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22.10.2015, 21:18

VDNKh to become integrated museum and exhibition space

VDNKh to become integrated museum and exhibition space

The central area of the National Exhibition of Economic Achievements, or VDNKh, will soon become an integrated space for museum and other exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, VDNKh General Director Yekaterina Pronicheva said, speaking at the “VDNKh New Projects. Autumn/winter 2015-2016” news conference.

In the coming year, we will draw up a list of entities that will have their pavilions here. We are now in talks with some very interesting partners, Pronicheva said.

VDNKh will soon be launching new projects. One of them, VDNKh Painters, will open in December to display sketches, photos and documents related to the work of 40 painters who were involved in designing VDNKh’s famous pavilions. The materials come from over 20 museums, including the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum.

VDNKh will also host two exhibitions on fashion history, one of which puts on display men’s and women’s clothes from 1915 to 2015 and features exhibits from fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev’s private collection. The other will show sketches, textiles and fashion magazines from the Soviet times.

The London-based exhibition Watch Me Move will open at VDNKh on 18 November, bringing to Moscow 150 exhibits all linked to the world of animated films. Another animation-themed display dedicated to Soviet cartoonists will have its opening day on 2 December. According to Mikhail Aldashin, art director of the Soyuzmultifulm Studio, it will feature around 700 drawings and models, including Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile dolls, and sketches of Winnie the Pooh, and the Wolf and the Hare from Nu, Pogodi (all characters from famous Soviet cartoons produced by Soyuzmultfilm).

What was once known as the Kultura pavilion has changed its name, and is expected to change its concept as well in December. The decision to rename the pavilion was made at the ROSIZO State Museum and Exhibition Centre, which rented it from VDNKh at a reduced rate for 49 years.

“ROSIZO will have its own pavilion this year, which will be called Kultprosvet (cultural education). It will be used as an exhibition space but also as a venue where theatre, cinema, music and art can coexist on equal terms,” said Eduard Boyakov, curator of ROSIZO’s VDNKh pavilion, which is to open on 10 December.