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27.05.2015, 17:21

About 1.5 million Muscovites take GTO test

About 1.5 million Muscovites take GTO test

About 1.5 million Muscovites took part in events dedicated to taking the GTO (Ready for Labour and Defence) Russian Sports Complex test, Head of the Department for Physical Fitness and Sport Alexei Vorobyov said at a news conference.

“According to our preliminary estimates, 1.5 million people have taken part in the event since 2014. School and university students, military servicemen, law enforcement personnel, factory workers, office employees, and senior citizens, make up about 50% of the people who regularly play sports. Today, over 3,176,000 people play sports in Moscow,” Vorobyov said.

At present, GTO test centres operate at all large sport events in Moscow. In particular, the taking of sport tests was organised on 23 and 24 May within the framework of the Moscow Spring Festival of the GTO Sports Complex. “We opened it together with trade unions. We managed to bring together over 6,000 people in those two days, he said.

The 11th GTO forum will take place at Victory Park on Poklonnaya Gora on 30 and 31 May, where all those interested will be able to take the test. The autumn GTO festival is planned for 19 and 20 September. A winter festival is also planned and will commence in December. In addition, Muscovites have an opportunity to take the GTO test on the run, without waiting for large sport events.

All educational institutions will start taking the GTO test beginning in 2016. “In 2017, countrywide implementation of the complex among all population categories will be organised,” the head of the Department said.

Sports achievements are supposed to be taken into consideration when passing to university. They will be summarised with points from the Uniform State Exam. According to Olga Glazkova, the Head of the Extracurricular Activities Sector at the Department of Education, 43 sport grounds were opened on the premises of Moscow schools between 1 March and 20 May, where graduating pupils took the test. According to preliminary results, 3,640 pupils passed the standards.

Anyone between the ages of six and 70, or older, can take the test. Experts have developed standards for each age group. However, no one will be allowed to take the test without first undergoing a medical examination. “To be allowed to take the GTO test, it is absolutely necessary that Muscovites obtain a health certificate —a doctor’s permit. They must then register through the Complex’s nationwide, online portal at,” explained Vorobyov.