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30.09.2015, 12:27

New jobs to be created while reorganising the Kolomenskoye industrial zone

New jobs to be created while reorganising the Kolomenskoye industrial zone

The Kolomenskoye industrial zone in Moscow’s Southern Administrative Area will soon be reorganised. According to the planning scheme, a hotel and a car park will be built on an area of 3.5 hectares. The work is planned to be completed in 2018.

10-storey tower will be built for a multifunctional hotel complex, including shops, restaurants and cafes.

The visitors and hotel staff will be provided with a car park for 550 cars. Eighty parking spaces will be located in the basement of the complex and a separate eight-storey building will be constructed for the remaining 470.

A total of 670 new jobs will be created as a result of the industrial zone’s reorganisation.

It is also planned to considerably improve the transport service for the district. To achieve this goal, the traffic area of the Starokashirskoye Motorway will be reconstructed. It will be widened to three lanes and a speed change lane will be created in front of the exit from the Kashirskoye Motorway to the Starokashirskoye Motorway, as well as a left-turning radius at the exit to the Starokashirskoye Motorway and a bus parking area. A zebra crossing will be created as well across the Starokashirskoye Motorway where it adjoins the Kashirskoye Motorway; another will be created across the driveway where it adjoins the Starokashirskoye Motorway. Meanwhile, the exit from the driveway to the Kashirskoye Motorway will be closed.

To maintain the environmental balance, a number of landscaping and land improvement activities will be implemented in the district, including laying out a new natural site along the Zhuzha River, with an area of 1.61 hectares.