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06.08.2015, 21:19

Moscow to host ‘Families Help Families: Get Ready for School’ charity project 25 August-9 September

Moscow to host ‘Families Help Families: Get Ready for School’ charity project 25 August-9 September

From 25 August through 9 September 2015, the city will host the ‘Families Help Families: Get Ready for School’ charity project, sponsored by the Department for Social Protection with the support of the Moscow Government.

In all, 184 centres, including 36 mobile and 148 stationary units will receive humanitarian relief aid from city residents and sponsors, such as clothing, footwear, stationery, pens and notebooks for school students from families with many children and underprivileged families, as well as for children with disabilities.

The locations and working hours of these centres are posted on the department’s website.

In 2014, a similar project involved over 9,000 people. Children from underprivileged families received over eight tonnes of clothing, over 3,000 pairs of shoes, over 28,000 backpacks, 253 pieces of sports equipment, 416 household appliances, almost 8,000 books and 496,000 pieces of stationery.

The project involved 645 companies, retail outlets, public organisations, charity funds and self-employed business persons.

First-grade students received gifts for the upcoming academic year. Children with impaired health were patronised by families whose children face similar problems.

In the run-up to 1 September 2014, the city helped 8,018 underprivileged families, including 4,088 families with many children, 912 families with disabled children and 740 incomplete families. Other needy families received over 225,000 pieces of stationery, 2,829 backpacks, 2,095 toys, 21 computers, 155 pieces of sports equipment, clothing and footwear. A city trade union for the social security agencies provided material assistance to 420 families with first-grade students, and over 10,000 local families obtained additional targeted support.