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03.06.2015, 19:21

750 entries about Moscow published in Russian Wikipedia over the past two months

750 entries about Moscow published in Russian Wikipedia over the past two months

Participants in the Discover Moscow with Wikipedia competition, which started in March this year, have already written over 750 entries about the history, architecture and geography of the capital, as well as well-known persons associated with the city. Wikipedia Commons has been replenished with 550 new photographs and illustrations during this period.

Participants can select subjects for entries on their own or from the Word-List compiled by the Wikimedia non-commercial partnership and the Discover Moscow navigation project.

Thanks to the competition, Wikipedia already provides information about Yakov Brus’s house on Brusov Pereulok where Gilyarovsky and Levitan stayed at different times, about the egg-shaped house in the Basmanny District, and about Moscow’s own Colosseum. In the Organisations category, participants described over a dozen lesser-known Moscow museums, including the Public Catering Museum, Horse Breeding Museum, Corporal Punishment Museum and Russian Estate Culture Museum. The Internet encyclopedia now provides information about the history of Moscow before 1147, monuments of Old Belief in Moscow and the only mobile statue in the world carried by a rail trolley. The participants did not forget the Discover Moscow project itself. Wikipedia now contains an entry about it.

Anyone wishing to try their hand at writing encyclopaedic entries about the capital has until 31 July when a professional panel of judges will draw up the results and determine the winners. Before nominating an entry for the competition, the authors should ascertain that the text satisfies the primary Wikipedia rules: that it meets the significance test requirements and does not infringe copyright.

It is prohibited to copy texts from any sources. Facts in the entries should be described in a neutral manner, without a value judgment. References to the sources of information are compulsory. According to the competition results, the authors of the best materials in all of the nominations will receive prizes: a laptop for first place, a pad for second place and a smartphone for third place.

For the text to be noticed by the panel, after finishing work with an entry, participants should make reference to it in the respective table in the Nominations section.

The Discover Moscow with Wikipedia competition was organised by the Moscow Government Discover Moscow navigational tourist project in cooperation with the Wikimedia RU non-commercial partnership.