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31.10.2014, 15:20

PrimePass Moscow card for tourists released

PrimePass Moscow card for tourists released

The Department for Transport and the Department for Culture have presented the one-day PrimePass Moscow card that will allow its holders to use public transport and visit the city’s museums, cinemas and exhibitions.

The new card will allow its holders to take public transport as many times as they need during the course of the day, as well as visit famous museums, cinemas and places for entertainment and cultural activities. The new card can be used to visit the Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Zoo, the planetarium and the Museum of Moscow.

“Muscovites and visitors to the city can not only use the PrimePass Moscow card on all public transport routes as many times as they need but also take in the city’s most exciting cultural landmarks,” Deputy Mayor and Head of the Department for Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov said. “Our offer targets those who want to save money and avoid queuing. I’m sure that passengers will appreciate the opportunities that the new card offers and will use it to their heart’s content.”

The card is expected to be popular among tourists and guests of the city, as well as Muscovites who want to learn more about the city’s sights. The card will cost 1,099 roubles.

The card will not only save money for visitors to cultural landmarks but will also help them avoid queuing for tickets: to visit a museum, a concert hall or a cinema a card-holder will only have to go straight to the ticket office without queuing and produce their card, which serves as a ticket.

After the release of a mobile iOS- and Android-enabled PrimePass application card-holders will be able to visit Moscow’s major cinemas and concert halls.

Visits to other popular places of interest, such as exhibition complexes, federal and municipal museums, parks and skating-rinks, will also be included in the price of the card by the end of 2015.

The new application can be used to get information about the city’s cultural menu, choose tickets to the cinema or the conservatoire or learn about the card’s expiry date. In addition, a 24-hour free support service has been put in place for the users of the multifunctional PrimePass Moscow card.

To learn more about the new card and the list of cultural landmarks included in the price, please visit: