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08.07.2015, 10:39

Luzhniki security system to use Sochi experience

Luzhniki security system to use Sochi experience

The entire Luzhniki Sport Complex will be divided into about ten zones, in line with FIFA standards. These will include general public access zones, press zones, VIP guest zones, transport route zones, and a technical zone, etc.

“Efforts to determine the main parameters for the operation of the technical systems, security units and organisational measures when creating the general plan are absolutely essential for facilities like the Luzhniki Complex,” said the head of the City Department of Construction, Andrei Bochkaryov. “It’s important to understand that we are simply unable to base our plans on any similar facility because there aren’t any. So we have brought in experts with experience in security at large facilities during major sport events,” he added.

Experts from several companies that were part of establishing the main Sochi Olympic Village’s security perimeter are drafting the Grand Sport Arena’s security plan. Luzhniki will be run similarly to the Sochi system. This implies protecting the entire area where the facilities are located. By establishing a security perimeter around a “clean” zone, we won’t have to provide extra protection for each building. Every client group will be checked at the entrance, and the risk of threats inside the perimeter would then be minimised.

The current concept singles out about ten client groups, including top national officials and 2018 FIFA World Cup guests, official delegations, VIP categories, athletes and fans. Each of them has different levels of access, accommodation and servicing priorities.

The city started rebuilding the Grand Sport Arena in 2014, and plans to complete the project earlier than planned, by late 2016. Luzhniki will host the main FIFA World Cup games — the opening match, one of the semifinals and the finals. The upgraded stadium’s capacity will increase from 78,000 to 81,000; the configuration of the grandstands will change, and they will be located as close to the football field as possible.