Organisational structure

Minister’s Division Legal Department

  • Legal Protection, Regulatory and Contractual Division
  • State Regulatory Support and Legislative Act Analysis Division

Civil Service and Personnel Division
First Division
City Treasury Department

  • Revenue Division
  • Division of Targeted Programme Expenditures
  • Division of State Agency Expenditures
  • Division of Municipal Procurement Expenditures
  • Operational Division
  • Division of Budget Execution Methodology and Organisation

Information Technology Directorate

  • Task Planning and Implementation Division
  • Division of Electronic Document Management and Automated Workplace Support
  • Division of Engineering Work Organisation

Budgetary Policy Directorate

  • Division of Budgeting Process Management
  • Division of Territorial Finance and Local Budgets

Tax Policy Directorate

  • Tax Policy Division
  • Non-Tax Revenue Division

Division of Macroeconomic Indicators and Budget Projections

  • Division of Budget Reform Methodological Support
  • Directorate for the Financing of  Government Authorities
  • Division of Public Administration Finance
  • Division for Analysis and Methodology of Civil and Municipal Service
  • Division of Law Enforcement Finance

 Financial Support Division for the Department’s Executive Office
Accounting and Reporting Directorate

  • Consolidated Reporting Division
  • Accounting Division for Budget Cash Execution

Division of Accounting and Control Methodology
Directorate for Social Sector

  • Division of Healthcare and Physical Fitness Finance
  • Division of Education and Youth Policy Finance
  • Division of Social Welfare Finance
  • Division of Culture and Mass Media Finance
  • Division of Expenditure Methodology, Analysis and Consolidation

Financial Market and Municipal Property Directorate

  • Division of Securities and Financial Support for Property Management
  • Division of Relations with Banking and Insurance Companies

Resource Management Division
Division of Public Debt Servicing
Directorate for Construction, Industry and Science Finance

  • Construction Investment Division
  • Division of Urban Construction and Research
  • Division of Financial Support for Industry

Division of Retail and Services, Small and Medium Business Finance
Directorate for Municipal Economy Finance

  • Division of Landscaping and Transport Finance
  • Division of Utilities Finance
  • Division of Expenditure Methodology, Analysis and Consolidation

Administrative Department

  • Division of Administrative Building Maintenance and Logistical Support
  • Division of Business Correspondence and Control

Organisations Accountable to the Moscow Department of Finance

  • Municipal Financial and Technical Service (municipal government-funded centre)
  • Centre for Financial and Securities Market Monitoring (municipal government-funded centre)