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26.03.2015, 14:08

Times & Epochs 2015 festival: A journey to antiquity and Ancient Rome

Times & Epochs 2015 festival: A journey to antiquity and Ancient Rome

The Times & Epochs 2015 festival at the Kolomenskoye open-air museum is expected to draw in some 270,000 visitors, Sergei Shpilko, Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism, said while presenting the upcoming festival, scheduled for June, to media at a news conference.

“At least 270,000 guests, by our estimates, will visit the festival during its three days. These will be Muscovites, in the first place, and tourists who will be staying in the capital at that time,” he said.

Some tourism agencies, Mr Spilko said, are planning to offer special tour packages with accommodation at a hotel not far from Kolomenskoye and an additional cultural programme.

“Kolomenskoye-goers are looking forward to this event. I know that many people are planning to take days off during the festival. Our visitors are mostly families,” said Anna Popova, Deputy Director of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

This year’s Times & Epochs will boast a record number of both re-enactors and the countries they will represent. Participation has already been confirmed by Italy, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine. “Lots of people from all over the world are coming for the festival. The first applications started to arrive in October,” Alexei Ovcharenko, chief coordinator of the festival’s organising committee, told reporters.

What makes Times & Epochs absolutely unique is that each year it takes on a new theme. In 2015, it will be antiquity and Ancient Rome with the slogan “Moscow Is the Third Rome.” “Rome in a narrow sense and antiquity in a broad sense are a universal legacy,” Mr Ovcharenko explained.

Times & Epochs 2015 will be held in two stages. On 2-3 May, the first St George Knight Tournament will take place. One of the world’s largest tournaments of its kind, it will re-enact battles fought in the late Middle Ages.

The festival will continue on 5-7 June with many interesting events on its programme. “For every visitor, there will be something to do during the day: they can join tournaments or competitions, or try their hand in fine arts, or watch how the re-enactors live,” Anna Popova said.

The festival’s grounds will be split into 10 zones, or interactive camps, with no entrance fee, where giant scenery will be put up, including the Temple of Mars and samples of Druid architecture. Visitors can take part in the construction of an Ancient Roman military camp.

Times & Epochs, which is part of the city’s programme for the development of the recreation industry and tourism in 2012-2016, is sponsored by the Department for Multicultural Policy, Interregional Cooperation and Tourism.