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17.01.2015, 10:00

Map of Epiphany bathing spots posted on Open Data portal

Map of Epiphany bathing spots posted on Open Data portal

A complete list of Epiphany bathing sites has been posted on the Open Data portal of the Moscow Government. It features both specially equipped bathing spots and a list of city water areas that meet hygiene and safety standards.

Epiphany bathing spots — 59 in all — have been organised in every administrative area. The portal also provides information as to the availability of changing rooms, toilets, first aid posts and hot meals.

The majority of dipping spots will be open from late evening on Sunday until Monday morning, but in some places, for example, the Dvortsovy Pond in Ostankino or Severnoye Tushino Park, dips can be taken until Monday evening.

A bathing spot can also be chosen via the Okno v gorod [City Window] service, which will also live-stream the event.

Live streaming will be provided with city video surveillance cameras. On Epiphany night, some of them will be rotated so that Muscovites can watch the process. The cameras will only take panoramic views without close-ups to avoid the violation of privacy.

The Open Data portal gives Moscow residents access to a variety of information about the city’s infrastructure and amenities. The portal provides information about over 300,000 infrastructure facilities. The data sets are conveniently divided into 23 thematic categories. In 2015, the number of data sets will increase by at least one-third.