improve the operation of Moscow outpatient clinics.

A number of polls were held from 23 March to 20 April. Between 265,000 and 285,000 Muscovites took part in the polls. A total of almost 1.5 million opinions were filed. In the short-term, all outpatient clinics will have outpatient e-cards, queue boards and a special office to issue certificates. A patient will be able to receive an SMS to confirm his or her appointment with a doctor and can receive test results by email.

Muscovites have supported proposals on phone consultations, on starting reception at 7 am, on introducing a service for postponing and cancelling a doctor’s appointment via the government services website mobile application and the Unified Medical Information Service (EMIAS), the possibility of assessing an outpatient clinic’s operation on the relevant websites and the ability to send applications via the Our City website.

The audience, which was aged between 25-34 years, proved to be most active in polling. Women were about 2/3 of the participants of the e-referendum. Men were mostly interested in convenient ways to make an appointment with a doctor.

The polling also showed that the idea to improve the operation of outpatient clinics had the widest response in southern Moscow, especially in the Southern Administrative Area. Interestingly, both young people and those above the age of 45 were interested in receiving notifications on doctor’s appointments and cancellations via SMS.