Department of Cultural Heritage

Department Head

Alexei Yemelyanov


  • Born 19 October, 1972 in Moscow.
  • 21 September 1990 to present: Employed by the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage.
  • 1996: Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Utility Services and Construction, with a degree in urban construction. PhD in Technology.
  • Since 1996: Focused on using information technology for government accounting of cultural heritage sites, including through a project to preserve the city’s historic architectural environment, defending a PhD thesis on the project in 2004.
  • 2006-2007: Took part in activities to launch city automated information systems — the City Register of Cultural Heritage Facilities and the Moscow Historical and Cultural Urban Development Plan.
  • 2008: Organised the development of over 2,500 safeguard certificates for cultural heritage landmarks and their subsequent approval, which allowed to protect all city-owned cultural heritage sites.
  • 2009-2011: Initiated the development and approval of boundaries of over 1,500 cultural heritage facilities in line with the established procedure, as a result of which, for the first time ever, the boundaries of all Moscow cultural heritage facilities were fixed.
  • 2010-2013: Facilitated the state historical and cultural expertise of over 1,200 facilities that have the features of a cultural heritage site.
  • 2011: Facilitated the adoption of 40 regulatory acts by the Moscow Government on establishing safeguard zones, land use provisions, and urban development regulations within the boundaries of the protection zones of cultural heritage facilities.
  • Was personally involved in Moscow Government decision-making on establishing state protection over 800 regional cultural heritage sites.
  • 2011 to present: Chairs a working group of the Moscow Government Commission on Urban Development Activities at Places of Interest and Safeguard Zones of Cultural Heritage Facilities.
  • The commission’s efforts led to: the inclusion of 95 new cultural heritage facilities in the Register of Cultural Heritage Facilities; the preservation of 196 buildings of major historical value that had been placed on the demolition list; and, the approval of 41 draft land use provisions and urban development regulations.
  • 27 June 2015: Appointed Head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage.
  • Has the rank of State Councillor of the city of Moscow,1st Class.

About the Department

Areas of activity

  • Developing and submitting programmes and events on the protection, preservation, use and promotion of cultural heritage properties for Moscow Government approval.
  • Overseeing the protection, preservation, use and promotion of cultural heritage properties in accordance with federal law and Moscow city legislation.
  • Maintaining records relating to cultural heritage properties, areas, cultural heritage protection areas, Moscow’s historical sites, areas and nature reserves defined as cultural heritage, identifying and studying sites/areas and updating the records accordingly.
  • Providing full documentary support for the State Cultural Heritage Register (of historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation (hereinafter called the Register).
  • Shaping, supervising and organising the city information sources and systems detailing the city’s cultural heritage properties, including the city register of cultural heritage properties and historical properties Moscow city plan.
  • Developing and submitting documents regarding state protection, preservation, use and promotion of the historical properties to the Mayor of Moscow and the Moscow Government for consideration.
  • Giving cultural heritage site status to any and all sites classified as being of historical or cultural value after carrying out expert government assessments; delineating the borders of the historical sites identified and the applicable maintenance requirements after carrying out expert government assessments; making decisions on other issues within the scope of the department activity.
  • Providing the documents required by the Moscow Government to classify a property as a cultural heritage site and include it in the Register.
  • Issuing cultural heritage site certificates according to the approved procedure.
  • Providing information stands and signs to be installed at the historical sites.
  • Arranging for a government expert assessment as set out in federal law, including an assessment of the urban development and planning documents, urban development regulations, documents underpinning work to preserve the cultural heritage property, land plot, land use planning, construction, reclamation, maintenance or other works and planned developments.
  • Developing proposals on liability for the transfer, damage, destruction or any other loss caused to historical sites and areas.
  • Approving, within the scope of the department’s activity, particular requirements for the preservation areas around historical sites, land use planning, urban development and municipal construction regulations as well as land allocation and any changes to legal status.
  • Approving preliminary and development plans for any works regarding the preservation, maintenance, renovation, conservation or adaptation to modern conditions to be carried out on cultural heritage properties and surrounding areas.
  • Setting or changing the boundaries and maintenance scheme for cultural heritage properties.
  • Leading the development of or changes to projects involving cultural heritage preservation areas and issuing the specifications for such projects.
  • Issuing, within the scope of the department, permissions to carry out land use planning and change, construction, reclamation, maintenance or other works earlier suspended by a written order.
  • Issuing, within the scope of the department, permissions to conduct works to preserve cultural heritage properties.
  • Approving, as set out in the law, land use planning and change, construction, reclamation, maintenance or other works and projects of such works.
  • Initiating and overseeing research in Moscow related to the materials on the state protection, preservation, use and promotion of historical sites.
  • Carrying out historical and cultural assessment of the Moscow city areas. Delineating the boundaries and maintenance conditions for regional and municipal historical nature reserves.
  • Ensuring the condition, maintenance and use of cultural heritage properties and the surrounding areas are subject to ongoing monitoring processes.
  • Overseeing works on the preservation of cultural heritage properties.
  • Implementing emergency mobilisation preparations and acting as the lead body on the local insurance fund for city documentation on cultural heritage properties.