Department of Construction

Department Head

Andrei Bochkaryov


  • Born 2 January, 1972, Tyumen.
  • 1994: Graduated with honours from Tyumen Civil Engineering Institute with a degree in Industrial Construction and Civil Engineering.
  • 1997: Completed post-graduate courses in Construction Management and Project Management at Ordzhonikidze State Academy of Management. Holds a PhD in Economics.
  • Employed as a department head in Advance, a major Russian company.
  • 1997: Held posts in Bechtel Corporation; participated in the construction of a number of large facilities abroad, including the super high-speed rail line from the Channel tunnel to central London; participated in the Karachaganak project in Kazakhstan.
  • 2006: Director, Department of Investment Projects, Rusal’s Alumina Division.
  • 2007: Director, Department for Overseas Projects, Rusal’s Engineering and Construction Division; managed an investment programme for the major overhaul of the Kubal aluminium smelter in Sweden.
  • November 2009: Vice-President, Investment Programme for the Russian division of the Finnish energy concern Fortum.
  • November 2010: Head, Moscow Department of Capital Construction Municipal Contract (Mosgorzakaz), later restructured as the Department of Construction.
  • December 2010: Head, Moscow Department of Construction.
  • June 6, 2013: Appointed Acting Head of the Department of Construction.
  • September 17, 2013: Appointed Head of the Department of Construction.

About the Department

Areas of activity

  • Drafting legal acts for the Moscow Mayor and Government on designing, building and renovating facilities using funds from the Moscow budget.
  • Identifying ways to place government orders for designing, building and renovating capital construction facilities using funds from the Moscow budget.
  • Approving technical specifications for developing design documentation for building and renovating capital construction facilities using funds from the Moscow budget.
  • Making land available for building state-order facilities, including utilities and transport infrastructure.
  • Conducting comprehensive development and renovation work in the city to achieve key urban development goals, taking into account Moscow’s role as the nation’s capital.
  • Accepting completed capital construction facilities that were designed, built and renovated using funds from the Moscow budget for subsequent commissioning in accordance with established procedure.
  • Documenting land relations for the period of construction or renovation of the facilities that are included in a government order.
  • Analysing layout schemes for sectoral and territorial development, placement of municipal facilities, utilities infrastructure and the road and transport system.
  • Reorganising industrial zones and developing new land for the construction of housing and social welfare facilities in Moscow, including main-line engineering services and road and transport infrastructure.
  • Developing programmes and measures to build facilities for processing construction and demolition debris within its competence.
  • Issuing permits for transporting earth as well as construction and demolition debris within Moscow for further processing and disposal.
  • Cooperating with Moscow’s executive authorities to form a regulatory foundation in the area of construction and relevant city programmes.
  • Pursuing international, foreign economic and inter-regional construction-related cooperation within the department’s competence.
  • Enlisting research and other organisations, as well as researchers and experts, in the implementation of projects that fall within the department’s competence.
  • Managing subordinate organisations.