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13.10.2015, 15:25

Restoration of railway bridge over Rusakovskaya Street complete

Restoration of railway bridge over Rusakovskaya Street complete

The project to restore the railway bridge over Rusakovskaya Street has been mostly completed. The fly-over has been extended from 33.08 to 74.3 metres. Andrei Bochkaryov, Head of the Moscow Department of Construction, said the project had expanded the road and made the traffic flow better in Rusakovskaya Street and Shchelkovskoye Motorway.

The builders put up the second span of the bridge over Rusakovskaya Street and repaired structural elements of the bridge and its supporting walls. Tram lines and utility lines were laid again, and engineering structures were scrapped.

“The railway bridge restoration was funded by the city budget in agreement with the Russian Railways company,” Bochkaryov said.

The bridge is situated 2 km away from the Moskva-Passazhirskaya-Kazanskaya station towards the Mitkovo station, at a crossing with Rusakovskaya Street. The bridge was built at the end of the 19th century. Its under-bridge clearance was 4.5 metres, it was 33.08 metres long and its metal decking was 23.6 metres long. The bridge has been repeatedly reconstructed, the last time being in 1993 when the decking was replaced with new metal decking.