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10.06.2015, 12:15

Power grid connection time halved, to be cut even more

Power grid connection time halved, to be cut even more

Over the past two years, the time it takes to connect to power grids in Moscow has been halved from 180 to 90 days, Head of the Department of Fuel and Energy Pavel Livinsky said at a roundtable entitled “Simplifying the Connection of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Moscow to Power Grids: Results and Outlook.”

“In the past two years, through joint efforts, [we] have cut the connection period in Moscow from 180 days, as established by federal legislation, to 120. Last year, this time became even shorter — just 90 days. In other words, the connection procedure in Moscow is twice as fast as in other Russian regions. We hope that those who are being connected now are experiencing less inconvenience than before,” he said.

Nevertheless, the City Government issued an executive order to further simplify the connection procedure. The target is 45 days.

According to Mr Livinsky, there is a standard connection fee, but it varies depending on what is required in each particular case.

“The simplest situation is when there is a substation near a particular facility, and then a client’s spending is effectively limited to the cost of a 0.4 Kv cable and paper,” he said.

New information technology can also help make life easier both for businesses and for power companies.

Pyotr Sinyutin, General Director of the Moscow power grid (MOESK), said e-services are becoming increasingly popular.

“At present, over 20 percent of applications for new connections come via a specialised site, Another serious achievement is the agreement with the Moscow Electricity Distribution Company on signing a standing contract for power supplies when filing a connection application. In other words, a client can sign two contracts at once,” he said.

The simplification and transparency of the connection procedure has also been noted by the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

“The number of injunctions has been insignificant in recent years. In 2014, 33 violations were recorded, and so far this year there have been 15 violations. The number of warnings is in the dozens,” said Rachik Petrosyan, Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Directorate for Moscow.

Business people also agreed that it is now very easy to connect to power grids, which brings in a huge number of applicants. There are about 100,000 applications a year. Meanwhile, the city’s power grid is ready for such a load. Even at the peak of consumption there is still a significant reserve of power.

“There are no points where connection would be impossible. These are problems for the grid company. Imagine that a building on Arbat needs to be connected. Cobblestones have to be removed, a cable laid and the cobblestones neatly replaced. These are extra costs, but the city has done everything it can for power grid companies,” Mr Livinsky said.