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03.06.2015, 19:25

Moscow hospitals and schools begin installing telemetric flowmeters

Moscow hospitals and schools begin installing telemetric flowmeters

Telemetric hot water and electricity meters will enable Moscow schools and hospitals to save up to 60 per cent on utility bills. An experiment to introduce an automated system was launched in city budget-funded establishments in April. Currently, the system is up and running in a semi-automatic mode in over 250 schools.

For the initial stage, the new equipment will be installed in 4,000 educational establishments and 1,500 healthcare facilities. The systems will be switched into fully automatic mode over the course of next year.

Electromagnetic flowmeters send resource consumption data by wire and GSM channels. Participants in the pilot project have already begun to appreciate the economic effect from the new system. Hot water and electricity bills at School No. 519 in Moscow’s Southwestern Administrative Area have more than halved as a result.

After the pilot project has been completed, the installation of telemetric meters can be extended to blocks of flats, which will enable Muscovites to significantly save time and money in paying for housing maintenance and utilities. The comprehensive introduction of the new system will require amendments to the regulatory framework.