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14.05.2015, 12:55

Moscow signs cooperation agreement with Chukotka Autonomous Area

Moscow signs cooperation agreement with Chukotka Autonomous Area

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Chukotka Autonomous Area Governor Roman Kopin have signed an agreement between the Moscow Government and the Chukotka Government on trade, economic, scientific, technical, and cultural cooperation. The agreement is the first legally binding document in the history of bilateral relations between members of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, Mr Sobyanin noted the importance of the agreement with the remote Russian region that thousands of Muscovites have helped to develop. According to the Mayor, the capital is prepared to help Chukotka address social and economic issues. In particular, Moscow hospitals can fully meet the needs of the Far Eastern residents in terms of high-tech medical assistance.

For his part, Governor Kopin stressed that the two regions are closely linked, and expressed interest in the development and implementation of new joint projects, including in the business sphere.

The agreement focuses on the development of economic integration and the expansion of interregional ties between Moscow and Chukotka in transport, information technology and communications, industry and agriculture, trade and services, architecture and construction, housing and utilities, urban upgrade programmes, healthcare, education, science, culture, tourism, sport, environmental protection, family and youth policy, and other areas.

Under the agreement, the executive authorities of Moscow and Chukotka will facilitate the delivery of products for industrial and technical use, consumer goods, agricultural products and foodstuffs on a reciprocal basis.

The parties will share expertise and hold joint exhibitions, conferences, seminars, roundtables, and other events in areas of bilateral cooperation.